The Power Behind Unreal Engine 4

Game Trailers: In this episode of Next Tech, discover how Unreal 4 changes the way developers craft the games of tomorrow.

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Donnieboi2067d ago (Edited 2067d ago )

Man I'm excited for next gen and ps4! Can't wait to get these graphics in my hands. Those particle effects--just WOW.

The stuff that the dude at 4:30 said alone, has me excited all the more for PS4 and next gen gaming.

user76939582066d ago

I'm more exited because most devs and corp (konami "fox", capon"rhei") are using and shearing their own costume engine..

Salooh2066d ago (Edited 2066d ago )

Exactly. Graphics aren't good enough. It need to evolve. And when i say evolve doesn't mean realistic graphics. When tech let us do anything we want then that means we can stop but right now, Graphics sucks and they are not realistic nor good for gameplay. We are limited like hell. I hope developers achieve this kind of graphics and even better on next generation., It's possible because i think it happened on ps3. We got games better then the demos..

BullyMangler2066d ago

windwaker still looks pro, and wit less power. so guy in vid sounds fanboy

DeadSpaced2066d ago

You sound like a fanboy..

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