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Project CARS Is Now Scheduled For A Q2 2014 Release

DSOGaming writes: "We are pretty sure that most racing fans will be disappointed with the following news. Slightly Mad Studios revealed – a couple of months ago – that Project CARS was planned for a 2014 release. Even though Slightly Mad Studios had not revealed any possible date, most players expected this title to come out in early 2014. However, it seems that those interested in this racer will have to wait a little bit longer." (PC, Project CARS, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

NYC_Gamer  +   899d ago
They might as well release the game on PC and next gen consoles
AKR  +   899d ago
It's already coming to the PC.

That's where all the footage and screenshots have been coming from. As for the other next-gen systems, PS4 has the new GT and DriversClub. X720 will have Forza. Those three titles may end up over-shadowing Project CARS, but I could be wrong.
steve30x  +   898d ago
The new GT will be on PS3 and I doubt any of those other games will overshadow Project Cars. I know because I have Project cars.
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The_Infected  +   899d ago
This game will never see the light of day it seams.
Whymii  +   899d ago
This is beginning to look a lot like vapourware. I guessing that if this game comes out those shiny new cars they keep showing will be vintage.
Ravenor  +   899d ago
Crikey, Gran Turismo 6 will be out before Project CARS at this rate.
Mkai28  +   899d ago
It looks as though they have next gen consoles in mind:)
ironfist92  +   899d ago
Too late at the end of the cycle, imo...

unless the intend to release it for next gen, although it would be tough to compare against Drive Club
Computersaysno  +   899d ago
Project Cars looks amazing. It looks like a next gen console game on PC already so not really tough for it.

High end PC games now look at least as good if not better than launch next gen consoles game will.
brandonb21  +   899d ago
probably because of ps4 and 720
TemplarDante  +   899d ago
These guys are under investigation with regards to using words like "investment opportunity" and "doubling investment" etc by British authorities.
They originally were going to contribute 1.5Million pounds into the project, after huge amounts of backers with misleading "investment" tags.. they withdrew their contribution of 1 5Mil and then lowered it to 0.5Million pounds.
Currently, the UK Government has halted money taking until the investigation is complete.

My big question is.. how are they so rapidly buying the rights to the vehicles? And they had pics of Porshes, yet this licence still belongs to EA, and Project Cars does not even have a publisher yet.
Top that off.. the release date keeps being pushed foward...
and on their "contribution" page, their profits/dividends make no sense.
They claim 1 million sales equals a 100% return on their investment..
1) the maths behind it is based on 900 backers, not the 20 000+ currently contributing to it.
2) Do they hope to sell +1Million copies with it being a new IP?
munish23  +   898d ago
Although the game looks great visually, I'm not sure it'll stack up to games like GT and Forza in terms of actual mechanics and gameplay. It seems like the game is just trying to sell on its visuals alone.

Anyone here get a chance to try it out? I could be wrong.
Animal Mutha 76  +   898d ago
I'm worried for this game. I'm surprised the release date is so far off given the standard of the current builds of the game that are currently is use by the 'investors'.

Something must be wrong here with the development timeline that we are not being told. Yes I'm aware of the FSA investigation and the possible ramifications if they decree that the financial contributions are classed as investments under tax law. I'm also aware that they are not allowed to accept new contributions until this matter is resolved which is limiting the potential revenue stream.

I want to see this game on pc and next gen but based on what I've read I'm now quite concerned.

This game is a real yardstick for crowd sourced development of a major title. It needs to succeed to prove that this is viable method to get a product to market without the restrictions of a publisher.

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