Special Dragon Fantasy Book 1 Stream

TGH Writes: "Today we have a special stream of Dragon Fantasy Book 1 with creator Adam Rippon of Muteki Corporation. We will be streaming the title on Playstation 3 and have a few giveaways."

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r212061d ago

How is the game? Was wondering how it plays.

WeAreLegion2061d ago

It feels like Dragon Warrior and/or Final Fantasy I and II.

The writing, however, is modern and actually incredibly clever. ^_^ Also, the battles transition so fast that you don't feel like you're grinding.

I suggest getting it. The developer has been on Reddit all week, answering questions about it. Such a great guy. If nothing else, I bought it just to support him. Luckily, the game is great.

NukaCola2061d ago

Sounds pretty cool. I think this will be my next Vits game after Guacamelee

r212061d ago

Kinda FF like, smart writing, and fast battle transitions? Increasing the chances of me buying it seems. Thanks for sharing :)