Sony Must Manage the Transition to the PS4 Perfectly

Push Square: "Sony’s commitment to the oft-discussed ten year life cycle is generally a positive thing. As a consumer, you can be fairly confident when you buy a new PlayStation product on launch day that it will be supported for a full decade at the very least. That’s reassuring – gaming is an expensive hobby, and no one wants to be lumbered with an obsolete piece of hardware before it’s even hit its stride. But while the platform holder’s dedication to legacy support is largely admirable, it must make sure that it gets its priorities right when navigating the transition to the PlayStation 4 later this year."

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stuna12065d ago

From the look of things, their off to a good start!
All they need to do is come out with a reasonable pricing scheme, it will be pretty much a done deal! The hype is definitely there.

LOGICWINS2065d ago

It's clear that the pricing scheme will be no more than $499 for the base model, thats great. But Sony still hasn't clarified if people will need to repurchase PS3 games that they already paid for via Gaikai. You can bet that many people will want to trade in their PS3 towards a PS4 in the fall. These people won't be happy if their digital library doesn't cross over.

Also, we still don't know how much Gaikai will cost. Anyone who thinks that'll be a free extra is dreaming.

Also, how good does a person's connection need to be for Gaikai to work effectively?

There are still way too many unanswered questions to give Sony the benefit of the doubt.

BitbyDeath2065d ago

Wouldn't Gaikai be included in the cost of the games? eg. $1-$5 dollars will go to them for each purchase.

I doubt Sony would just have one fee and offer everything.

LOGICWINS2065d ago

@DragonKnight- Being negative and being realistic are too very different things. Btw, I acknowledged that Sony will be making the right moves in terms of pricing this gen.

DragonKnight2065d ago

Given that you usually are negative, and given that your answer to questions you brought up here is the pay more money route, I'd say you're being pretty negative.

LOGICWINS2065d ago

Well, idk what to tell u. When I spend $500 on a system..I ask questions.

DragonKnight2065d ago

As do most. I'm just saying you sound like you're subscribing a bit too much on the "expect the worst" side of things. But hey, your choice I suppose. I am personally choosing to A)Keep my PS3 (I don't needlessly rid myself of older consoles just because new ones come around) and B)Choosing to believe Sony will continue trying to build up on their current positive trending streak.

MikeMyers2065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

If Logic asked questions about the upcoming Xbox it is highly unlikely DragonKnight would be calling him a negative Nancy. In fact DragonKnight has been nothing but negative towards the upcoming Xbox. It is fair to ask questions on both systems.

I too want to know what is going to happen with my digital library. Will my Plus membership carry over? Will Sony allow dual consoles linked to my PSN ID at the same time? How much will the PS3 be? There are still many questions left to be asked and we don't need people like DragonKnight constantly doing damage control on Sony's behalf. That's their job, to answer questions. Just like it will be Microsoft's job to answer all the questions about all the rumors that DragonKnight and many others are already speaking negatively about and want answers as well.

So go ahead and hit your disagrees all you like, people want to know. So far the PS4 sounds very promising but we still need lots more information.

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fermcr2065d ago

There are still way too many unanswered questions related to the PS4.

Foxhound9222065d ago

I think Sony has learned many valuable lessons from the last generation. This generation should be interesting, and hopefully a successful start from all the video game camps.

Jaqen_Hghar2065d ago

Too late. See WiiU's start.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante2065d ago

That's not going to happen. It can't even play PS3 games that you've already bought. If anything, you'll have to buy them again. It may have been ok with PS2 games because of the HD collections if you didn't have the earlier PS2's but it's unacceptable to do it for PS3 games.

Foxhound9222065d ago

Here's a thought, keep your ps3....

avengers19782065d ago

That's what I'm doing. Plus there still new titles to get for ps3 the last of us beyond 2 souls both look very promising.

jimbobwahey2065d ago

Imagine if Apple did something like that when releasing a new iPhone. If you want access to all those apps and content you purchased, just keep your old phone around!

What about Valve? Oh you bought a new PC, well sorry all that digital content you purchased on Steam won't work any more, keep two PCs around!

JBSleek2065d ago

Am I the only one who finds it absurd for digital purchases to not come over even PSN titles. I find that backwards.

delboy2065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

I will keep my 60GB BC ps3, it's worth gold.
But Sony lost all 3rd party exclusives, and no real BC in ps4 is gonna bite them in the as, belive me.
I've chosen ps3 over xbox360 only because I thought I must go with Sony to be able to play FF, MGS, ect. but they are multiplat now.
I could care less about a handful first party games,(except for N games) and 98% of my game library is multiplat.
So why would I go with Sony for the fourth time, I see no reason at all.
One could say I'm a disappointed Sony user, Sony made to many mistakes with ps3.

Foxhound9222065d ago


Lol nice try dude but having a phone and a dedicated video gaming console are not even in the same galaxy in terms of backwards compatibility. A console is a 5 to 10 year purchase and does not require bc, where as a cell phone is a non dedicated 1-2 year mobile device that makes bc a lot easier. Logic goes a long way bro.

stuna12065d ago


Exactly! I have 3 years to go on my warranty for my ps3 + 3 on my vita no issues there! With the ps4, I plan on having 1 big happy family.

MRMagoo1232065d ago

Im gonna keep my ps3 right next to my original ps and ps2 and use them when i want to play games relative to the system. I dont use the ps2 to play ps games and i dont use the ps3 to play ps2 or ps games.

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AkatsukiPain2065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

Sony is doing all the right moves with the ps4, if there is one flaw its just BC but even so I believe we will learn more about how they will use gakai to get BC. I aint worried too much about BC but for those who are will have to wait for more info from sony showing how exactly it will work.

For me though im already sold on the ps4 from what we already know about it & the launch lineup looks to be one of the best launch sony has had & we all know there will be tons of great new exclusive ip's for the ps4 & thats my main reason I will be buying one at launch.

Shinra Tensei

Jaqen_Hghar2065d ago

*flies into wall*

AkatsukiPain2065d ago


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Shinra Tensei

Jaqen_Hghar2065d ago

don't you have a few seconds in between? Besides a man is just going back and fourth now.

AkatsukiPain2065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

I forgot there is a 5 second delay after using it once before i can use it again.

Shinra Tensei

Serjikal_Strike2065d ago

Transition looks good so far.
Im sure E3 will be mind blowing from both Sony and Microsoft.

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