Game Informer: Conflict: Denied Ops Review - Puts The 'Special' In Special Forces

Denied Ops ditches the third-person perspective and squad-based tactics used in previous Conflict titles in favor of the first-person camera and a team of two testosterone junkies. The story is your standard doomsday Clancy clone where some evil foreigners are plotting to unleash destructive weapons on the free Western world. Your duty as cookie-cutter Special Forces dude is to stop them before they hatch their dastardly plans to wipe out our Wal-Marts while quipping cheesy one-liners that would make Arnold Schwarzenegger choke on his cigar.

The lone highlight of Denied Ops is the co-op campaign. The two characters have fixed arsenals – one has a sniper rifle with a shotgun attachment, and the other brandishes a machine gun and rocket launcher. When playing alone you can simply switch to the character that has the gun you prefer for that particular scenario, but in co-op you're locked into one of the two weapons classes.

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