Game Informer: House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return Review

Game Informer writes: "With all the lightgun shooters making their way to Wii nowadays a re-release of the old House of the Dead games seemed like a logical, maybe inevitable, conclusion. Although having a reticle onscreen does take away from some of the fun and "skill" of a lightgun shooter, these games still provide plenty of easy, cheap thrills just like they did so many years ago in the arcade. The ability to reload your gun by shaking the Wii remote is a nice touch, and you can also use the Wii Zapper if you're into that sort of thing (not that there is anything wrong with that). Then again, these games look fairly dated and the bonus content here is a little thin. Shooter fans who've already had their fill of Umbrella Chronicles and Ghost Squad might find this worth checking out."

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PS360WII3724d ago

Yeah it's pretty fun. Light gun games can't go wrong