Pokemon X and Y: End of Franchise Conspiracy Theories

GR - "A conspiracy theory bodes ill will for the Pokemon series of video games."

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Commandar_Shepard1646d ago

What is this? I don't even...

_QQ_1646d ago

makes sense, the last version would be Z.

Yodagamer1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

While z is a good guess, i think nintendo has moved onto making sequels ala black and white 2. Part of the reason why the dna rumors are so strong are due to the japan version of the logo contains a dna symbol right in the name. With the return of the original dna created pokemon (mewtwo) almost confirms it for me.

kirbyu1646d ago

What else could the chromosome in those logos possible mean? Unless that's not a chromosome in Japan.

KingDustero1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

I'm pretty sure X/Y are referring to the coordinate plane. Z goes along with this too. Makes sense since it is for the 3DS and the game has become much more 3D.

Moncole1646d ago

I also think that's why they are calling it also. The Pokemon games are great and it fun capturing every Pokemon, they won't just end them.

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The story is too old to be commented.