Game Informer: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates Review

Game Informer writes: "I will always remember Crystal Chronicles for the GameCube as the Final Fantasy wannabe that made me carry around a stupid bucket. While that ignominious mechanic has been scrapped for this handheld follow-up, I can't say that my experience was improved over the disappointing original. Like that title, Ring of Fates is focused on multiplayer (though single-player is at least viable this time), but enjoying the game hinges on the player's willingness to sacrifice gameplay in order to play co-op with friends.

The critical mistake is how magic is handled. Spells are consumable items, not learned, and you can only hold a limited number. Normally this would just lead to conservative casting, except the spells also double as keys to open doors and make moving platforms appear. You can slowly replenish your stock at specific points using the gimmicky alchemy system, but the whole process mainly just encourages players to ignore magic as an offensive option."

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PS360WII3631d ago

Boo to this review. Obviously he just didn't want to play it :(

The magic system works well and makes you not be able to spam away and you have to think things over and makes it harder to win battles. You know the challange part in a game. I was able to use magic a lot during the game. Along with making the magic is pretty cool use of the touch screen. You have to melt certain elements into an urn and stir the pot to a certain boiling point and keep it at that temp for a given time and bam you got more magic.

The single story is nicly done and all 4 characters have there own abilities to make for some good puzzles seeing that you have to use everybody.

Excellent game and story. Only 13 hours though but you get to play it again with all your stuff and levels from the begining and the enemies are harder and better drops.

sumfood4u3631d ago

Bucket effect is just krazy!