Game Informer: Condemned 2: Bloodshot Review

Game Informer writes: "Animal remains and other filth crunch underfoot as you make your way through the decayed rooms of an abandoned doll factory. A deserted floodlight splashes your shadow across some peeling wallpaper. You hear mechanical dolls crawling towards you somewhere in the dark. Then miraculously, and without your consent, the shadow in front of you begins to move, and you realize, with horror, that it doesn't belong to you.

Bloodshot is an atmospheric powerhouse. I haven't admired a game's environments this much since BioShock, and the game has plenty of tense moments that will leave you hyperventilating like a chubby marine about to charge Omaha beach. Which is why – since Condemned excels so well in certain areas – that it's a little sad the game falters, if only slightly, in a few other places."

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MK_Red3690d ago

This is the difference between a well respected game magazine which understands a great game like Condemned 2 and gives it a worthy score and an attention seeking site like Destructoid which gives it 3...

Nice find and review.

EZCheez3690d ago

Between a magazine that has subscibers and a web site that doesn't get many hits.

I'm sure if Destructoid actually got the attention that they think they deserve, they would probably stop pulling reviews out of their ass.

a1n3d93690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

That type of comment is completely uncalled for. Accusing any website of that type of behavior without information to back up your claim is detrimental to the site's community but to every gaming community at large. Just because an individual reviewer does not agree with you does not give you the right to say such garbage. Disagree with his opinion, and go find another reviewer that has similar tastes to you and follow their advice.
The irony of your post is that one Destructoid's members is an actual employee at Game Informer.

MK_Red3690d ago

a1n3d9, I read Destructoid's review and while it had some points, it was obvious that reviewer didn't get the exact point of the game and also, that review suggested that the game is 6 and mediocre while the score was even in odds with the text itself.

Destructoid does deserve attention but they should stop asking for it by giving 5 to Assassin's Creed, 6 to God of War and 3 to Condemned.

TheExecutive3690d ago

Sorry but a 3 for this game is complete garbage. a 6 for GoW is complete garbage. Give me a break, its for site hits and thats it. You cant stand the heat that a website gets for giving such an undeserving score then you should get out of the kitchen.

Theres a difference between opinion and just being straight up rediculous, Destructoid crossed that line and they deserve to be rediculed for it.

How about being fair to a developer?

EZCheez3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

Either that, or someone that didn't actually read Destructoid's review of the game.

Why would you have someone who hates FPS review a FPS? Does that make sense? Why would you let someone who hates hockey review an NHL game? This is why Game Informer is as good as it is. It's called the second opinion. That way one person isn't a single point failure and the masses don't put too much faith in the word of one close-minded person.

Also, there's not much irony in having someone from Destructoid work for Game Informer also. I'm sure even the janitors where I work have a website.

poopface13690d ago

Yes ive played the game and there no Fuc#$%@ way that it deserves a 3. Id say 7 in the worst review mabe, Id give it an 8.5-9 so far. Giving this game a 3 makes the person who did it seem like a complete tool. I hope it wasnt you. Really, if someone gave this game a 3 then they have no business rewiewing games. its that simple. The game is prety much different from all other games and if that makes it deserve a 3 then this site, whatever its called, is pathetic. Did the person who reviewed it thik it was a classic FPS whrere you carry hundreds of bullets and 10 guns in your pocket? Did they think it was supposed to be an RPG with a spiky blond dude and a big sword? Or were they just unable to pass the first level and reviewed it anyways. Id saythat the completly unique gamplay alone makes this game deserve at least a 6, plus the grafix, upgrades, atmosphere. Id like to know what they gave the original because this game improved on every aspect of that. Upset dude, I understand its an opinion but it is either really biaased or the person who reviewed it obviously has no idea what a good game should be.

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