A Collection of Wiimote FAILS writes: "It is Saturday… that means it is time to unwind after a long week. So once you get done watching your favorite block of cartoons. Why not sit down for a quick second and enjoy some funny clips we gathered. A collection of Wiimote Fails, these videos offer some insight to the danger the Wii posed to your flat screens, and even to your body! "

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NastyLeftHook01555d ago

lol i watched that vide last night,on tru tv, the guy spent 2000 dollars on his tv and busted it.

Aceman181555d ago

home shopping one was an epic fail hahaha

TheGrimBunny1555d ago

some of those are... interesting.

_QQ_1555d ago

If i ever broke one of my friend's TVs, even as a kid, they would never let me forget it.

THESHAUNZY1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Dude just fell through the table lol!

Aceman181555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

you know at first i laughed then, it set in that its glass he fell through then i was like oh man i hope he wasnt badly hurt.

but i admit when first seeing it i couldnt stop laughing.

i remember one thanksgiving i was playing wii bowling and almost broke my leg trying to be like a professional hahaha

sephx221555d ago

Ohhhhhhhh!!1 the Wii tennis fail left me speechless.

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