Watch 50 Minutes of the GRID 2 Customization Mode

onPause writes:

Recently the team at Codemasters did a live stream where they customize a Nissan Fairlady Z as well as a BMW 1M before taking the beautified cars onto Cote D’Azur and Brands Hatch. You can also read our Two Previews from recent weeks.

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Speed-Racer1859d ago

Other than GT5, GRID is the only game that makes me feel like I'm actually at a track driving a car rather than in a sim, not because of the realism but because it just builds that excitement.

mcroddi1859d ago

GRID 2 is all about racing, immersion!

RedDeadLB1859d ago

the game looks freaking phenomenal.

mcroddi1859d ago

I loved GRID and from what I have seen, I will be even more into GRID 2...

memots1859d ago

Dirt 3 looks phenomenal on PC , Running everything at Ultra and its smooth as butter.

I have very high hopes for this. Might even be a day one for me on pc.