Turns out David Hayter might still play Snake in 'Metal Gear Solid V' after all

Well, this certainly is a long shot, but let's take a look anyway. Just moments ago (April 20) this video (also embedded for convenience) emerged on the net under the YouTube channel moniker "OnigawaraV," hinting at... something.

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zerocrossing1498d ago

Wow! i really hope this is true.

Zezo1498d ago

It's no longer about nations, ideologies or ethnicity.

Batzi1498d ago

It's an endless series of proxy battles...

iGAM3R-VIII1498d ago

Are you guys sure, I think it is Steven Hawking, idk about you guys

LOL_WUT1498d ago

fought by mercenaries and machines... :)

Irishguy951497d ago

Don't people remember that it was an extremely obvious April fools joke that he wasn't?

TopDudeMan1497d ago

No, war never changes... Wait. You're right. War has changed.

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IAmLee1498d ago

So, we was trolled... about a troll..? o_o

zerocrossing1498d ago

When are we not getting trolled by Kojima? O.o

showtimefolks1497d ago

I said that when all th news about him not playing snake came out

It's just Kojima p,aging with us or trolling us like PP at GTTV

Syntax-Error1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

Many people including David Hayter were shocked at the fact he wouldn't be voicing Snake, but kept Japanese voice actor reprising the role. This shows again how Kojima is a egotistical asshole that only thinks of himself. I am sure the fan outcry is forcing him to reconsider his original decision. I am sure in new months you will see he reaches out to Hayter and brings him back. If I were Hayter, I would tell him to kiss my ass. I like the franchise but cant stand the creator. From how he treats his development team to his not giving credit to his inspiration for the game. Saying it was mere coincidence with resemblance to Escape from New York or Kurt Russell

It wasn't an April Fools joke because it was announced before April Fools(March 27, 2013). Hayter tweeted it on that day but the announcement came before that date. No one believes it was and this wouldn't be said 20 days later if it was conceived as an AF joke. You should really read these things for yourself instead of looking like sheep.

Source: reported it 4 days before Hayter thanked his fans on April 1st.

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Nitrowolf21498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Always knew it would be Samuel L Jackson 

Mosquito1498d ago

Otacon: Snake, I've managed to secure the drop-off point for the Mk.2.
Snake: Muthafucka, wot chu sayin?

a_bro1497d ago

Im tired of these mothafukin snakes on this mothafuckin Game!

Heisenburger1498d ago

I'm tired of all these mother lovin' snakes on this Monday to Friday plane!

Idk.... :(

BattleAxe1498d ago

Snakes on a mutha fu**'n plane

ShoryukenII1498d ago

I don't know either, Heisenburger. I just don't know.

dontbhatin1497d ago


I heard a slightly seperate edit version watching the movie on tv. he said in it.

"iVe had it with these monkey fighting snakes on this monday to friday plane".

i couldnt stop laughing for 5 minutes when i heard it on tv! lol

specialguest1498d ago

My guess was Bill Cosby, but I think you're right.

Zeusprototype1497d ago

i had rilf harris down to play the new snakes...seens kojima like nothing more then pissing people off.

Whitefeather1498d ago

Yes please, David Hayter is Snake.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

Why change Hayter? Seriously... :/
After this long Kojima changes VA in possibly the last MGS game? It makes no sense. I really hope Kojima and David are trolling us. Heck Solid Snake is called David!! Hayter & Snake are perfect for each other.

Savader1497d ago

Well, Kojima said that his reason has something to do with a "fresh start" or something... Meaning, he wanted to start things fresh in every aspect of the game, including its characters. Only thing that doesn't make a lick of sense with that mindset, is that the Japanese VA for Snake is staying the same... So it most likely IS just an elaborate troll. Hopefully... There just isn't anyone else who I can see playing Snake as well as Hayter...

Eamon1497d ago

Not to mention the voice of Kazuhira Miller is also the same.

TrevorPhillips1498d ago

Most likely David, can't wait! :D