Michael Denny on PS4 Pricing: “I think I can ask you to draw your own conclusions”

"When the PlayStation 4 was first revealed by Sony, two main contentions came up that have yet to be clarified: What does it look like and how much will it cost? Back in February we had written an in-depth article on how much the PlayStation 4 should cost. And majority of your said it will be around the region of $400 to $500."

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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II2068d ago

My guess: one at 400 and another at 450

NastyLeftHook02068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

$400.00 standard

$450.00 ps+ and a free game (first party)

my guess

gaffyh2068d ago

Yeah sounds about right, $399, and higher SKU at $449 with a game seems reasonable imo.

Off topic - Out of all the Sony execs though, I absolutely hate this Michael Denny guy, he just radiates doucheness like Don Mattrick.

irepbtown2068d ago

Maybe a bundle with a Vita?

Endless possibilities :D
(As long as price is right, which I'm sure it will be)

FOXDIE2068d ago

gaffyh, lol its totally the opposite dude!

BattleAxe2068d ago

I would totally buy a PS4/PSVita bundle. I think something like this would be around $600 - $650.

ShoryukenII2068d ago


I hate him too. The first time that I saw him at the Playstation Meeting, I was so irritated by his confused hands. Everything about the way he moved and looked irritated me. Then he leaked Assassin's Creed IV and GT6... Who does that? I mean, it's not a bad thing for us but this guy is supposed to be a professional. He just talks too much.

thechosenone2068d ago

“We want a system that can reach as broad a gaming audience as possible"

"I think I can ask you to draw your own conclusions"

starting to think we might actually see it priced at $300 for the more basic model and the $400 for top of the line model.

gaffyh2068d ago

Also I know the guy in the image is not Michael Denny.

_-EDMIX-_2068d ago

based on what Sony has done in the past there will be no "top of the line model" there will likely be 2 SKU's with the only difference is the hard drive sizes.

my guess is 300 and 400 or 400 and 500. I don't see it going any higher than 500 because most of the parts are standard PC parts the architecture is less confusing and Blu ray is already established the main thing that made PlayStation 3 so expensive to begin with.

(plus no BC)

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gameseveryday2068d ago

I think Sony will be going for 3 SKU's at launch depending on HDD size:


I really can't see them repeating the mistake they did with the PS3 launch with a $499-$599 price range.

kane_13712068d ago

i wouldn't call it a mistake

If the economy hadn't backfired and they were sooner out of the doors they would have sold even more than this!
can you think about it?
In a generation so busy with smart phones and tablets, HD LED TVs and with Nintendo's return to life by help of motion controll and "HD" Graphics of Xbox 360 PS3 came out as being the underdog to be what it is!
let alone the fact that it went toe to toe with 360 world wide and actually most of the time ahead.

Stop calling it a mistake, it was a costy console and it payed back.
Now, they have fixed their mobile department again and soon they will be taking care of Tv and Audio.
That will bring them back to exact same spot they were 10 years ago (UNCHALLENGABLE).

SONY has proven to be the wise guy here they have made the come back but the price wasn't their mistake, they were smart to sell at that price point because they couldn't go any lower, Blu-ray was the next gen and they had to have it and it would cost them.

_-EDMIX-_2068d ago

I agree I can't really see that as a mistake because realistically they proved that people still purchase the system. another thing that must be noted which I cannot stress enough is that somebody needed to invest in a larger format Microsoft choose not to and I feel they put the entire game generation behind because of it. no matter who you are using the same format as last generation does nothing but hinder in limit this generation period.

Microsoft intendo have a larger format thinks to the huge investment Sony made earlier on with Blu ray. to my understanding Microsoft nore Nintendo took a loss to support or invest in such a piece of technology are they truly the people you want making your new technology for systems?

Microsoft came out with the cheapest system they also came out with the most broken system in probably gaming history they also came out with a system with a dated formate they also came out with a system that had a fragmented market because of the hard drives that were not in most units.

no matter who you support I don't think anyone can agree that cutting corners is going to somehow help gaming so using DVD9 helped gaming? someone needs to bite the bullet in order for this technology to become cheaper, you see Nintendo with a Blu ray alternative and Microsoft using Blu ray for 720 because Sony paved the way to make it cheaper.

without Sony making PlayStation 3 with a Blu ray drive this next generation what had to have burdened the cost meaning yet again Microsoft or Sony whould had to took the lost on Blu ray anyway.
what PlayStation 3 means in reality is 80 million Blu ray drive driving the price down. someone needs to invest we can't have it where everybody wants to cut corners someone needs to bite the bullet make a expensive system that pushes the hardware so that way we won't be burdened with this for years to come.

adding Blu ray was not a mistake it was a necessity and when you look at it now was it really a mistake considering they sold 80 million units without having to remove hard drive or players or wifi etc?

Sony chose a very very smart business route because at the end of the day there isn't a PlayStation 3 sku without the main necessities to actually play games. they also paved the way to have their Blu ray drive inside the next system for cheaper at the end of the day Sony was always going to have to look for a larger format I don't know if anyone realize this or not but games get larger every generation not smaller it was going to have to happen sometime.

Sitdown2067d ago

Okay we get it, you all love Sony, but let's be honest... it was mistake. Did the ps3 really need all the USB ports or memory card slots? No... How do we know this? Because they redesigned the system and took things out. They acknowledged the mistake and corrected it. Just like they corrected the mistake concerning rumble in the six axis controller. It's okay to recognize that Sony is not perfect.... the great thing is that they are a company that learn and correct their errors. Now can I please reserve my ps4 already! Geeeeez

kane_13712067d ago

It is not about loving, i have always been critical when it was needed ams my comment history proves that.
It is about one simple fact.
They couldn't go any lower with the price.
Yes they needed all those extra stuff.
Just like PlayStation needed that extra good CD rom while PSone got the cheaper one.
Just like PS2 needed all those slots on its back and front while slim didn't.
It is called variation of SKUs.
You honestly think two less USB port and card reader would make much difference?

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Rush2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

$350-400 I think, the processor used within the PS4 just ain't as expensive as the one used in the PS3. Not to mention they had massive Cell fabrication problems back in the day.

RAM is fairly cheap also, I don't know much about the GPU but I would assume its on the same die as the CPU.

That should keep the costs down, not to mention I could most likely build a PC with the CPU inside the PS4 for around that price myself. Am sure Sony could get the costs down a little.

Reverent2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

"RAM is fairly cheap", I'm going to stop you right there. I know what you're trying to do, but RAM is not "fairly cheap" in the slightest. In fact, The PS4's RAM is going to be one of the more costly parts of the PS4 for Sony to manufacture.

I think a $400-$450 price range is both more realistic, and reasonable. a $350 price could be possible for perhaps a bare bones version (just the console and the controller) while the standard $400 model could include perhaps a month of Plus and a game, and a $450 model could come bundled with a few extras.

(Btw, nice stealth troll attempt. I wouldn't have realized you were hardcore trolling the PS4's specs if I hadn't read other comments from you)

Menech2068d ago

While it's DDR3 RAM, GDDR5 RAM is not sold commercially.

However it's based on the same design just developed with different goals in mind.

GDDR5 has higher latency than DDR3, but much higher bandwidth which is good for graphical performance.

delboy2068d ago


Ps3 has xdr RAM,much higher bandwidth RAM then on xbox360,and yet all multplat games looking and performing better on xbox360.

Smart people learned their lesson, but fanboys will continue to praise the RAM amount and bandwidth,it's the new CELL.

zebramocha2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

@rush I don't know why you go so many disagrees,I believe pricing is right base of the way they keep talking about the ps4.

@Reverent I think people are blowing the ps4 ram out of purportion,is it expensive compared to ddr3?yes,but to what degree, as gddr5 isn't sold like ddr3

2068d ago
kane_13712068d ago

no you can't, i will tell you why.
I have a system with an intel Pentium g2120 proccessor, a moderboard msi v-75 and a zotac gtx 660 2gb plus 8 GB ram.
Altogether my system came out to be €700 and i used cheap parts.
So lets see, you want a system that will be able to produce enough power to handle that racing game's GFX (racing club was the name if i am right) with good 60 Fps with €400 impossible!

Now with a console the case is different, parts are costum made and all that also another factor that helps them is the AMD (AMD is cheap) that will press the costs down, but still even with a system built with amd it would cost more than that for a PC.

Menech2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )


Yes you can,

Sub 400 dollar machine with 8GB of DDR3 RAM, cannot commercial buy GDDR5 like I said earlier but it's similar stuff.

500GB HD, on die GPU like the PS4, the only thing missing in a BR drive which I should of added but don't want to do the process again.

Edit: here one with a blu ray still sub 400,

MRMagoo1232068d ago


Where is the OS you cant run it without one ? and what about a monitor you need that unless your tv has vga or dvi? what about a keyboard and mouse ?

kane_13712067d ago

You have just proven me right.
Your so called system is nothing but a shell of a gaming pc at the same range of ps4.
I believe that you need to listen to system specs part of event one more time.

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avengers19782068d ago

400 for console 500 gigs and controller
500 for console 1tb controller and camera
550 for console 1tb controller, camera, and KZSF
I am not trying to predict the future I just see this as possible
And if its turns out to be the case I'd pay the 550$ easily

evilbart2068d ago

With the controllers built in move feature the camera will come with every console there is no way they will have a sku without it

avengers19782068d ago

Games are getting bigger and bigger, and playstation already supports day one digital. A tb is not that much when you think about it. A few games a few hd movies and what Sony already puts on the harddrive(operating system) and your already filling up your hard drive. That's why a terabyte would be good

dasbeer882068d ago

Once the PS4 releases in stores, the PS3 price is guaranteed to drop by like $50 to $100.

fr0sty2068d ago

They really need to hire on an editor for their articles.

miyamoto2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

$300- $350 Basic Model

AhmadCentral2068d ago

In the UK the PS4 cost £425 ($650) here.

I'm hoping that it costs around £329 ($510) brand new here on launch. That would be a reasonable price in my opinion.

Monkeysmarts2068d ago

They haven't announced a price. What some stores might be putting up as a preorder is not official.

chaos-lockheart2068d ago

It's going to be $299 ~ $399

fermcr2068d ago

299€... if more then that, then I'll wait.

nerdkiller2068d ago

are we on price is right

_QQ_2068d ago

450-500 sounds more realistic.

nukeitall2068d ago

I'm thinking the original price point was $400, but after the 8GB GDDR5 upgrade, I'm thinking they are now at $450 for the low end model.

8GB of GDDR5 isn't cheap, especially at the type of chip and configuration they have to use for it or expect major losses, which I don't think Sony can stomach right now. Sony has to contain their losses until they can turn a profit years from now.

Blaze9292067d ago

I'd totally buy a PS4/Vita bundle. Hopefully the Vita being a new model though, I needs that video output. Unless they find a way to somehow stream audivisual content from the Vita to the PS3 wirelessly.

Can you already do that on PS3?

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takohma2068d ago

bubbles made me chuckle. you earned it.

Red_Devilz2068d ago

i would be 1st in line if its $300. If its $400 or more, I'd wait for a while

Knight_Crawler2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

You really believe the PS4 or 720 will cost $300 when the Wii U cost $350 and has inferior hardware -_-

I predict the prices are to be $449.99 to $499.99.

@Joe - Nice try but you cannot use Nintendos greediness for more money to justify the cost of hardware inside the PS4 and Wii U.

Nintendo got greedy with the 3DS and thought the people were suckers enough to pay the asking launch price for the 3DS but gamers proved them wrong - the 3DS was never worth $249 at launch and that the reason why the could afford to cut the price.

The VITA on the other hand is worth more than $250 but Sony had no other option but to take a loss on every VITA sold those the reason they cannot afford to cut the price right now.

For Sony to see some sort of profit witht he PS4 they cannot take a loss and sell it at $300 because they need to get out of the red mess that they are financially.

joeorc2068d ago

"You really believe the PS4 or 720 will cost $300 when the Wii U cost $350 and has inferior hardware"

the PSVita against the 3DS's hardware is proof of that.

3DS was @ $249.00 when it released and was a dual core Arm 11's with 128 MB of total system ram a single core PICA 200 GPU with 6 MB of dedicated GPU Ram

while the PSVita

A QUAD CORE ARM 9, with 512 MB of total system Ram AND A QUAD CORE SGX543MP4+ GPU WITH 128 MB of dedicated GPU Ram.

and yet the PSVita was @ $249.00

so you tell me

_QQ_2068d ago

i'm sure the fact that the 3ds has 2 screens and one of them 3D has somthing to do with the price, Sure wiiu has the gamepad but ps4 has integrated move and the touchpad, two useless features that will surely affect the price.

Red_Devilz2068d ago

All you dislikers, before jumping your fingers, just read clearly what I have said. I have not commented what the price tag "should be".

1)All I am saying is if the price is around $300, I'd be happy. If not, I'd have to wait - for my own reasons.

2)Looking at current price of PS3, I wont be surprised if prices of PS4 / X720 come down a bit after initial hype. Its logic (and often requires brains)

Jee's all you S0ny fanboys take a break. I love (and own) PS (3) too, but this is stupid!

KwietStorm2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

I'll let you know how it is then. All this talk from people thinking it will cost LESS than a Wii U is beyond comprehension. And $400 is a very fair price for what you're getting. That's actually less than a PS3. You're allowed your own reasons for waiting, but calling people stupid and fanboys just because they disagree, is quite the stupid stance itself. You think the price will drop after 'initial hype?' As if they can just do that and not worry about the money they have to make? Requires brains.. lol

Ggame2068d ago

Is it a confirmation that its price point will not be high as PS3 at launch with what he commented "we can draw our conclusion"?

My expectation: 349$ would be a good point for PS4.

Jaqen_Hghar2068d ago

A man doesn't know about that. Remember that a 500gb PS3 is still $300 and WiiU Deluxe which is fairly old and has less expensive everything other than controller is still $350 and being sold at a slight loss (or was at launch). So how will PS4 swing $350 with relatively new hardware (compared to those systems) and most likely having to include the camera because of how it has been connected to the controller? A man thinks we'll have a $200 PS3 (250gb) and $400 PS4 (500gb) this holiday. These will be the low end models while the 500gb PS3 will probably be $250 with PS4 maybe having a 1tb model with a download code for a game like Knack and 3 months of plus for $450 or $500.

Just a man's guess but point is a man doesn't see how $350 could happen.

JonnyBigBoss2068d ago

You guys who think it'll be anything less than $400 are seriously living in another dimension. I'd actually be surprised if it weren't $499.

wishingW3L2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

especially with the Ram which will be the most expensive component in the system. And then the second one would be the blu-ray drive.

_QQ_2068d ago

And the built in Move.