Google trashes the iPhone

PC Pro writes: "Google has openly criticised the iPhone, claiming the device has a "lot of restrictions" and won't sell as many as Google's Android-based devices.

Speaking at the eComm conference in California, Google's group manager for mobile platforms laid into the iPhone's development potential. "There are just certain apps you can't build on an iPhone," said Rich Miner, claiming that applications can't run in the background when switching to a new application, and bemoaning the lack of support for multiprocessing apps. "There's a lot of restrictions," he added.

By contrast, Miner said Google's platform is based on openness: the company issued a SDK for Android at launch, while Apple only recently gave third-party developers to its device. "There are things I saw people doing with the first version of the Android SDK that it seems like you can't do with the iPhone at least at the moment," he claimed."

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zane5473689d ago

What google are expecting, but next-gen mobile phones is not an industry whereby you can dismiss something as not selling, when the business itself has not taken off, due to its obscenely large price-tags.

Maybe when the prices are mainstream, the sales arguments can start.

Silver3603689d ago

Bull**** he is just trying to promote the phones that run google's application. Standard practice in the tech business to is to talk bad about your competition now.

Quicksilva3689d ago

But the iphone looks pretty.

ben hates you3689d ago

how much google hates microsoft and apple

Bonsai12143689d ago

google doesn't hate the two, but they're in competing markets. its a lot easier to sell hardware with a bundled os than it is to sell just an os that no one's used or heard of

antoinetm3689d ago

Google > *

but they are becoming mainstream too just like apple and microsoft.

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