The Daily Five: Worst Sidekicks in Gaming

"Gaming’s given us some great companions, sure, but just as often we’ve been stuck with people that we want to kick off a cliff. People so annoying and useless that, at best, serve only to muddy an otherwise fine experience." - Joe Garcia

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SegaGamer1616d ago

Cortana, she gets Master Chief into one bad situation after the other :P

fsfsxii1616d ago

That has to be the Turtle in the Sly cooper series. He annoys the hell out of me when he screams: "SLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Y"

r211616d ago

Good old Bentley? How dare you!

GameSpawn1616d ago

Your comment made me think of Otacon. :)


Really, though as annoying as he is (Otacon) I don't think he necessarily makes it passed their top 5. There a many more annoying characters out there.

Cam9771616d ago

He was ok in Vice City, but because he always messed things up in VCS he quickly became one of the most hated antagonists I've ever had the misfortune to experience.

ApolloTheBoss1616d ago

Never did like Zeke. The guy was annoying.

Mouktouk1616d ago

I don't know if we can consider her as a sidekick, but Ashley from Resident Evil 4 was a freaking pain. She made me hate the game so much, which is pretty sad considering I actually liked the new gameplay orientation of the series at this time.

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