Future-proofing your PC for next-gen gaming

Sony's new console has often been described as a mid-range gaming PC in terms of its overall technological make-up. Rip apart the various components and the claims have some merit, but with the benefits of a closed box design and a unified memory set-up, the new console has certain qualities that could even give high-end PC rigs a run for their money.

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NastyLeftHook01580d ago

You surely don't need a titan to future proof it for a while to say the least.

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The_Infected1579d ago

It's just a fanboy war in here! Just enjoy your gaming platform and quit comparing and bragging something is always better just because game on that specific platform.

My point being i like PS3 for free online and exclusive games but that don't give me rights to bash what others enjoy just because I don't like it and I might state my opinions sometimes but only because I want the things I don't like to improve.

Enjoy gaming:)

Crazyglues1579d ago

Actually all you need to know about PC Future-proofing is it can't be done....

Take it from someone who has had all kinds of computers in the last 14 years... from super GAMING PC to Normal easy budget PC....

One thing you can't do, is build your PC for the future, it can't be done... NO MATTER WHAT YOU BUILD it will be OLD, yes Old next year...

That's just the way it works... -Trust me on this-

every year a new graphics card comes out, and not far behind is a new faster processor, this will always happen.. It's why AMD, NVIDIA, and INTEL have so much money.. LoL

nypifisel1579d ago

Finally! So much BS above this I can't believe it. There's no such thing as "Future proof". I paid 1500$ for my PC in the fall of 2011 (I built it myself so it was maximised spec wise), I can really feel its age already. It's also why its so stupid to buy let's say a Titan card today, in 2 years a card that costs a 5th of a Titan will outperform it. Computer technology doubles its performance every 2 years (Moores law), this was already a fact in 1965.

None of this however means you can't build a good gaming PC for a decent price, you just wont be able to run the next big thing at Ultra in 1080p or above. You will run it better than any console though.

TopDudeMan1579d ago

Yeah, technology moves so fast you can't. The wisest decision is to buy what's affordable to you now and play what's coming out now, then when you need an upgrade, get one.

rododger1579d ago

while I do agree with you, my mate has my old pc q9550 and 5870 and is running battlefield 3 at high settings 1920 x 1080 so I guess what I am saying is that if you buy fairly high end at the time then your pc will last longer (still not future proof by any means but still a game capable machine)

Crazyglues1579d ago

Just to put the icing on the cake... AMD just released the 7990 “Malta”

So your last year graphics card is getting it's butt kicked... LoL...

@ rododger

Yeah even when I built a Monster PC, I mean a Beast Gaming Machine it still only last a year or two - and then the new tech kicks it's but, does it still run games really well, sure...

-but it's no where near future proof.. 3 year proof yeah maybe, if your lucky... - but try running Battlefield 4 at high setting @ 1920 x 1080 on that q9550 and 5870 PC and then tell me how well that PC is keeping up with newer PC tech..

It's brutal how quick a high-end PC becomes old in this PC World

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Flavor1579d ago

Its sad because the games I have the most fun with are either really old (Il2 sturmovik, mods for bf2) or really simple graphic-wise (LoL).

I can play crysis 3 maxed out but its so boring....

Irishguy951579d ago

There is no future proofing...ever. Only the ability to extend the time it will last. Consoles are future proof in that developers are limited to them and thus don't exceed them. Even if technology whizzed by 6 months after the console releases.(or 6 months before in Ps4's case)

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N311V1580d ago

I love reading about this stuff. PS4 will come first for me but I can't wait till I can afford to build my first gaming PC.

Lior1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

You can build one for 500 pounds and it will be more powerful than the ps4 , but you cant really game on the tv with a gaming pc because you need a moniter to play it on

Tundra1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

I use my 42" tv for both my PC and PS3. Virtually all console ports support gamepads too. ex. PC hooked up via hdmi and I can play tomb raider with my Xbox or PS3 controller.

You don't need a monitor.

Gravitic1579d ago

May aswell just get a PS4 then. PC Gaming is mainly for monitor games with mouse and keyboard, if you want to play gamepad games, then you mayaswell just go with the console version for the UI etc.

Oh_Yeah1579d ago

If you have a decent graphics card from the past 8 years it's going to have hdmi man lol. Anything a console has or can do a pc can also...with no restrictions. Use basically any controller, game on any settings, backwards compatible with the history of gaming and the list goes on.

hellvaguy1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

"but you cant really game on the tv with a gaming pc because you need a moniter to play it on"

This just in, your pc plugs into your tv thru the same exact hdmi your console uses. I know it's a very complicated matter lol. Also in related news, you can use your console controller on the pc or even 3rd party pc controllers like logictech F710. Welcome to news from over 5 years ago.


Every HD TV I've seen have a HDMI port... not to mention that most of them also have RGB ports.

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SirBradders1579d ago

Tell me about it im currently building a pc even though im day 1ing the ps4 simply cos i love rts games and certain mmo's consoles cant offer.

I was advised on buying the i5 3570k which is the best value for money when it comes to games im just debating what is the best value for money graphics card.

But seriously a true gamer with the money will not complain about pricing etc... and will not assert pc dominance on the console fans, gamers should live in harmony as one.

decrypt1579d ago

Well the I5 is a darn good choice and will last you a long long time.

The next thing you should be looking at is the GPU. I would recommend you wait 3-4 months before deciding on the GPU. Since a new gen of GPUs is almost upon us.

I would pick something like a GTX 770 when its out, will perform very close to GTX 780 and be quite a bit cheaper.

SirBradders1579d ago

Thanks for the advise im not in too much of a hurry ive bought the case a nzxt phantom 410 and the motherboard a msi g45 or something after hearing what you said ill leave the gpu till last.

Lior1579d ago

an i5 is good enough for gaming as long as it is quad core


Just read the article...

i5 3570k or FX-8350

7950/70 or 670/80 with 4gb vram (best choice)

Everything is speculative right now. 2gb is enough for 1080p on a single monitor as of right now... so to say you'll need 6gb to compete with a PS4 is kinda out there. 6gb on a PC is a multimonitor setup at an insane resolution with high levels of AA.

Bladesfist1579d ago

Heh same case as me. Expensive cases because you just have too.

rododger1579d ago

I would recommend the 7870xt mate almost certainly the best bang for buck graphics card available just now

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Salooh1579d ago

Exactly. Both worth getting. No need to compare. Each have it's own pros and cons. And no one can deny that pc is more powerful then any console. But for me i will choose ps4 because i don't have enough money and i prefer the ps4 for it's exclusives. Sony have history on bring great games and i really can't miss that for a powerful pc. That's just an opinion :)

sourav931579d ago

Core-i7 3980x (soon to be out), cryogen cooled quad-sli titan, 64 GB Corsair RAM and 2 X 1.5TB SSD - you're sorted for the next 5 (maybe 10) years at least.

Gravitic1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

What Rubbish. 10 years, hah, you clearly do not know how fast technology moves.

There are already murmurs about doing away with graphic cards entirely.

Jio1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

You do realize that the Titan is 3x more powerful than the PS4, right? Multiply that by 4 and you've got straight overkill. The PS4/720 will probably last around 7 years, and by then the next generation will be almost as powerful as 1 Titan, still the PC will be much more powerful. (they have to keep it affordable enough for consumers.)

That being said, I'll still buy a PS4 for exclusives, but I'll play every other game on my PC.

sourav931579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

Trust me, I've grown up around tech, I know how fast it evolves. Though rate has slowed ever slow slightly. Anyways, 10 years was a maybe...perhaps a BIG maybe. 5 years is realistic, IMO. Yeah probably in 5 years time, 1 card will be as powerful as 4 titans, but the thing is, whether there will be any games to utilise ALL that power in the first place. And do away with the graphics card? Integrated solution only? Not anytime soon, I think.

papashango1579d ago

We will have videocards as fast if not faster than Titan in the next 3-4 years.

Of course I am talking about mainstream flagship cards and not niche for the benchmark enthusiast.

Jio1579d ago

What's the difference between Haswell series of i7 chips and the 3980x?

I'm fairly new to PC gaming, so I'm still learning.

sourav931579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

The 3980x is part of the Intel Core Extreme range, Sandy Bridgh. The Haswell i7 range, being newer, uses a 22nm, compared to 32nm of Sandy Bridge, so it's more efficient.

kneon1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

So you are suggesting people spend $5000-$6000 just so they don't have to upgrade? This is a silly approach as technology just moves too fast.

I've been building PC's for about 30 years and it's seldom made sense to buy the very best. Due to the hefty premium charged for the top end parts it's always better to go one or two steps down and just upgrade in a few years.

I usually build a new one ever other generation and give the old one away. So I'm due for a new one when haswell ships.

sourav931579d ago

Haha I agree. I was making a point that if you truly future PC, it IS possible. Whether the it is the right thing to do or not is a different issue. And the machine I was talking is based on one of Origin PC builds, and the final build retailed around $12k. So yes, you'd be pretty stupid to go for it.