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Submitted by BitbyDeath 1028d ago | article

Future-proofing your PC for next-gen gaming

Sony's new console has often been described as a mid-range gaming PC in terms of its overall technological make-up. Rip apart the various components and the claims have some merit, but with the benefits of a closed box design and a unified memory set-up, the new console has certain qualities that could even give high-end PC rigs a run for their money. (PC, PS4, Tech, Xbox One)

NastyLeftHook0  +   1028d ago
You surely don't need a titan to future proof it for a while to say the least.
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The_Infected  +   1028d ago
It's just a fanboy war in here! Just enjoy your gaming platform and quit comparing and bragging something is always better just because game on that specific platform.

My point being i like PS3 for free online and exclusive games but that don't give me rights to bash what others enjoy just because I don't like it and I might state my opinions sometimes but only because I want the things I don't like to improve.

Enjoy gaming:)
Crazyglues  +   1027d ago
Actually all you need to know about PC Future-proofing is it can't be done....

Take it from someone who has had all kinds of computers in the last 14 years... from super GAMING PC to Normal easy budget PC....

One thing you can't do, is build your PC for the future, it can't be done... NO MATTER WHAT YOU BUILD it will be OLD, yes Old next year...

That's just the way it works... -Trust me on this-

every year a new graphics card comes out, and not far behind is a new faster processor, this will always happen.. It's why AMD, NVIDIA, and INTEL have so much money.. LoL
nypifisel  +   1027d ago
Finally! So much BS above this I can't believe it. There's no such thing as "Future proof". I paid 1500$ for my PC in the fall of 2011 (I built it myself so it was maximised spec wise), I can really feel its age already. It's also why its so stupid to buy let's say a Titan card today, in 2 years a card that costs a 5th of a Titan will outperform it. Computer technology doubles its performance every 2 years (Moores law), this was already a fact in 1965.

None of this however means you can't build a good gaming PC for a decent price, you just wont be able to run the next big thing at Ultra in 1080p or above. You will run it better than any console though.
TopDudeMan  +   1027d ago
Yeah, technology moves so fast you can't. The wisest decision is to buy what's affordable to you now and play what's coming out now, then when you need an upgrade, get one.
rododger  +   1027d ago
while I do agree with you, my mate has my old pc q9550 and 5870 and is running battlefield 3 at high settings 1920 x 1080 so I guess what I am saying is that if you buy fairly high end at the time then your pc will last longer (still not future proof by any means but still a game capable machine)
Crazyglues  +   1027d ago
Just to put the icing on the cake... AMD just released the 7990 “Malta”

So your last year graphics card is getting it's butt kicked... LoL...

@ rododger

Yeah even when I built a Monster PC, I mean a Beast Gaming Machine it still only last a year or two - and then the new tech kicks it's but, does it still run games really well, sure...

-but it's no where near future proof.. 3 year proof yeah maybe, if your lucky... - but try running Battlefield 4 at high setting @ 1920 x 1080 on that q9550 and 5870 PC and then tell me how well that PC is keeping up with newer PC tech..

It's brutal how quick a high-end PC becomes old in this PC World
Flavor  +   1027d ago
Its sad because the games I have the most fun with are either really old (Il2 sturmovik, mods for bf2) or really simple graphic-wise (LoL).

I can play crysis 3 maxed out but its so boring....
rododger  +   1027d ago
terrible game
Irishguy95  +   1027d ago
There is no future proofing...ever. Only the ability to extend the time it will last. Consoles are future proof in that developers are limited to them and thus don't exceed them. Even if technology whizzed by 6 months after the console releases.(or 6 months before in Ps4's case)
N311V  +   1028d ago
I love reading about this stuff. PS4 will come first for me but I can't wait till I can afford to build my first gaming PC.
Lior  +   1028d ago
You can build one for 500 pounds and it will be more powerful than the ps4 , but you cant really game on the tv with a gaming pc because you need a moniter to play it on
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Tundra  +   1028d ago
I use my 42" tv for both my PC and PS3. Virtually all console ports support gamepads too. ex. PC hooked up via hdmi and I can play tomb raider with my Xbox or PS3 controller.

You don't need a monitor.
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Gravitic  +   1028d ago
May aswell just get a PS4 then. PC Gaming is mainly for monitor games with mouse and keyboard, if you want to play gamepad games, then you mayaswell just go with the console version for the UI etc.
Oh_Yeah  +   1028d ago
If you have a decent graphics card from the past 8 years it's going to have hdmi man lol. Anything a console has or can do a pc can also...with no restrictions. Use basically any controller, game on any settings, backwards compatible with the history of gaming and the list goes on.
hellvaguy  +   1028d ago
"but you cant really game on the tv with a gaming pc because you need a moniter to play it on"

This just in, your pc plugs into your tv thru the same exact hdmi your console uses. I know it's a very complicated matter lol. Also in related news, you can use your console controller on the pc or even 3rd party pc controllers like logictech F710. Welcome to news from over 5 years ago.
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WUTCHUGUNNADO  +   1027d ago
Every HD TV I've seen have a HDMI port... not to mention that most of them also have RGB ports.
SirBradders  +   1028d ago
Tell me about it im currently building a pc even though im day 1ing the ps4 simply cos i love rts games and certain mmo's consoles cant offer.

I was advised on buying the i5 3570k which is the best value for money when it comes to games im just debating what is the best value for money graphics card.

But seriously a true gamer with the money will not complain about pricing etc... and will not assert pc dominance on the console fans, gamers should live in harmony as one.
decrypt  +   1028d ago
Well the I5 is a darn good choice and will last you a long long time.

The next thing you should be looking at is the GPU. I would recommend you wait 3-4 months before deciding on the GPU. Since a new gen of GPUs is almost upon us.

I would pick something like a GTX 770 when its out, will perform very close to GTX 780 and be quite a bit cheaper.
SirBradders  +   1028d ago
Thanks for the advise im not in too much of a hurry ive bought the case a nzxt phantom 410 and the motherboard a msi g45 or something after hearing what you said ill leave the gpu till last.
Lior  +   1028d ago
an i5 is good enough for gaming as long as it is quad core
WUTCHUGUNNADO  +   1027d ago
Just read the article...

i5 3570k or FX-8350

7950/70 or 670/80 with 4gb vram (best choice)

Everything is speculative right now. 2gb is enough for 1080p on a single monitor as of right now... so to say you'll need 6gb to compete with a PS4 is kinda out there. 6gb on a PC is a multimonitor setup at an insane resolution with high levels of AA.
Bladesfist  +   1027d ago
Heh same case as me. Expensive cases because you just have too.
rododger  +   1027d ago
I would recommend the 7870xt mate almost certainly the best bang for buck graphics card available just now
Salooh  +   1028d ago
Exactly. Both worth getting. No need to compare. Each have it's own pros and cons. And no one can deny that pc is more powerful then any console. But for me i will choose ps4 because i don't have enough money and i prefer the ps4 for it's exclusives. Sony have history on bring great games and i really can't miss that for a powerful pc. That's just an opinion :)
sourav93  +   1028d ago
Core-i7 3980x (soon to be out), cryogen cooled quad-sli titan, 64 GB Corsair RAM and 2 X 1.5TB SSD - you're sorted for the next 5 (maybe 10) years at least.
Gravitic  +   1028d ago
What Rubbish. 10 years, hah, you clearly do not know how fast technology moves.

There are already murmurs about doing away with graphic cards entirely.
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Jio  +   1028d ago
You do realize that the Titan is 3x more powerful than the PS4, right? Multiply that by 4 and you've got straight overkill. The PS4/720 will probably last around 7 years, and by then the next generation will be almost as powerful as 1 Titan, still the PC will be much more powerful. (they have to keep it affordable enough for consumers.)

That being said, I'll still buy a PS4 for exclusives, but I'll play every other game on my PC.
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sourav93  +   1028d ago
Trust me, I've grown up around tech, I know how fast it evolves. Though rate has slowed ever slow slightly. Anyways, 10 years was a maybe...perhaps a BIG maybe. 5 years is realistic, IMO. Yeah probably in 5 years time, 1 card will be as powerful as 4 titans, but the thing is, whether there will be any games to utilise ALL that power in the first place. And do away with the graphics card? Integrated solution only? Not anytime soon, I think.
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papashango  +   1027d ago
We will have videocards as fast if not faster than Titan in the next 3-4 years.

Of course I am talking about mainstream flagship cards and not niche for the benchmark enthusiast.
Jio  +   1028d ago
What's the difference between Haswell series of i7 chips and the 3980x?

I'm fairly new to PC gaming, so I'm still learning.
sourav93  +   1028d ago
The 3980x is part of the Intel Core Extreme range, Sandy Bridgh. The Haswell i7 range, being newer, uses a 22nm, compared to 32nm of Sandy Bridge, so it's more efficient.
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kneon  +   1028d ago
So you are suggesting people spend $5000-$6000 just so they don't have to upgrade? This is a silly approach as technology just moves too fast.

I've been building PC's for about 30 years and it's seldom made sense to buy the very best. Due to the hefty premium charged for the top end parts it's always better to go one or two steps down and just upgrade in a few years.

I usually build a new one ever other generation and give the old one away. So I'm due for a new one when haswell ships.
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sourav93  +   1028d ago
Haha I agree. I was making a point that if you truly future PC, it IS possible. Whether the it is the right thing to do or not is a different issue. And the machine I was talking is based on one of Origin PC builds, and the final build retailed around $12k. So yes, you'd be pretty stupid to go for it.
TechnicianTed  +   1027d ago
'I usually build a new one ever other generation and give the old one away.'

Why don't you just upgrade the one you've got? What's the point in completely building another one when you can just upgrade a part here and there as the years go on?
kneon  +   1027d ago
Well there's always someone I know who needs a PC and my old PCs are way more powerful than what most people need.

But also there is a limit to how much you can upgrade. New sockets mean you can't just use your old motherboard. And once you need to upgrade the motherboard you might as well just build a new PC.
Tultras  +   1027d ago
Can I have it??

Seeing my PC build will make you guys suicide, I bet. :D
famoussasjohn  +   1027d ago
lol at 1.5TB ssd. Seems logical considering you'd be spending 100x more for the SDD's than your entire system.
sourav93  +   1027d ago
I never said anything about it being logical, just that's it's possible to be future proof.
DragonKnight  +   1028d ago
I love how people come out with "you can build a midrange PC that's more powerful than consoles for $500 to $700 (minus things like a monitor, an OS, and basic accessories)" as if people should be happy with simply being more powerful than consoles but not having anything near what PCs can actually do. As if being more powerful than consoles is the only goal anyone wanting to get into PC gaming should have first and foremost.
SonyPS4  +   1027d ago
You'll need a TV, a HDMI cable, multiple (quite expensive) controllers, and in 360's case for their older systems, a battery pack, a WiFi adapter, a hard drive or a memory card, etc. Consoles are just as guilty of extra expenses as PC, oh and not to mention games are much costlier and sales are much less frequent on console.
DragonKnight  +   1027d ago
Are you serious? For one, most people already have a tv. Why would they buy a tv to get into console gaming? Most people don't have a monitor just laying around unless they are already into PC gaming but we are making the assumption that they aren't, so they'd need a monitor unless they want to connect their PC up to their TV which most won't because they want a dedicated monitor(s) for their gaming.

So, in that instance, a monitor is an extra that is needed. A tv is something you'd likely already have before buying a console to play games on because you can watch tv.

HDMI cables aren't standard with PCs either, so I don't know why you brought that up.

A controller comes with a console. Since multiplayer is mostly geared towards online now, a second controller is not likely to be necessary and is a choice. A keyboard and mouse are NOT a choice for PCs unless you don't want to actually USE the PC.

If you factor in the NECESSITIES of what you need for console gaming, and the NECESSITIES of what you need for PC gaming, the price of PC gaming will remain much higher than console gaming for a significant portion of time until the admittedly cheaper (only by $10 most of the time) PC games end up making the cost of console gaming more expensive. But we're talking a significant amount of time.

We'll say that person built a "mid-range" gaming PC for $600 and a different person bought a PS3 for $600 at launch.

PC gamer wants a decent sized monitor, we'll say 17" with an average cost of $150 (I know that sizes and prices are a variable, just bear with it). HDMI cable for $6. Keyboard for $10 and a mouse for $13 (gaming mouse, and all prices are from And we'll say the most inexpensive version of Windows 7 which is $90. Also 1 game for $50 brand new.

Right off the bat the PC gamer paid $919 without taxes or delivery fees if everything were bought online. -$150 if the person intends to connect it to their tv for a price of $769.

PS3 gamer already has a tv because, you know, he watches tv. PS3 comes with a controller so he already has something to play the game with. It comes with the OS so he doesn't have to buy one. $6 HDMI cable and one $60 game brings the price up to $666 without taxes or delivery. Making a difference of.. Max. = $253, Min. = $103.

Assuming a buying habit of 1 game a month it would take the PS3 gamer 4 months to equal the max price of that PC and almost 2 months for the minimum price. And that's only if the PC gamer doesn't buy any games in that time period. Eventually if the buying habits remained true, the PC would overtake the PS3 in value, but it would still take time.

Keep in mind that these prices are if both individuals knew only the most basic things they needed to start gaming. Obviously there are deals everywhere for both sides to take advantage of but this is assuming that both individuals had exactly the same knowledge, which still gives the PC individual credit for being able to build a $600 gaming PC.
SonyPS4  +   1027d ago
"Are you serious? For one, most people already have a tv."

Most people already have a monitor.

"Why would they buy a tv to get into console gaming?"

Again most people have a monitor...

"HDMI cables aren't standard with PCs either, so I don't know why you brought that up."

HDMI reference wasn't directed toward PC gaming...

"A controller comes with a console. Since multiplayer is mostly geared towards online now, a second controller is not likely to be necessary and is a choice. A keyboard and mouse are NOT a choice for PCs unless you don't want to actually USE the PC."

Most PC games are made for M+K by default, and again who DOESN'T already have a set?

"If you factor in the NECESSITIES of what you need for console gaming, and the NECESSITIES of what you need for PC gaming, the price of PC gaming will remain much higher than console gaming for a significant portion of time until the admittedly cheaper (only by $10 most of the time) PC games end up making the cost of console gaming more expensive. But we're talking a significant amount of time."

I don't think so...

"PC gamer wants a decent sized monitor, we'll say 17" with an average cost of $150 (I know that sizes and prices are a variable, just bear with it). HDMI cable for $6. Keyboard for $10 and a mouse for $13 (gaming mouse, and all prices are from And we'll say the most inexpensive version of Windows 7 which is $90. Also 1 game for $50 brand new.

Right off the bat the PC gamer paid $919 without taxes or delivery fees if everything were bought online. -$150 if the person intends to connect it to their tv for a price of $769.

PS3 gamer already has a tv because, you know, he watches tv. PS3 comes with a controller so he already has something to play the game with. It comes with the OS so he doesn't have to buy one. $6 HDMI cable and one $60 game brings the price up to $666 without taxes or delivery. Making a difference of.. Max. = $253, Min. = $103."

I paid around $1000 for my TV BECAUSE I want to play my $400 console purchase on a very nice HDTV otherwise I would been stuck with my dumpster TV, and I don't watch TV, I only watch YouTube but that is just me. I paid roughly $1400 for my gaming setup excluding the additional controllers and an HDMI cable (which these cables were more expensive back then). Plus I paid $60 game after game for my $400 console. On PC I could have easily paid 700 for my system (including the OS, M+K, but excluding a monitor) 40 and under for a game that is originally 60 on console, and a $150 monitor...and still be under a 1000 budget as opposed to my 1400 TV+PS3 setup. But I chose the console route because I simply don't like to game on a PC. I like my consoles for the games made specifically for console, say jRPGs. PC has tons of exclusives, but I am just not interested in most of them because RTS, Simulators, MMORPGs, etc. are not my kind of games. I want my platformers and jRPGs. Nontheless I paid more for my choice of gaming platform than I would have with PC.
DragonKnight  +   1027d ago
"Most people already have a monitor."

You're trying to tell me that, all things considered equal and two individuals are both starting to get into gaming on these platforms at the same time with the same knowledge, that the chances of a person having a monitor is equal to the chances of someone having a tv? Because if that's what you're saying then that's pretty delusional.

"HDMI reference wasn't directed toward PC gaming..."

Irrelevant. HMDI cables or their equivalent would still be necessary to gain the necessary picture quality on a PC monitor.

"Most PC games are made for M+K by default, and again who DOESN'T already have a set?"

What's your point? Most console games are made for controllers by default and they come with the console, KB+M doesn't come with a PC, you have to buy one separate. And your "who doesn't have a set" example is the same as your monitor one, it doesn't hold up.

"I don't think so..."

Math doesn't lie.

As for your last paragraph your changing the argument. If we're talking about the best experience then a $700 PC won't cut it. But we're not talking about that. We're talking about what all the PC elitists claim anyone can build with $500 to $700. We're talking about equal knowledge and equal funds. You're talking like someone with experience when that point isn't being discussed. Anyone with experience can find all kinds of deals and loopholes to shift prices in their favour, but people with only the most basic of knowledge just looking to get into something right away won't have that kind of experience.

Your $1000 tv can be matched with a $1000 Titan graphics card or 3 monitors, etc... PC will always have a higher initial cost to get into than consoles will. Always.
jmc8888  +   1027d ago
I don't know why people would want a dedicated monitor for their PC but for a console it's okay to have an HDTV.

Switching between the two is one button on the remote.

Also all 360 wireless controllers are compatible with the PC. You just have to buy a $10 or so wireless adapter and plug it into a usb port. (and it is capable of handling at least four controllers).

People also forget that if you have a five year old PC, all you need to do is upgrade your video card.

If you have a PCIE 2.0 graphics card port and a core2quad or any i3, i5, or i7 processor then all you need is a graphics card upgrade. That's literally a five year old PC, even older. (since the i7 920 will be five years old when PS4 launches and the core2quad's are even older)

Anyone that has built a PC or even had a PC and wanted to get an OS disk to upgrade say from xp to 7, has a disk. Thus you retire your old PC and use your disc on the new one. So many people already have it.

You can reuse cases. I generally don't, but you definitely can.

So really all many PC users need is a GPU upgrade.

...and they can match a PS4 for $200 GTX 660. Or wait until the 770 comes out and basically double or more it for $400.

I'm a 1st day preorder for PS4. But I also even own a Wii U.

But facts are facts. Plus I agree with many people that you can bring in old hard drives (hell I still have sata 1 drives from 2004-06 period). Or keyboard and mice.

Lots of users buy an OS and case. Have their keyboards and mice. Use an HDTV.

Then all they need to do is upgrade some combination or all of the following; the motherboard, cpu, gpu, ram, and PSU.

For example my motherboard just went out 10 days ago. Couldn't find a LGA 1366 motherboard, so I had to buy a new motherboard and CPU. My ram was good. I could of kept my case, but decided on the HAF X. Since I don't know what blew out my motherboard, I got a new PSU just to be safe. Kept my GTX 670. Have an HDTV. Have a mouse. Have a keyboard. Have a 360 controller. Had my HD's. Have my win 7 disk. Use my 360 battery packs and charger for PC use as well.

So I got up and running with an i7 3820, 750watt Corsair PSU, the HAF X, the TPC 812 CPU cooler, and an ASUS X79 Sabertooth motherboard.

Perhaps I should have gone 1155, but I don't want to cut myself off from the possibility of the 8 core chip coming out this year and literally had to be up and running in 24 hours and had to use my phone internet to check availability at the local fry's electronics and do quick research. Was thinking about the 2600k or 2700k, but just decided to wait and get the 3820 to get up and running with the option to upgrade later. I really had no need to upgrade other than the motherboard going out. i7 920 is still a great CPU.

Ignorance isn't a valid point. Anyone can spend a few hours and learn. Even a few days if need be.

Also my 40 inch HDTV only cost $429. Hell I bought my original HDTV for only $499 back in January 2004. Sure it was CRT and 30", but most people were stupidly buying $3000-5000 dollars. All I did was look at a Kmart ad and tend to look at things like Best Buy ads every couple of weeks to keep abreast of prices.

So you really can't use ignorance. Most people choose to be morons about almost everything. When five minutes of their time on a regular basis is all they need to give them the background to find the pertinent info.
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SITH  +   1027d ago
I bought a 46" LCD TV for console gaming. I also use it for my PC which came after I owned my console.
DragonKnight  +   1027d ago
@jmc888: Again, you don't seem to grasp the fact that YOU'RE speaking as someone with experience. Someone who took time to find out what they wanted to know. But you can't expect that when all things are equal in the fashion I outlined in the comments to which you are replying, someone is going to act like you. 2 individuals looking into gaming on either one for the first time are NOT going to have what you have. I don't understand what's so hard to grasp about this concept. I'm not even going to try and attempt to explain again because it's being completely ignored. I've stated my piece and had to repeat it because apparently the only thing that can be seen is when someone talks about their own specs as though everyone is instantly a PC elitist the very first time they game on a PC, so since ears are plugged and eyes are shut I suppose I have nothing left to say on the matter.
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MikeMyers  +   1027d ago
Why are you always so negative outside of what Sony is doing, DragonKnight? One can also create a multi-media centered PC just like how those can create a surround sound HDTV console experience. What you also neglect is that PC gaming can be just like console gaming. With a controller and connected to your TV that you already own.
kingduqc  +   1028d ago
One thing I've learned is that there is no future proofing. You are better off buying off for what performance you need today then what you will in 3 year. Because in 3 year the cost will be spitted in 5-6 of what it would of costed you.

Any Mid range will outdo what next gen will do, no magic involved here that's plain and simple. That's why we see gt 8800 multiplat games better then the ps3/360 at a better framerate and resolution.
level 360   1027d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
Krosis  +   1027d ago
I'm impressed with the console hardware. Their longevity and ability to still have nice looking games almost a decade into their life speaks to that. I don't compare consoles to PC because it's like comparing apples to oranges--very different platforms for different markets. Consoles are more accessible and are the lead platform in this industry because of it.

The best of both worlds is the way to go, if possible. In the end, thankfully, the majority of games are multiplat and we can all celebrate them equally. To argue beyond that is wasted air.
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Somebody  +   1027d ago
I do share a similar view but in reality it's much more complex than that. For us it's a hobby but for Sony and the rest, it's business. Gamers can say "we can all celebrate them equally" all they want but Sony and MS would rather have those gamers to buy their products exclusively.

It's funny that with each iteration consoles are becoming more and more like the PC, especially with next gen. They are becoming more like the PC in order to stay relevant with each next gen so it'll hard to use the old "apple to oranges" comparison in the future. Perhaps it's better to call it ""Apple VS PC" comparison since basically they are the same thing. You could argue that the console don't do what boring stuff PC does (word, emails, picture editing and more)but with the ubiquitous apps that Sony and MS both make for their mobile devices and their focus on adding touch screen tech to consoles, it's hard not to see them implement those stuff in next gen consoles. I wouldn't be surprised seeing N4G PS4/720 apps popping up next year and console fans making comments from their consoles and gloating the death of PC keyboards.
jocomat9  +   1027d ago
Since everyone claims to know how powerful the ps4 is. Care to tell us the full specs??? Ya thats what i thought.
landog  +   1027d ago
gtx 680


already FAR more powerful than anything ps4 or nextbox will be able to do, WAY higher resolutions and anti aliasing levels, much better framerates, higher particle counts, better draw distance, lighting , shadows etc.

now if you want 2560x1600 at 60 frames a year or two down the road in heavy hitters like the witcher 3 or bf4, you can always add another gtx 680

just get an sli board

the ps4 spec for the guy above;

laptop gpu like 7850m-7870m
tablet cpu at lowly 1.6ghz
8gb ram

there are laptops out now more powerful than ps4

if you only want a rig that is better than ps4;

get a cheap i5 cpu
8gb ram
gtx 660ti

it'll stomp the ps4

if you want balls out, crazy amazing perfect graphics, gtx 680
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Bladesfist  +   1027d ago
I'm not sure if I am happy with the gap between consoles and PC performance starting off so huge as it means the graphical jump will not be as great as I had hoped.
ARESWARLORD  +   1027d ago
What you be talking about son its going to be on par
WUTCHUGUNNADO  +   1027d ago
Coming from a 360/PS3 there will be a long awaited jump...

Everyone thinking that PC will be hindered by the launch of the PS4 or the suggestively weaker X720 are wrong. PC builds are dictated by the amount your willing to spend on it. It's that simple. Not many people can dabble in the super high end computer market considering you can hit prices reaching over $10,000 but that doesn't mean that those people don't exist. PC is stronger and will always be stronger... you can't question it.

Consoles are the affordable alternative. It's usually a collective of the best/affordable tech on the market that goes into a console but with PC being so varied this time around it wouldn't be the best choice to throw in a $500 GPU and sell it at a huge loss. Just accept what they give you which is a good offering except for the CPU if the rumors are true.

If you want graphics and a huge list of games build a PC... if you want a closed system with a closed game catalog and/or subscription fee's then get a console.
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BitbyDeath  +   1027d ago
This graph proves you wrong about the GPU landog.

Also come back when you learn what an APU is cause eventually PC will get it too.
Ravenor  +   1027d ago
I'm pretty sure you can already buy APU, APU aren't exactly a new thing. He's just twisting things to fit into the tiny narrow box which he resides.

Landog is definitely one of those PC gamers who give credence to the "PC Master Race" stigma that gets attached to PC gamers. You should probably just ignore him.
BitbyDeath  +   1027d ago
You are right, would be much easier to ignore him if he only had one bubble like the rest of the trolls though.
landog  +   1027d ago
who's trolling, i am being 100% honest and telling the truth

a pc with an i-5, gtx 660ti and 8 gb ddr3 is more powerful than the ps4

a pc with an i-7, gtx 680 and 8 gb ram DESTROYS the ps4

just because you don't like something, or it hurts your pride for some foolish reason or you have some brand loyalty to some giant mega corporation that gives less than one sh!t about you doesn't take away from the facts

the ps4 has a very weak cpu, and a mid-spec laptop gpu

its got great ram though.....though i would rather have seen a 4/4 split

ddr3 and gddr5....buts its still plenty of ram, probably overkill for the weak cpu and gpu, the ram DEFINATELY won't be the bottleneck this'll be the cpu and gpu
BitbyDeath  +   1027d ago
@landog, we don't even have the full specs of the PS4 yet so you can not willingly say either of those are better or by how much.

The hardware in the PS4 is not the same as a PC.
Sony have added their own upgrades to the APU and according to AMD it is the most powerful APU they have ever made. (inc PC)

"AMD recently stated that with Sony’s secret technology fused with AMD’s custom A-series APU makes it the most powerful unit ever created to date."

There are just too many variables we do not know and will not know until someone cracks it open after launch. Then you can have at it but not til then as right now we do not have the full picture.
#9.2.4 (Edited 1027d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report
ZoyosJD  +   1027d ago
Your just as bad as ATI_elite.

Comparing the PS4 GPU to the mobile version of 7850-7870.

That's either trolling or pure ignorance. The mobile versions of those cards are only ~half the performance of their desktop counterparts. The desktop counterparts would be the comparable range your looking for.

A "tablet CPU" with a low clock. APU perfomance is more heavily based on memory clocks than core clocks.

BTW, price and timing is key. I'd wait until a new series releases as high end cards don't drop in price until something else beat them. That's why you should buy when cards are newly released as they will be the best bang for you buck at the time. $500 for a card that released at $500 a year ago and will be replaced in a few months with another $500 card that beats the crap out of it. Terrible timing.
#9.3 (Edited 1027d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
T900  +   1027d ago
"A "tablet CPU" with a low clock. APU perfomance is more heavily based on memory clocks than core clocks."

Only the GPU part of the APU is reliant on memory performance for its 3D needs, as are all GPUs.

However how good the CPU does is reliant on its CPU clock. Which in this case is very low.
FlyingFoxy  +   1027d ago
lol @ people saying 8800 gtx is enough today, they cant even run source games 60+fps constant, even when i had 2 8800 gt's in Sli over 3 years ago it wasnt enough to keep even Left 4 Dead 2 above 60fps in intense parts.

I've been on an a 5870 since it came out and the only reason i haven't upgraded it yet is because it plays all i want mostly at 60fps @ 1080p, but as soon as Source engine 2 is announced i'll be getting the best high end card and hopefully it will be enough.
Ravenor  +   1027d ago
Then you had issues on your own end, Core 2 Quad with two 8800 GT's was running everything sans Crysis (20-30fps on high/very high) 60+fps, granted this was at 1680*1050 not 1920*1080. Two 8800 GT's was overkill for anything source related in 2007.
TechnicianTed  +   1027d ago
Excuse me Foxy, look at this video...

Not bad for a card that came out over 6 years ago.
urwifeminder  +   1027d ago
Im sporting the i7 2700k overclocked to 4.2ghz 2x sapphire 7850s overclocked 16gb gskill ram 3tb storage 120gb force g ssd I could not be happier with the set up.
dcbronco  +   1027d ago
There is no such thing as future proofing with technology. They should stop saying that. It's just a marketing trick.
TardcoreGamer  +   1027d ago
Never say Future-proof. NEVER
Teajae  +   1027d ago
future?...proof?...what madness is this?...
ExCest  +   1027d ago
Future Proofing for PC gamers (or enthusiasts) refers to building a PC that won't show its age for the next nth years. The term is literally incorrect but it is used and I use it once in a while to refer to building PCs.
LapDance1974  +   1027d ago
Exactly,thank you. I run a Core 2 quad with a 260GTX and 4gb Ram that I bought in 2007. I can run Max Payne 3 with 16AA at 900p and Far cry 3 with everything on high. Is it 1080P, No. but it is still better what a current console can do at the moment. Don't get me wrong I will be buying a PS4, but there is a lot of misinformed people on here about PC gaming. Oh and by the way, it's a computer, I can do a lot more than just play games so to me it's a good investment to spend a little cash on.
#14.1.1 (Edited 1027d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
Orionsangel  +   1027d ago
In the future a gaming rig will be Nuclear Powered.
ExCest  +   1027d ago
I bet somebody already tried that. That person probably has super cancer now.
Mithan  +   1027d ago
Anybody with half a brain will wait until 2014 and upgrade to the next generation GPU from nvidia (Maxwell).
kwyjibo  +   1027d ago
Now is the completely wrong time to future proof your PC. Wait till next-gen comes out, see what it can actually do - and then get a graphics card that does it all.

I have some 8800 variant in my gaming PC from 2008. Outperforms consoles, 5 years later.

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