Oreimo anime episode features funny PS Vita lookalike

Seeing video game consoles in Japanese anime shows isn't anything new. Occasionally a real world console makes an appearance in an anime though, like the PlayStation Vita did in the most recent episode of the hit anime Oreimo as the "BS Wita."

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Snookies121136d ago

Yep, it sure does. Though it wasn't featured in just a single episode. Hoping to see The World God Only Knows give the main character a Vita as well. I could see that considering how obsessed he was with his PSP before.

Iltapalanyymi1136d ago

its cool when anime does things like this. it was nice in oreimo 1 season and in bokuwa tomotachi ga sukunai.

PopRocks3591135d ago

Huh, cute. Reminds me of that one anime that had a cameo of James Rolfe and Doug Walker.

raiden-491135d ago

that was so random and funny xD

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1135d ago

This totally isn't the first time an anime had a handheld device lookalike. Not really news worthy either frankly.

Krew_921135d ago

Yep, although not a handheld in Ga-Rei: Zero there is a scene where they are playing on a console called the "Dreambox" which also looks like a Dreamcast.

Also I forgot which Anime it was, but I remember seeing someone using something that looked like a 3DS, but was named 4DS or so.

GEO98751135d ago

Anine still exist?! O.o

imXify1135d ago

Well no anines doesn't exist .o.

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