March 2013 NPD: rumored hardware sales

Probable hardware data for the PlayStation 3, Wii U, Wii, 3DS, PS Vita, PSP, and DS.

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NYC_Gamer2063d ago

I guess those rumored numbers explains why Nintendo spoke on 3DS and not Wii-U sales

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

What is a wiiU? Is that an wii addon that makes it more personal?

I understand ps4 is after ps3 but why is my wii me? O_o

Stroke6662063d ago

quick question... would wii2 have been a better name in your opinion? I personally find nothing confusing about the addition of the U behind wii standing as a new console. I'm sure many casuals, which nintendo is no longer targeting specifically, might make a foolish mistake like that but no gamer, which is nintendos current focus, would make that mistake. just like we understand the 3 before ds means a new ds or an i after it. Is nintendo horribly wrong for not using a number because thats what its competitor does?

gaffyh2062d ago

I absolutely do think that Wii 2 would have been a far better name than Wii U. For 2 reasons:

1. All consoles tend to sound stupid when they are announced, but Wii U still sounds stupid. It's just an odd word to say.

2. Casual gamers were the main audience for the Wii. Combined with the fact that Nintendo made a complete balls up of the Wii U announcement, to the extent that CNN thought it was an attachment, I am 100% certain it would be doing far better in terms of sales if it had simply been called the Wii 2. Even Wii HD would have been better.

The 3DS is different, it's name might be similar to the DS, but the 3 explains exactly what is different, it's 3D, and therefore it's new because people would know that their DS doesn't have 3D functionality.

MaxXAttaxX2062d ago

Are you kidding? Wii 2 would have definitely been a better name for a successor. It would be clearer. But then again ANY OTHER NAME would have been better.

Remember when Nintendo announced the Wii U and said it was all about the controller(GamePad) and that the system was "just a box" and not to worry about it. BIG MISTAKE. A lot of people do think it's all just about the GamePad. So when they see the price point they go "nope". They look at New Super Mario Bros Wii and New Super Mario Bros U and it just doesn't seem worth it.

N4g_null2062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

What is a psp vita? A potato dish? What is gddr or DDR? Why do I have to use my cell phone to play additional content on a ps4? Why not throw one of those potato psps In there so I can play like the wii u?

Why call it the ps4 when it doesn't even play ps3 games? Oh you can get them digitally? And you guys have a problem with always on?

Ha remember when Sony talked about the ps4 and there was only a controller lol. Literally the console was not even shown. Yet some how you are confused about nintendo presentation. Excuse me your fanboy is showing and its pretty embarrassing.

Seriously nintendo is laying low for a reason. I think we will find out when Sony and ms are unable to copy them.

Also casuals my ass Mario kart is not casual, Mario bros is not casual. Games trying to be movies are casual. An over abundance of old school and new school is hardcore. Sticking to games rather than movies is hardcore.

Game play wise nintendo has tweaked their engines and they now can stand up to most of their classics. The move from 2d to 3d is pretty much done now. Sony has no real game play addicting games. They even mess up on their blatant clones. All they can do is pull a crytek. Pretty graphics no one wants to play. Sony has only had one game I'll play from them and that is gow.

The Xbox is best described as niche fps. The ps brand period is movie based gaming niche. The casual gamer was created during the ps branding when watching DVDs was more important than gaming.

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Moonman2062d ago

Why do you guys sound like immature trolls? Grow up. Nintendo dominates every week on the worldwide charts. Why aren't you guys mentioning vita sales? Wii U is only 5 months old.

HammadTheBeast2062d ago

Apparently they think Xbox 360 beat PS3 in terms of hardware sales...

The past 4 months say otherwise.

NastyLeftHook02063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

the 3ds really has the handheld market in sales right now as we speak, It will be interesting to see what the future holds with its competitiors. (in the very near future)

Snookies122063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

Yeah, but you gotta consider... Even if the most perfect handheld device that played better quality games than the PS4 came out, Nintendo would still dominate the handheld sales. A large portion of their sales will always go to parents who know they're getting their kids games like "Mario or Pokemon". Then there are the casual gamers out there who pick up a 3DS/DS for all of 30 minutes every few days.

Not saying the 3DS is bad, on the contrary. I quite enjoy mine a lot. I'm just saying that there's no competing with it really because of the Nintendo branding.

chaos-lockheart2062d ago

I think it's just the cost, when 3DS first came out sales were poor. PS Vita is over $249.99 plus Memory card, 3DS $169.99. What you say works if the 3DS is the same price as the vita. But 3DS not selling when price is $249.99 and is now selling cause price lowered to $169.99, it just shows me this logic makes more since then Mario.

AdvanceWarsSgt2062d ago

The 3DS didn't have much (if any) notable software when it released, though it still sold respectably at launch. It was post-launch (particularly between the months of May and August) where almost nothing of note came out for the system.

The price cut, while it did catalyze a sales growth, would have eventually shrunk back to nothing if MK7 and 3DLand weren't released relatively shortly afterward. Not to mention, the early portion of 2012 had a steady schedule of quality releases that maintained positive sales momentum. To infer that the 3DS would have "turned it around" with only a price cut but no compelling software is ludicrous.

AdvanceWarsSgt2062d ago

I actually agree with you Snookies, and I think the strength of Nintendo's brand power when it comes to their handhelds was underestimated when the industry prematurely doomed the 3DS because of smartphones/tablets. Instead, what we have seen is smartphones/tablets "squeezing" the Vita out of market competitiveness because Sony's handhelds do not have that type of brand power.

With that said, going forward Nintendo's handheld offerings will likely (and honestly) have to mimic the size, shape and functionality of smartphones and tablets in order to remain competitively viable (we may even see them partner with a manufacturer to cut on production costs of the hardware).

One other note: it isn't just the Vita that is feeling the squeeze. Smartphones and tablets have encroached on every electronic market, from TVs to laptops and even home consoles. The increasing want for all-in-one portable devices isn't just a passing trend, but what is looking to become the eventual norm, meaning that "bulky", less portable devices may become obsolete or incredibly niche in terms of marketshare.

N4g_null2062d ago

You are so right.

Luckily nintendo has a monopoly on nintendo games also. Sony has dominated a few gens and still have no real go to franchise and their studios continue to make movie games rather than real games.

Suddenly the ps4 will be up against the new pc video cards, tablets that can run unreal 4 with possible wireless hdmi.

Then the Xbox next will come out and eat into sonys sales once more.

This is all happening because Sony simply ignores a large portion of old school gamers and continues to make games for movie and sand boxers only. When they do try and make games for real gamers they phone it in.

I mean come on 2d Zelda is back and the vc is coming to the damn wiiu!

All I need now is an upscaler for the old wii hardware and we are talking about a snes like console emerging!

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DJ2062d ago

The PS Vita is doing better than I thought. It needs to be relaunched alongside the PS4 and possibly even bundled. The two devices create the same functionality as Wii U and Microsoft Glass, so it would be cool to see a $499 bundle.

Mustang300C20122062d ago

You all really come up with some antsy scenarios. I don't see how anyone thinks the PS4 will help in sales of the Vita when the existing owners of PS3 do not care for the handheld. These features you speak of are not system selling.

PopRocks3592062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

There's some weird insistence that the Vita is somehow going to destroy the market because of its cross-compatibility. I've made the same point that such a feature does not move anyone with a PS3, so I don't see how it will entice anyone to spend the money to a Vita after they've purchased a PS4.

EDIT: Like the 3DS is proving, the Vita needs to be competitive with software, not by mingling with more hardware. If you're asking someone to spend $250 on hardware, it needs to play games, not just be a controller for your console.

violents2062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

I am an existing ps3 owner and I care, and I also love my vita! I just wish more devs utilized the crossplay funtionality. The hardware works, we just need software that utilizes it.


Mustang300C20122062d ago

You being one owner that cares doesn't represent the majority of consumers that choose not to buy a Vita period so what does it matter saying you care?

N4g_null2062d ago

I have a ps3 and I really don't care. I'll get a galaxy to use on the ps4 if they ever make any games. The vita was cool but Sony made the same crap they already had on the ps3! There is a reason why you can get uncharted used for used but you never see any of the good wii games used. Hell the RPGs along are actually going up in price!

Sony is just gonna have to make better games that people want to keep playing even after beating them. Oh help them if nintendo every goes high end on them again.

violents2061d ago

You said and I quote

" I don't see how anyone thinks the PS4 will help in sales of the Vita when the existing owners of PS3 do not care for the handheld."

According to you none of us care, I do and there are plenty others that do as well. Just because you dont care for it doesnt mean you have to be so narrowminded to think that your personal opinion is the end all be all of the world.

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Lvl_up_gamer2062d ago

"The PS Vita is doing better than I thought."

Then you must have REALLY set the bar low if the struggling Vita is doing better then you thought.

For someone who had such low expectations for a $250 sure didn't stop you from running out there to buy it.

Talk about delusional fanboyism. Buying a product that you yourself had low expectations on succeeding on the market.

MasterCornholio2062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

Dang the Wii is outselling the Wii U.

Motorola RAZR i

AKR2062d ago

The PS2 was outselling the PS3 for about the first 5 months of the PS3's life. The Wii is still that "affordable console to play Wii Sports, Just Dance and Wii Fit" on. But when Nintendo rolls out their big annoucements at E3, the Wii U should start turning more heads by the holiday season.

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