Game Informer PreviewsThe World Ends With You: A Brand New IP From Square-Enix

Game informer writes:

"The World Ends With You – a game whose rather fatalistic name contrasts its vibrant and stylized visuals – is a brand new IP from RPG factory Square-Enix. Partnering with Kyoto-based Jupiter, the company that brought us Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, this DS exclusive is a teen-rated action-RPG set to release in late April.

Although The World Ends With You looks notably similar to several other Square-Enix properties, the world, characters and storyline are all undoubtedly new. Square approaches the game by taking best of its time-tested RPG elements and pairing them with new gameplay ingredients such as the Stride-Cross Battle System, which allows the control of two players simultaneously. In my excursion into The World Ends With You, it became obvious that Square maintains its standards of fantastic imagery, thoughtfully composed music and first-rate character development throughout the game."

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