AMD Radeon HD 7990 “Malta” Performance Benchmarks Leaked – Crushes the GeForce GTX 690

AMD is launching their latest Radeon HD 7990 “Malta” GPU next month and the first performance benchmarks have already hit the web. The benchmarks leaked compares the upcoming GPU against the GeForce GTX Titan and the GeForce GTX 690, both of which cost $1000 US similar to the Radeon HD 7990′s price point.

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NYC_Gamer1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago ) should beat an almost year old GPU[690]and single GPU[Titan]..I'm not impressed because AMD waited until 2013 to release a dual GPU to do battle with one that been around since last year.

Truehellfire1553d ago

Agreed. Hopefully nVidia will lower their prices to compete against the 7990. After a year on the market, I think they could at least drop it to $900, maybe $850.

Psn8001552d ago

Wow but way to expensive .

ijust2good1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

AMD 7990 has 8.2 Teraflops of computational power.
PS4 has 1.8 Teraflops of computational power.
Next XBOX has 1.2 Teraflops of computational power

Indeed AMD 7990 is much more powerful than next gen console by a huge margin but guess who will come out on top in the sales department?

All that power but who'd buy it at that ridiculous price? defo not enough to justify the non geeks and of course the devs to create games for it. Face it, its a waste if that power doesn't get used to its near potential.

zebramocha1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

You do realize that the 7990 is a dual gpu and not one big gpu like the Titan,it's more expensive than the ps4 and one component to a gaming rig.

zeal0us1553d ago

Theres always got be someone comaparing gpu's to consoles...

BF3, Crysis3 pff throw this beast up against Metro: Last Light

PeaSFor1553d ago

wait wait.... did you just did a comparison between a (maybe)450$ FULLY FUNCTIONAL system versus a 1000$ SINGLE PIECE of hardware?

why not doing a comparison between a Ford F-450 pickup truck VS a bugatti veyron engine while youre at it?

SegataSanshiro1553d ago

Oh please enlighten us with your knowledge of the future. Yes we know the next xbox hasn't even been announced but we will totally take your word for it of what its specs are. Idiot fanboy

awi59511553d ago

Also any of the mid range 200 dollar cards that will be out at the end of the year will look better anyway because pc's arent as limited as consoles are.

Computersaysno1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

Radeon 7870 is 2.56 Teraflops, PS4 is 1.8 Teraflops.

Radeon 7870 costs (right now and it'll be less by the time PS4 arrives) $200.

Ps4 will probably cost at the very least $400, more like $450-500 for the better models.

Whats your point??? I can write the above and it doesn't mean a lot.

There are millions upon millions of PC gaming machines now that are more powerful than PS4 is before it even tips up. Its just a fact.

Theres no point moaning about this card because no matter how much it costs, within a couple years that sort of power will be $200. 8800GTX cost $600 in late 2006, now you can buy a much, MUCH faster card for less than $100 (A Radeon 7750 is twice as fast). Go figure.

PS4 will always be 1.8 Teraflops. So get used to it.

Tr10wn1553d ago

MS confirm the specs already or you are using the rumors and leaks like everyone else?

neogeo1552d ago

You forgot that WiiU has 634.2 Teraflops oh power.
It will be many years before PC can catch up with the magical powers of WiiU.

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hiredhelp1553d ago

Your right AMD did take there time bringing this out. But even if they slapped 2x 7970 back when the Titan come out it still beat it.

MuhammadJA1553d ago

Even if AMD is cheaper and "better", I'll still go with nVidia. From my experience, they're reliable and don't have that stuttering you see in AMD cards.

ExCest1553d ago

Also, there's a coil whine in Radeon cards. (I heard about it and heard it in one of Linus's videos) I'm not sure if that's enough to make one go to Nvidia but coil whine is pretty annoying.

Bob Dole1552d ago

Bob Dole has a HIS 7870. Plays most games maxxed out with no stutter or coil whine. Someday he'll be able to max out ARMA III.... someday.

xGrunty1552d ago

I bought an AMD card once, a while back because i was testing out the cheaper alternative. It overheated on me after 3 months. Bought nothing but EVGA before that and after and I have never looked back since. 7300GS, dual 9800 GT's, 470, then a 570. Never again will I switch, you most definitely get what you pay for.

Flavor1553d ago

All this yammering about power, meanwhile the world is enjoying cellphone games and casual F2P's.

Crysis 3 and BF3 maxed out on my PC bored me to death compared to some mods for eight year old BF2 or Dark Souls.

SnakeCQC1553d ago

7990 has been out for some time a company called powercolor released a version quite a few months ago

ZoyosJD1553d ago

It's not nearly as powerful though.

Several companies have been graced with the option to sell cards as 7990, but the TFLOPS count have ranged from 4.6 - 6.9 and the prices were $899 with 3 free games.

This one will be 8.2 TFLOPS and likely cost $999.

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MidnytRain1553d ago

$1000?! Who has time for that???

brich2331553d ago

Aint nobody got time for that. lol

MidnytRain1553d ago

Then this thing better come with a time machine...

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1553d ago

not really. Just console ports.

ZombieNinjaPanda1553d ago

I'd like to know what time machine only costs 1,000 dollars.

Jio1553d ago

If you have the money and want the performance, why not?

RyuCloudStrife1553d ago

that's why PC gamers talking smack about their PC's amazing graphics is irrelevant, because not everyone can afford those graphics.

TechnicianTed1553d ago

'because not everyone can afford those graphics.'

I'm a pc gamer and I can't afford it, which is why I buy my graphics cards on the cheap. I bought a GTX 570 last year for £130, which is on par with what the ps4 will have.

People who buy these cards at launch have plenty of money and don't care about the price.

Fair play to them, but that doesn't mean you have to pay loads to get a better visual quality than console gaming. By the time the ps4 comes out it will be even cheaper to get a graphics card that stomps all over it.

thechosenone1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

690 is going for the same amount. So Nvida users, what say you to this stupendous news? :D

Sashamaz1553d ago

I feel betrayed but then again its not like there are games that fully utilise the 690 so I'll be good for some time.

Braid1553d ago

If I were to upgrade my GPU, I'd still go for a GTX 690.

In my opinion the performance difference is not worth the extra power consumption, a whopping 550+ watts at high load, which is almost double the amount of GTX 690's maximum consumption values.

A 620 watt PSU would suffice for a GTX 690, but if you want to go for 7990 instead, you'll at least need a 850 watt PSU, which is a serious deal-breaker for me.

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Krosis1553d ago

Family-Guy esque Herbert: "mmmmmmm". Will certainly be good for my eyefinity setup. If only more games supported multiple monitors out of the box and not have to rely on tertiary hardware :/ Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider are examples of great native Eyefinity support! The 7990 looks to be a beast but really whether it's Nvidias or Radeons dual card in your PC, your doing just fine =P

Qwagy UK1553d ago

X2 Titan LE's should push atlest 15.5k in the first bench (fire strike). Lets have x2 of them on one card :)

Th3 Chr0nic1553d ago

crushes 660.....and melts anything within a 20 foot radius of its exhaust vent due to scorching heat. par for the course with an ati card tho

oddman761553d ago

Not sure why you got all the disagrees my crossfire 6950's run hotter than the sun.

Th3 Chr0nic1553d ago

I know every ATI card I have ever owned has ran hot. always had to use manual fan controls or some software to control it. if i left it to be hardware controlled it would idle at 70c which is totally ridiculous. on ther other hand every nVidia card I have ever owns has ran just fine with hardware control automatically and idle at 28-32c

awi59511553d ago

Then you probably have your cards too close together or they are visiontek or crappy powercooler cards. The 6000 series cards run cool unless you bought a brand with a crap cooler. Mine stay at about 50c maybe 60 in the summer.

oddman761553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

Club 3d 2gb 6950 coolstream edition but still make my office like a sauna they run fine just the heat produced and exhausted away is hot. That is what was meant to be said not that the cards themselves are hot.

Th3 Chr0nic1553d ago

im talking single card setups running hot. and this is from experience over the last 10 years not just recently

Bob Dole1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Bob Dole's HIS 7870 runs at about 32C at idle and 60C after hours of gaming. Not saying yours don't run hot but different coolers yield different results and saying all ATI cards run hot is just silly.