Soul Sacrifice Demo - Impressions

A look at the Soul Sacrifice demo, both in content and story-line. This is both an introduction to the game, and an impression piece.

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Transporter471735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

i love this game already and all i played was the demo

MasterCornholio1735d ago

Me 2 but i havent played online yet.

Is it like the single player portions except online?

Salooh1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

You will like it more if you tried the online. Well, That's what happened to me. If wasn't of the online i wouldn't consider buying it. It feels complete with the online because the gameplay is challenging in it but single player is only about the story to me..

bothebo1735d ago


While the online brings a real sense of community I don't think it makes or breaks the game. There are still 20 something hours of singleplayer. That's a lot of time! Try to enjoy it.

r211735d ago

Online is just as good. Working together with other players to take down a mighty beast after so many tries is very satisfying :D