What If Square Enix Isn't Announcing Final Fantasy Versus XIII At E3?

Square Enix announced that they would be making an announcement about Final Fantasy at E3, but what if they aren't announcing Final Fantasy Versus XIII like so many believe? GP writer Jared discusses a few other games that Square Enix might be alluding to.

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NukaCola1735d ago

Then they aren't announcing it. But come on they're probably going to announce it.

badz1491735d ago

who the hell cares?? the game looked great and promising 7 YEARS AGO but now it's good as dead!

GrieverSoul1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

I gotta be honest, this game sure looks promising but the latest Final Fantasy titles are a letdown. Should I be excited for this game when FFXIII trailer reveal looked so good and it ended up to be something else entirely diferent from the game itself. Versus might just be a new disapointment again. Also, all the "great" game announced that were continuosly delayed ended up being crap.

BTW, they will announce FFVersus for the GoogleStation in 2076. -_-

Knight_Crawler1735d ago

Is this still even an exclusive to the PS?

I dont know the entire story behind versus but is Sony publishing or is funding Versus.

Tiqila1735d ago

Gran Turismo 5 didnt end up crap ;)

Myze1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )


While nothing official, is has been rumored that Sony started helping with it's development, but it's just a rumor. Nothing has been stated on whether or not it's still an exclusive.

If the game does get transferred over to next generation, the chances of it becoming multi-platform go up some if Sony isn't helping, since the ps4/720 aren't radically different to develop for like the ps3/360 and releasing on both wouldn't be a big problem for SE in terms of cost.

Obviously, till we hear otherwise, however, the game is Sony exclusive, whether it be ps3 or ps4. We'll just have to wait a another couple months. Probably, although they could wait for TGS. Main reason to show it at E3 is if it's coming out for next-gen. It would be a massive game to show off for each consoles official showings.

Zezo1735d ago

Seeing three games of the same sequel FFXIII, they should change this game name's to FF Versus 39 not 13.

iMaim1735d ago

I dunno dude ...
Creating weapons out of thin air, teleporting and killing armored soldiers while looking bored is a game I'd REALLLY wanna play.

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dedicatedtogamers1735d ago

Square Enix isn't going to show FFv13 at E3 this year? I am shocked!

said no one.

nypifisel1731d ago

I'm sure the FFv13 we all saw those years ago is scrapped. SquareEnix will announce FF15 and it will be primarily designed for PS4 (Hence why they scrapped v13), Sony wanted a good launch exclusive for the new console, asked SE, they said OK, scrapped the progress they had done and started from scratch. And there you got the explanation of why this game has been so long in development. Now this is what I think, but I believe it would be kinda plausible.

DragonKnight1735d ago

Yeah, they won't be announcing it at E3 but who cares. They obviously don't care about it.

Klonopin1735d ago

Maybe the reason we haven't heard any announcement is because FF13 was a dud for Square Enix. I'm sure they have other FF games in the pipeline, but not versus 13.

BiggCMan1735d ago

FF13 was a dud for Square?? That is so wrong. Yea it was disappointing to many people, though I personally loved it. But from a sales standpoint, it was a huge seller, and it also received pretty good reviews. So from a Square point of view, it was a big success, from gamers, that is purely opinion.

Myze1735d ago

Whether or not it was considered a failure by players or SE, there is a good chance the announcements just stopped because the game shifted focus to next generation. I would not be surprised in the least if the game is announced as FFXV for the ps4, and they have been working on it as such for the past couple of years.

DragonKnight1735d ago

If FFVersus is now FFXV then it's going multiplat. Of that I can be almost 100% certain.

Knushwood Butt1735d ago

Just a wild guess, but I think there's a chance Microsoft have stolen this to be an exclusive for their new console.

Let's face it, there's been no specific news about this game for months.

Also, what's the easiest way for MS to steal some thunder from SONY? That's right, drop massive cash to steal an exclusive that EVERYBODY thought was going to be on a SONY platform.

At the same time, they can grab the attention of Japanese gamers too as, hey, this is a highly anticipated Final Fantasy.

Just a wild guess. I'm probably wrong, but if I was MS and had the cash...

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MaideninBlack1735d ago

I don't know. I doubt it'll be shown at E3, not when SE has FFXHD, Lightning Returns, KHHD, and FFXIV to show off. Plus the next gen FF too.

I thing TGS is where Versus will be but hopefully SE proves me wrong.

Majin-vegeta1735d ago

More like vice versa FFVSXIII at E3 and the others at TGS.

Capt-FuzzyPants1735d ago

The thing is Versus is probably the next gen FF. At least that's what the rumors and hints point towards.

Snookies121735d ago

Yeah, considering what Wada said a while back (Yeah, I know... It's Wada, but still...) He mentioned that he'd seen a new build of the game that would blow us away. Guessing that's why they haven't shown anything on it recently, because of a next-gen leap or something. Could be wrong, but it seems that way. Now that the PS4 has been confirmed, they can show it off at E3 is what I'm guessing.

Godmars2901735d ago

I doubt that anyone is really expecting anything of real substance from them this E3.

AnotherProGamer1735d ago

Final Fantasy Versus XIII renamed XV and PS4 exclusive revealed at E3 with release date of sometime in 2014

calling it now

NastyLeftHook01735d ago

i hope so. if they dont announce it im done waiting.

SkyCrawler1735d ago

try a release date of 2018

VsAssassin1735d ago

But then, come 2014, they will make another Lightning game for the same year, which would mean this vs13 game will be pushed back to 2015.

colonel1791735d ago

If they don't say anything about Versus XIII at E3, everyone should boo them out of the stage. People need to do something like that, so that Square Enix finally understand that they are screwing with fans. They need to get publicly embarrassed so that they start getting their Sh1t together.

dasbeer881735d ago

If Versus XIII does become Final Fantasy XV,then you can forget about it being a PS4 exclusive.

DarkZane1735d ago

Actually, it's still gonna be an exclusive.

Tales RPG addict1734d ago

SONY is said to be co-Developing "Final Fantasy Versus XIII" aka FFXV is PS4 Exclusive and will be a major seller. Cause of the massive sales Square-Enix will make more Exclusives for PS4 since making games cost PC development and its easier to develop for.

FFXV will be announced as it was FF Versus XIII, and SCE is publishing the game.

Calling it NOW!!!!

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Sharius1735d ago

why would i care

thier game, my money, if they want it they should, if not, well my money go for the other company which willing to offer thier game

after all i just fred up with all of SE promise

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