Gameloft CEO offers insight on iPhone game development

Macworld writes: "The mobile game industry got a shot in the arm last week with Apple's introduction of the iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK). Game developers far and wide are clamoring to make games for the device - everything from classic arcade retreads to totally unique games designed from the ground up for the iPhone's unique interface. Recently mobile game giant Gameloft's president and CEO, Michel Guillemot, offered Macworld some insight about how the iPhone fits into his company's plans going forward.

Macworld (MW): So what do you think of the iPhone SDK? Is it everything that Gameloft hoped for?

Michel Guillemot (MG): The SDK really opens the door to infinite opportunities for developers to create anything and everything they could possibly want, limited only by imagination. From the big developers with ample funds to the smaller home grown developers, Apple has really opened this up to allow anyone with a creative mind to contribute. That sort of open forum really encourages and inspires innovation, so I think you will see some really clever and fresh applications in the second half of the year.

As for the SDK itself, the features were everything we hoped it would be. The emulator allows you to debug quite easily, the performance tuning tools allow you to sharpen the game, the interface builder lets you create interfaces smoothly and the other features such as the touch screen, accelerometer and geolocalisation enables greater richness and creativity for the games."

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jinn3690d ago

i believe that Apple should stay out of the gaming industry