Bully: Scholarship Edition - Xbox World Australia Review

Final Thoughts

Scoring Bully: Scholarship Edition as it was released is a tough call – the game is undeniably buggy as it stands, but the extent of that depends a lot on your hardware and other mysterious variables it would seem. For some, Bully has a few minor glitches and hitches, for others, the game is virtually unplayable and broken. But if you're lucky enough to only get a mild dose of this, Bully's view of the world through a child's eyes will amuse and entertain you for hours.

The gameplay is fantastic fun and ever-changing, the visuals are much improved over the PS2, and the new content adds a lot to the experience. The dialogue and voice-acting are hilarious, the characters are perfect, and it all comes together to make Bully one of the most enjoyable adventures on the Xbox 360 today.


+ captures the school experience perfectly
+ looks and sounds fantastic
+ 20 or more hours of hilarious high-school hijinks


- bugs, glitches and crashes that shouldn't have passed QA
- framerate can be a little inconsistent
- pop-in is a problem

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