Exclusive Early Reviews of Video Games, A Good Thing or a Bad Thing?

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KrisButtar1856d ago

Would you trust exclusive early reviews? nope never have and never will, I like to go to forums and a lot of game sites, and if there is a demo check that out. Then when that is all said in and done, I way in on all the pros and cons and decide from there.

Yi-Long1856d ago

... even IF the reviews ARE honest and sincere, I feel that often you can't judge a game while rushing through it in order to get a quick review out of the door.

humbleopinion1856d ago

I tend never to trust them and always wait for more varied opinions to show up, but it's a case-by-case basis: In the Bioshock example they mentioned here, the exclusive IGN review actually scored lower than the average metacritic. And the same happened before with the exclusive Batman AA/AC reviews at gameinformer

ddurand11856d ago

bad. more opinions are the better.

i also believe that integrity could be lost with this model also. if it hasnt already.

sir_fortesque1856d ago

I think most are pretty sceptical about those first reviews, I know I am.


I don't know maybe it is good only one outlet gets to review the game... socialism never failed in my book... Lmao... I'm going to shoot myself now

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