What Happens to PlayStation Plus in the Next Generation?

VG Republic Writes: One of the biggest draws to the PlayStation 3 is all of the content that is provided for a very minimal fee through PlayStation Plus. Sony was praised heavily when it came about back at E3 mid-last year and the masses flocked to claim the content offered, which seems to get better and better each passing month. Both the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Vita, which was later announced as being supported, have seen a slew of titles hit the market and the slogan of the “Instant Game Collection” is as accurate of statement that there could be. The biggest question after the announcement of the coming system, the PlayStation 4, is will there be an announcement at E3 a year later about the support of PlayStation Plus for the next iteration in the franchise’s console offering? Are we going to see the same support right off the bat for the PS4, or will it take time for Sony to back the next system with games that are designed for the PS4 with PlayStation Plus? Lets take a look at what options that Sony has and what we, as gamers, might be in-store for.

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NastyLeftHook01863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

that is something i have to renew, i want to try out all Of the next gen projects and im sure they will have some goodies in for ps+ owners come launch.

xxLuckyStrike1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

Sony has scrapped most of PS identity for PS4 and have taken a more MS Xbox 360 like approach. The only thing remotely familiar is the DS4. New hardware, Aggressive marketing, No more XMB, No more cell. Sony done caved in to MS strategy. So I imagine the PSN/+ will be overhauled as well. The only question is what Sony services they will charge for. Gaikai wont be free. But whatever it is you're sure to get equal value in return, Something MS needs to work on

coolasj1863d ago

What are you talking about? It's a new console. There's going to always be these things such as,
New Hardware.
Aggressive marketing.
New UI.
The controller is new too.

It's the PS4, not PS3.5.

sengoku1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

you can bet your bottom, sony is going to bring psn plus to the next level.
they have been happy with it as well as it's users.
so why would they change that now?

the most basic change would be to just add PS4 contend and keep price and support for all other platforms just the same.
like ps1 and ps2 games get on plus, ps3 will slowly over the next years be less dominant.

they might bring another deluxe version of it with extended warranty some gaikai / netflix support but the basic will probably stay the same

sinncross1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

I think Sony needs to establish that either the current PS+ offering will continue onto the PS4 with Gaikai allowing the playing of the titles offered for PS3, or that PS4 gets its own version of PS+ (which also ties into the PSV). But they need to make this clear.

Either way I am enjoying my PS+ offer. Its been worthwhile.

MaxXAttaxX1862d ago

PS Plus will carry over to the PS4 the same way it did to the PS Vita.

Gimmemorebubblez1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

PSN=Free, digital downloads, photo sharing, video sharing
PsPlus=50$ per year,30% off all digital downloads, Gakai, Free Psone and 2 Classics, PSrewards

How about that?

FamilyGuy1863d ago

30% off all digital downloads wouldn't make sense, maybe 10% off and more on the sony published titles. 30% would cause retail stores to boycott selling PS4 games, consoles and accessories as it would eat into their potential sales drastically.

Gimmemorebubblez1863d ago

So you Don't like generosity???

I'm just joking, you are right.

Jaqen_Hghar1863d ago

This man speaks the truth! A man hopes that PSplus covers everything at it's current rate for PS4 because a man is already subbed till late 2014. A man doesn't see how they could discontinue it now when they've already brought it to Vita so a man believes that it will come in June as an E3 2014 announcement to PS4.

LOGICWINS1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

Sony could be slick and grandfather all current PS Plus subscribers, guaranteeing that they will be locked into the $50 PS Plus plan for as long as they subscribe.

For NEW PS Plus members, Sony would only offer one $99 tier that offers freebies for the PS3, Vita, AND the PS4(along with Gaikai). This would make current PS3 owners want to hold on to their PS3 instead of trading it in. In this case, to get the BEST value out of Plus, ud have to own all three consoles simultaneously.

MikeMyers1863d ago

This is actually quite a concern of mine. How is Sony going to transfer over to the new generation? I am a Plus member and if my subscriptions runs past the PS4 release date what happens with my PSN ID if I want to set it up on my new system? Will Sony allow both the PS3 and PS4 to be linked together on my one account? Will my Plus subscription carry over to the PS4? Will all of my Trophies and store bought items carry over to the PS4?

It's becoming a larger issue now than when Sony dropped BC on the PS3. That is because our usernames now have a history that many of us will want to carry over into the new generation. So it will be interesting how well Sony implements all of that.

grailly1862d ago

I was wondering about this, I have the impression that with the added gaikai PS+ will have to be more expensive and I was wondering how they would do it. hopefully, they'll do it your way. I don't think they wan't to be not having all that revenue though, I think they'll just tier it, and have a ps++, maybe transforming all the current subscriptions into ps++ until they run out.

LOGICWINS1862d ago

YUP, I'll GLADLY pay $99 a year, but I doubt we'll see any PS4 games offered for at least a year. People won't buy Watch Dogs outright if they knew they could just get it through their PS++ sub. I'm curious to see how they'll justify the extra $50.

MasterCornholio1863d ago


A netlflix like streaming service of PSone, PS2 and PS3 titles via Gaikai.

One could dream but with my 100MB internet connection im dying for something like this to happen.

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