PALGN: XBLA Rez HD Review - It will Rez-onate with you for a while

PALGN writes: "Not every game released can appeal to everyone, even though ideally, developers want as many people as possible to play. It is this argument that is used to distinguish between games as entertainment and games as works of art. Unfortunately, most games that are often released to the clamour of 'a work of art' end up with disastrous sales and we're left to with more of WWII shooter number 89. Upon it's initial release in 2002, the Mizuguchi classic Rez, fell into this category. Six years later, Rez HD gets a release on the Xbox Live Arcade.

Rez doesn't have a story that is made very apparent to you, well, not until quite late in the game does it become very obvious. You're essentially playing a hacker that has infiltrated a virus-infected computer system. You can read up on it separately, but it's very much in the background when you're playing. Taking a physical form within the system, you're placed on rails and you shoot down the viral units as they come. The game is divided into five levels, and each level is divided into ten areas. To get to the next area, you need to shoot down a hovering blue unit. There are only ten blue access units in a level, so missing one will drop your 'analyzation' score.

The actual gameplay is very similar to the classic shooter series, Panzer Dragoon. Given that the title was originally produced at Sega, the connection becomes clear. To an extent, this makes the gameplay seem quite simple. Since you're on rails, all you really need to do it move the on-screen cursor to shoot at incoming enemies. By holding down A, a shot will lock onto the enemy and you can have up to eight locked on at once. Enemies can hurt you, and you've only got a limited amount of 'lives', so the action can get very hectic."

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