Video games as a threat to society

A few years ago Jason Hill from The Age was compelled to write a piece for the opinion pages of The Age after a freelance writer (who specialises in "those were the days" nostalgia trips) accused video games of stealing childhood, promoting isolation and addiction, and robbing money from the poor old Lego corporation.

Jason's rant got a healthy trim when published, but he liked his opening line: "The generation gap reliably produces criticism based on ignorance and the shock of the new".

It's been true for all new media: films, television, comics and rock n' roll were all widely condemned last century, and now video games are a popular target.

Melbourne-based professional games designer Thuyen Nguyen, creator of a popular "love letter to video games" last year, has just released a new machinima exploring these issues.

Click below for a chat with Thuyen and to watch his other video.

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