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"With the official unveiling of The Evil Within | Psycho Break, has been overhauled to reflect the titles general direction. Now titled, the website boasts the most comprehensive collection of information available and will continue to do so in the fastest manner possible.

Available now are elements from the games official story line, in depth details in regards to gameplay and a bevy of media including a live action trailer and in-game screenshots. In addition, all conceptual art in regards to the legacy product is still available."

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Gimmemorebubblez1982d ago

Im scared to go into the site because of the evil within.

zerocrossing1982d ago

I see what you did there :D

Krosis1982d ago

If this game is as good as the first Resident Evil we are in for a treat!

jc485731982d ago

no no no no, we can forget about "Resident" Evil. It's all about The Evil "Within"

Krosis1982d ago

lol Yes...let us all forget about the latest Resident Evil =P

Ragthorn1982d ago

I've always wanted to play Resident Evil, but never got the chance to pick one up. I'm hoping Shinji Mikami can make this one of the best survival-horror games, because I've heard of the success he has had with with Resident Evil 1-4.

Mr-SellJack1982d ago

Japanese Devs All the way