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Submitted by elnacho 1022d ago | news

The cold truth: PS Vita sold less in one year than the PSP in 1 month

the Vita has sold about 1 million units in the US since its launch a bit more than 1 year ago. The original PSP had sold 1.12 million units in the US in the month of December 2005 alone.

Wii U's sales are also disappointing (Industry, PS Vita, PSP, Wii U)

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Donnieboi  +   1023d ago
Could a price drop, combined with PS4 functionality and the drastic reduction in memory card cost help turn things around? I hope so. So far, i'm happy with my Vita, as PS Plus has been good to Vita owners.
Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   1023d ago
Its such a shame because its an amazing handheld , the best ever imo it has custom music every game, party chat , trophies and decent browser and big clear screen, it just has so much potential for good long single player games and rpgs ect
tubers  +   1022d ago

Potential = insanely high
Implementation = sub par

Hopefully KZM turns quite a few heads. Then there's still E3 around the corner (I'm kinda getting tired of saying E3.. E3..).
ToZanarkand86  +   1022d ago
It doesn't support custom soundtracks in every game unfortunately...
Dead or Alive 5 Plus, WRC3 and Persona 4 don't support custom soundtracks...
Axe99  +   1022d ago
@ tubers

I have to disagree there - Uncharted and Gravity Rush were two of my favourite games last year, and they were up against a bunch of PC and PS3 releases. The Vita is, imo, the best handheld gaming device yet made, with a great range of games (it's limited compared with the PSP, PS3 or 360 of course, but that's what you get).

The big issue is that developer support dropped off heavily after launch, but Sony have been drumming up indie and other dev support to turn this around, and we're starting to see the fruits of this. Given the thing's barely a year old outside of Japan, it's doing very well as an entertainment unit - it's just consumers aren't biting. No idea why, everyone I know who's actually handled one, loves it - indeed, I'd wager a lot of the sales at the moment are positive word-of-mouth over the top of rubbish reporting on the internet.
ThanatosDMC  +   1022d ago
Soul Sacrifice demo makes me buying a Vita day 1 worth it. Cant wait for the actual game release.

Sucks that some video files cannot be played on the Vita anymore after some updates. My xvid collection got screwed.
kreate  +   1022d ago

'Sucks that some video files cannot be played on the Vita anymore after some updates. My xvid collection got screwed,

Wtf? o_O;
that sucks
Yi-Long  +   1022d ago
Oh, no-one is saying it isn't a great machine....
... it's got dual analogue sticks, OLED screen, pretty powerful specs, etc etc.

It's even got a bunch of very good games which should be worth playing.

The problem ofcourse is the stuff it does WRONG, like the memory-cards issue, where you're forced to buy/use expensive memory-cards which can only be used for the PS Vita.

Implementing touch-controls where they aren't needed or wanted.

Ports of console-games COULD be great, but they do need to be WORTHY ports. I would have LOVED to have played a great looking new version of Ninja Gaiden Black, but the PS Vita port was pretty mediocre, possibly the worst version of Ninja Gaiden 1 to date, and it was missing the option for the original voices, which automatically means it's a big no-no for me. No buy!

Same goes for other great games that get released with a dub-only. One of the reasons people like/love Sony, is because they stil bring out typical Japanese games. Persona 4 and Disgaea are good examples. But while Disgaea does offer the option for the original voices, Persona 4 sadly doesn't.

I might have already bought a PS Vita if they had gotten Persona 4 and Ninja Gaiden Sigma Vita right by including the option for the original voices, but sadly they didn't bother...

... so why should I...!?

Also, one of the major reasons why the PSP sold very well, is that people could 'mod' it. That just skyrocketed the hardware-sales, cause suddenly a much larger crowd was interested.

Regardless of the question if that was good or bad for 'the industry' or the PSP, the fact is that it DID help sell a whole lot more PSP's than they otherwise would have sold!
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Insomnia_84  +   1022d ago
I wish there was a game like Demon's Souls on the Vita.
delboy  +   1022d ago
Wow, I never knew Vita is such a fail. /s
I mean, look at those graphics, dual analog, great screen ect.
Look at all those games; Uncharted, KillZone, LBP,it's hard core pure, why people don't buy it?
Must be because of smartphones and tables. /s

Deamon Soul's can't save the Vita, there's no game that could save the Vita, not even Jesus himself could save it.
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mamotte  +   1022d ago
The real problem is Sony trying to sell it as a "portable PS3", and then trying to get a version of every popular and selling into it.

They need to get the poor console over the shadow of the PS3, give it REALLY exclusive games, using all the unique potential of the Vita.

To make it short, it needs more games like Gravity Rush and Little Deviants.
freezola75  +   1022d ago
Homer concurs good sir...

Related video
booni3  +   1022d ago
Unfortunately, it doesn't support custom soundtracks in every game. I agree with almost everything else you said though.
nix  +   1022d ago
i want to play every PS3 game on vita. it's like that great.
Satirical  +   1022d ago
It's good tech for sure, but the game line-up is sub-par.

I think the biggest problem is that most people own a PS3 already and Sony has kind of advertised the Vita as a portable console that can closely emulate a console experience. But like I said, most people have the PS3 for that.
Sithlord-Gamble  +   1022d ago
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Kevin ButIer  +   1022d ago
I wonder why this handheld is struggling at sales? Is it a price matter, no enough games, faulty mkt campaign... I just don't see any compelling argument.
Dee_91  +   1022d ago
I dont think you get the concept of sarcasm.I take that back, its obvious you dont

Theres a number of reasons PSP sale/ sold better than PS Vita. For 1 price & the economy, and 2nd the date of release.Back in 05 the buzz around next gen (current gen ) anything was much greater than it is now (graphical and technical leaps from last gen to current is larger than the leap from now to next gen). So if the technical leaps from ps3 to psv was as great as it was from ps2 to psp, then chances are it wouldve sold "better".
bullymangLer  +   1023d ago
nnyeahh i dont know . .the prob is the joysticks of malplacement and design of the vita
MasterCornholio  +   1022d ago

That problem is with the 3DS and not the Vita. Theres nothing wrong with the Vitas controls but on the other hand the 3DSs lack of a second circle pad hurts it.

And even Nintendo admits this fault by creating the CPP (circle pad pro) accessory for it.



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CaptainN  +   1022d ago
Master...first off the Circle Pad Pro came out before the Vita even launched, so even though it was an add on, technically the 3DS was the first portable to have dual joystick set up with that addition.

Next,I honestly don't see it being major problem for the 3DS considering hardly any games even utilize the second stick option, yet the system sells like crack, and the 3rd party support is all over the place.So obviously the lack of a built in second joystick means nothing to the consumers as well as the developers.

So while I'm sure it would have been nice to have it built into the system, it didn't cause a lack of games to be developed. And lets be honest,we all know the next portable after 3DS that Nintendo makes in a few years will have it.

And when that happens you know damn well Nintendo will market that little addition and everyone will go out and buy the new portable.What can Sony do on their next portable besides improve graphics again....exactly!
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PeaSFor  +   1022d ago
yet the justin bieber sells "music" like crack, but is it good?

sales dont represent quality.

if something is popular, it doesnt mean its automatically good.

btw, the CPP is a nice way to say "we fucked up with the original design of the 3ds, here's something half-assed to ghetto fix our mistake"
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dcbronco  +   1022d ago
The DS outsells the Vita because of it's legacy. It's a machine that has mass appeal. When the DS first launched and had games like Brain Training and Sudoku non-gamer adults started buying tons of them to use on mass transit. Now brand recognition still gets some of those sales and mainstream is a huge market. Gamers may hate to hear it but going mainstream equals survival as prices increase. As we move past PS3 power in a handheld we move toward multi-million dollar budgets. You need all of the sales you can get then.
CaptainN  +   1022d ago
@ Peasfor so you said "yet the justin bieber sells "music" like crack, but is it good? sales dont represent quality. if something is popular, it doesnt mean its automatically good."

Well first off to all those millions of girls who buy JB cd's yea the music is good, that's a matter of opinion and taste. Maybe to someone like you or me its not good.....but that's out personal opinion and that is not a fact!

Next with the sales argument...when something sells alot, that pretty much means its a good product so I don't know how anyone can dispute a sales correlation with a good product. Again your using your opinion in saying people buy "bad" products because everyone else is. Over time people ran out and bought things because they were products that they enjoyed, therefor they were good (Cabbage Patch Dolls, Tickle Me Elmo,Tamogotchi, Gameboy, PS2, Wii, Iphones etc) all sold well because they were good products that people wanted and they provided enjoyment and fulfilled a need.

As for the additional Circle Pad Pro being a scapegoat for a mistake....if that was the case wouldn't Nintendo be supporting it with all their future software? Wouldn't they be selling it in all retail stores(Only Gamestop and NOA website sell it) and wouldn't the 3DSXL have had it built in to rectify this mistake? And why wouldn't they just include it in the box to "fix" this mistake with all future 3DS sales?

Come on, if your going to be a blind to the obvious, then there is no point in even trying to justify how the 3DS messed up but the Vita has not. At the end of the day, like it or not, its all about sales as that's what these companies are looking for. They make these products to make a profit. Nintendo is dominating and Sony isn't and that's a fact!

And btw, how's that dual analog setup working out for the Vita? Oh that's right, there needs to be software that actually gets put on the system and uses it.....sorry the software is in another castle!
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Sithlord-Gamble  +   1022d ago
CaptainN ... you come across as the biggest Ninbot ever.

The DS/3DS sells bc KIDS play it. Kids don't care about the 2nd analog stick. They don't care about any of the crap that gamers care about ... bc they're KIDS.

I would never game on a 3ds personally or a Wii or any of it. Its not for me. BUT guess what my go to console/handheld is when it comes to buying for my children ... you guessed it ... bc its for KIDS & the games are kid friendly.

Nintendo is synonymous with Family Friendly ... THATS why it sells.

So get off your high horse & pull your head out of your @$$. All of your rebuttals were some of the dumbest reasons I've ever read.
Stop hyping the 3ds like its some technological marvel ... bc its not.

All it is, is a quality handheld that has an automatic user base ... KIDS.
There's plenty of em around ... and new customers are born every minute around the world. Children are built in income when it comes to toys which is all it is.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   1023d ago
I personally dont see how remote play makes me ppl want to buy a vita.
nukeitall  +   1022d ago

The platform is another dead in the water, similar to PSP Go. I remember the hailing of the second coming of Christ named PS Vita at E3, then subsequently in the news at the great price point.

The supposed 3DS "was" going to get destroyed by the almighty Sony. Turns out, it couldn't have been further from the truth as Sony consistently has poor management.

Reality beats fanboy imagination again!

That is why I wonder about the PS4? Similar situation at least right now....

Sounds great, but execution beats imagination.
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animegamingnerd  +   1022d ago
yeah the things like cross buy and remote play aren't a system seller for me exclusives are and right now there really isn't any vita exclusives i am interested in
JayD-1K  +   1022d ago
@ nuke,
the only thing that saved the 3ds was the price cut! Nintendo knew the couldn't compete with the Vita spec wise so, the droped the price. that got everybody thinking that, Sony should have droped the price of theVita too! and when they didn't, the first thing peple started saying was, it was too expensive.
now don't get me wrong, i still think the memory cards are out dof wack when it comes to price but, until some of brwnd can make them for cheap, this is what we got.
Mustang300C2012  +   1022d ago
Pretty ignorant comment to think JUST a price drop has saved the 3DS. He'll the price drop for the Vita in Japan only helped for so long. Now it is back to selling at pre price cut levels.
wishingW3L  +   1022d ago
let's be real @Mustang300C2012 , 3DS was dead and it was revived with the price cut. The system went from $250 to $160 in less than a year!
kayoss  +   1022d ago
The problem with vita is price, regardless of what you think and feel about the vita it's a powerful machine and worth the cost. But one major flaw, a handheld should not cost more or the same as a ps3 console. You have both costing $199 which would people pick? Of course the ps3, it's worth the money, large game library, bluray, etc...
A few other problem is Sony releasing major vita games on the same time frame as other blockbuster console games. Most of these awesome games had no chance against console releases. Sony need to strategize the vita game releases so that it has a chance.
Memory card is a major problem, cost is killing it.
Other then these major issue I think the vita can do very well if the problems are fixed. I have not heard a vita owner complained about the quality if the vita.
Dan_scruggs  +   1022d ago
Yeah its nonsense.
Here is the comparison.

WiiU Delux edition - Off screen play with packed in game is 370.00. Where it currently stands on Amazon right now.

OK so to match that with Sony products you need this.

Playstation Vita - 250.00
Vita Memory card - 100.00
Playstation 4 - Expected to be 350.00 to 400.00
Average Vita game is 40.00
Average PS games is 60.00

It's simple math.
BattleAxe  +   1022d ago
I'm waiting for Killzone: Mercenaries like alot of people, but I'm also interested to see if they provide an upgraded model with HDMI out. Lowering the price of the memory would help too.
user7693958  +   1022d ago
I love KZ but there is not a big market for the PSP..
Sony should quite and stick to consoles and cellphones ..
maybe make a special version of their phone mix with PSP alike capabilities once in a while to be used as a extra controller anywhere at any time.

today handle market are for kids and some teenagers plus Japon..
It need to be cheap in price ($199 max) games need to cost no more than $30 for new games at max and they need to make games for kids, teens and jrpg ...
Nintendo understand this and is doing well.
abc1233  +   1022d ago
It probably will, we've seen how a simple price drop changed things in Japan. Sony are already heading in the right direction with PS+ for the Vita and with the PS4 launch I'd be surprised if sales don't pick up. Naturally some more exclusives should help a great deal too.
torchic  +   1022d ago
people need to get this notion that PS4 connectivity will somehow lead to more Vita sales

people who want a PS4 will go to the shop and buy a PS4 and that's it. it will most like cost around €400-€450 and then to add another €250 to that is just not feesible for most people, even if it's a year or two down the line.

a price drop and more games will definitely help but PS4 connectivity is not the answer.
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dedicatedtogamers  +   1022d ago
Platforms these days are simply too big to fail. Sony cannot afford for the Vita to NOT sell decently. You think it's in Sony's best interest to let the Vita die?

Of the games that are already announced, I know I'm getting Soul Sacrifice, Muramasa Reboot, Tearaway, Killzone, Dragon's Crown, and Toukiden (if it comes West). And this is BEFORE E3, which will surely bring more games to the table.
Conzul  +   1022d ago
Vita is undeniably a good piece of hardware, but it left a sour taste in my mouth. I BOUGHT it because cross play was advertised as a feature, and WORKS FINE when the PS3 had CFW. The capability is THERE, but NOOOOOO, Sony goes and does what they do 2nd best, and removes features right at or around launch. %@#$@#%!!

A better camera and a meatier battery wouldn't have hurt either. If Sony made a Vita MKII with fixes like that and 4G and stuff, THEN it'll take off. (with some new US marketing)
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dedicatedtogamers  +   1022d ago

Your complaint about cross-play is legit. It's actually why I'm hesitant to jump on the PS4's cross-play hype. Cross-play was originally advertised for the PSP, if you can believe it! And then it was promised again for Vita, and now Sony promises to "finally get it right" for PS4? I'll believe it when I see it.
SilentNegotiator  +   1022d ago
Plain and simple, Sony f***ed up.

They aimed too high with power (making it too expensive), they didn't do any sort of monitoring/monetary encouraging of its initial software allowing garbage like COD: Declassified (which otherwise would have been a major seller), they didn't make it incredibly portable, their marketing of it has been very weak, etc, etc, etc.

Vita could have been popular, but they handled it completely wrong. I can't believe the way that the 8th generation is stumbling in like a drunk with only 3DS selling (and only because of a MASSIVE price drop). How did Sony and Nintendo manage to forget/ignore basic principles of making successful game hardware?
GraveLord  +   1022d ago
Memory cost isn't the problem. Cost-of-entry is much more important. A simple price drop will do great things for the system but it needs to be paired with high-profile game releases. Preferable one with a hardware bundle.
Knight_Crawler  +   1022d ago
I read some comments on here and funny how no one has mentioned the real reason why the PSP 1 sold so great...homebrew PSP and free games is the number one reason why alot of people bought the PSP 1.

Until someone jailbreaks the VITA sales will not take off like the did with the PSP.
Murad  +   1022d ago
I would buy a vita, but to be honest, I'm still not done with my PSP games, or even my 3DS titles; so, I mean, it feels as if Sony launched it on the wrong time in all honesty, rather than anything else.
darthawesome90  +   1022d ago
The real problem is there is not a continuous flow of good games. There are a few good ones but most tend to be re-releases or too similar to console titles. The problem is that there are not really any AAA "only on the Vita" games worth while. People not really going to spend $250 to solely play games that are nearly identical to their console counterparts.

Gamers keep complaining of a lack of creativeness this gen has brought around and constant pushing of sequel after sequel (COD anyone?) and not coming out with anything new.

I am not trying to say don't release COD, Uncharted, Killzone, etc. on the Vita. What I am trying to say is I see these games and I find myself feeling like "ehh I already played it, pass" (called game fatigue). Does anyone remember when the 1st Mass Effect came out? Crysis 1, Halo 1, KOTOR, Jade Empire, Golden sun 1? All these games had one thing in common. They all brought new experiences that made people buy the new console/PC/handheld just for that new experience.

Sony come out with new creative games and keep them flowing = success.
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Dj7FairyTail  +   1022d ago
not gonna help.
PS3 was bundled with Vita nd all that other stuff still didn't help.

Cross-Buy is not helping either.
Majin-vegeta  +   1023d ago
Just thought i put this out there.Best buy has the 16gb memory card for $ if u need space now is the time to buy.
sashimi  +   1022d ago
Whoa thanks for the tip, been wanting a larger memory card than 4gb.
EDIT:ugh no shipping and no stores around me that i can pick it up, another useless bb deal for me X_X
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profgerbik  +   1022d ago
Target price matches. You need to learn to be more Savy.. and if you don't have a Target then think of something else that might do the same like possibly Walmart.
Prophet-Gamer  +   1022d ago

Doesn't Target only price match if the competitor has it in stock?
whoyouwit04  +   1023d ago | Well said
Dam, and people say this handheld isn't dead on arrival. you know I do like the vita, and really think it's a shame it's not being appreciated for what it is. However, this just goes to show you Sony fan boys that power doesn't equal success.
I know a lot of you automatically think Sony wins next gen because rumors says PS4 is stronger then 720. well, history says hello.
sherimae2413  +   1023d ago | Well said
do you even know what youre talking about?
yeah history says hello!

do you even remember about the ps3? about its early years
im sure you knew, its now ahead of your favourite 360
no games? it has now tons of it and will be continue to supported even the ps4 is out

and the psp, a system they said that is already dead since 2009 but look at it, it keeps on selling and still has games coming for it,
(brs this month)

and now vita.... you guys have never learned, patience is virtue
we all know sony systems since the ps3, always had a slow start but will continue to keep on going for a long time,
the ps2 just only retired recently, that is an example of long term profitabilty which other companies do not have

can you explain what happened to xbox when the 360 came out
or the ds when 3ds came out? and the wii when the wii u came out?
whoyouwit04  +   1023d ago
The fact that I would have to explain my comment to you shows you don't know your gaming history.
How many time in gaming history has the most powerful console won it's generation? and that was the point of my statement.

"do you even remember about the ps3? about its early years im sure you knew, its now ahead of your favourite 360". I will believe that when I hear it from Sony them selves. Give me proof where they said it and I will shut up about it, Until then it's just wishful thinking on from you Sony fans.
stage88  +   1022d ago

Well said!


You're an idiot, learn your history, we're not going to do the work for you.
joeorc  +   1022d ago
i would say do not even bother talking some common sense into people. The memory card's in the first place would not be that high or made unique to Sony's system with no easy card reader if what happened to the 1st PSP with software sales and than software support drying up. Because of Hacking and UMD dumps!

funny how this STORY was posted from a HACKER'S WEB SITE!

but..but Nintendo's , yes Nintendo's Handhelds get pirated software quite a bit more than Sony's but here is the thing.

Sony's software is not seen as more viable in the handheld market as Nintendo's. and software sales are what matter's. to 3rd party developer's when the 3rd party developer's software get's umd dumped , when its more pirate copy's in people's hand's than there is really sold copy's asking for yet another project to be made and asking venture capitalist to pony up yet more money for your software to be sold but get pirated quick. what do you think the answer will be?

yet here we are low sales but still the PSVita is going to keep getting software support, its not about how many they can sale vs what Nintendo is doing right now, because really Sony is the only real dedicated Game console portable to even give Nintendo a run for this market. Hey how many do people think will the WikiPad sell. or how about the Nvidia shield?

Tell you what, do you really think Sony is that choked up about a market for mobile gameing when they sale over 10 million xperia smartphone's a sales quarter, with playstation Mobile?

the PSVita is a choice for gamer;'s to have than just Nintendo alone in the dedicated mobile game handheld space, where's Microsoft's dedicated portable?
#3.1.3 (Edited 1022d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(5) | Report
Y_5150  +   1022d ago
Yeah I remember what happened to the DS when the 3DS came out. It was getting way more support than the 3DS. It had a Pokemon game released for it!

You got everything right until you said that buddy. :P
sherimae2413  +   1022d ago
no, my point is like you said in the 1st place, or a lot of people says that vita is dead on arrival? seriously?!

and you know that sony systems have a longer lifespan than any other system they still support their older system even when the successor is out,
still your not answering my question and keep avoiding it, what happened to the xbox when the 360 came out? same goes for the ds and wii when their successors came out?
i think you know the answer......

and about the ps3 surpassing the 360, do you really visits various gaming sites, you should already know the answer to that question.
and when the next xbox came, i wonder what will happen to the 360
hope they still support it, no?

@good_guy_ jamal below...

not only your brain is like a coconut... you even rarely use it
did you even get what i have said, not even in the slightest?

smartphones will never outperform dedicated gaming handhelds
smartphones are for casuals, if you are gamer and looking for quality games and you chose smartphone over 3ds/vita then you are nuts

but still like many other says smartphones is really competing against handhelds in mobile gaming, 2006 is different than 2013 in terms of mobile gaminv even the 1st iphone is not that competent at that time

i think you know how many psp and ds have been sold until now right
even the 3ds is struggling in its 1st year and only until now before it finally recovered the vita and the wii u is also in that stage, add the bias media and you will get a doom and gloom articles
like many of us said, just give these systems their time

sorry for being rude jamal, i just have... ^_^
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NastyLeftHook0  +   1022d ago
history says ps3 sold more than 360 bud.
lizard81288  +   1022d ago
And the Wii sold more than the PS3 and 360, but the Wii is FAR from powerful. Quite weak and pathetic if you ask me, but it sold like hotcakes.
lizard81288  +   1022d ago

It does seem the most powerful console doesn't always win. Granted, when this video was posted here on N4G, people said it was wrong because of Sony.
Mookie  +   1023d ago
4G vita lannounced at e3
Watch lol
tubers  +   1022d ago
4Get it.
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   1023d ago
"Vita has sold about 33’000 units last month in the US, as reported by ArsTechnica. By comparison, the 3DS reportedly sold about 7 times this amount." O__o !! I have no words. Vita getting a beating by the 3DS.
It's said the Wii U is selling similarly to the 360 and PS3 during their respective release months so I don't see why people are dogging it.

What has changed? Why is the Vita doing so horribly compared to the PSP?
#5 (Edited 1023d ago ) | Agree(18) | Disagree(33) | Report | Reply
sherimae2413  +   1023d ago
you know jamal your head is like a coconut....
when you open it... its empty just only its juices leaking out....

when the psp and ds came out, they are the only handhelds competing at each other. they are advance at that time
no iphones no tablets no smartphones or any other sleek mobile gadgets you see today

at that time, when people saw the psp for the 1st time, they are wowed by it, you can even research from various sites if you want to... about their impressions in the psp at that time

the ps vita is in a different situation today, not only it has a lot of competitions (3ds, tablets, smartphones etc.) but it also had its own issues like the price of the memory cards and some people waiting for price drop just to grab a vita....

but i do think this issues will be solve this year, sony knows what to do in regards to ps vita, all we can do is wait and be patient ^_^
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   1023d ago
Firstly, why would I want to split open my head? Secondly, the brain is 70% water so yeah okay.
Lastly, only liquids leak out of something so I'd imagine that only the juices would leak out.
Lastly, weren't people laughing when analysts suggested smartphones would pose a threat to handheld consoles? Also, didn't the iPhone launch during the PSP's era? 3DS has sold over 20 million units in this same harsh environment.
R00bot  +   1022d ago
Well, the 3DS is doing just fine despite the competition from non-gaming companies, it was even going better than the DS at one point!
M-M  +   1022d ago
"you know jamal your head is like a coconut....
when you open it... its empty just only its juices leaking out.... "

BosSSyndrome  +   1022d ago
Dude, the iPhone came out only 2 years after psp. The 3ds manages to have sold 20 million in counting in spite of the tablets and smartphones of today. The market is not the only factor here. Vita is too expensive, memory is too expensive, few games, and barely small enough to even be classified as a handheld.
WalterWJR  +   1022d ago
You had me laughing and got my agree when you said jamals head is like a coconut, jamals trolls all things Playstation.
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   1022d ago
Reality is, Vita is doing bad due to a lack of software support and a high price point. Anyone who says otherwise probably owns a Vita and is trying to justify a bad purchase.
FamilyGuy  +   1022d ago
Psp launched a year before the PS3, the PS3 launched with the iphone, the Iphone didn't have a substantial gaming and app store at launch, it built up over time.

The Iphone was no threat to the psp when the psp launched.

All that is somewhat pointless though seeing as the 3DS is doing just fine in this market. The main thing holding the Vita back is its price during these hard (compared to 2004) economic times, point blank, period.
profgerbik  +   1022d ago
That is a complete load. Times may indeed be hard for some but it doesn't stop the majority of society spending money stupidly like they always have as history constantly repeats itself.

You can't say people are hurting that badly when I see 6 year old's with iPad's and iPhone 5's that their parents bought for them.. You can't tell me parents can't afford a $250 dollar gaming system but can afford $600-$700 phones and tablets with expensive monthly plans attached to them for their kids..

That is just ridiculous and it isn't even kids, most teens and even adults who can't even afford their own rent living on their own will have a fucking iPhone 5 before they pay their damn rent. I don't know how many of my stupid ass friends that are always talking about how broke they are but then have every god damn Apple device there is.. You are broke as shit but then you are spending all your money just to be trendy?

Anyway point being having a empty bank account isn't stopping idiots from spending their money frivolously. You and everyone else complaining about the Vita's price are seriously just making up excuses for yourself.

On top of all the opportunities there have been to get them on sale in the US. You can still find bundles that are price cut.. it is just a big steaming load people are acting like it has been so difficult.

You want to complain about the memory card prices, that I can understand but the Vita itself is literally worth every penny. I don't regret spending what I did at all on it, the best real portable gaming device in the world currently not something that just plays Android games..

No one complains how the 3DS XL goes for $200 when hardware wise it doesn't even compare to the PS Vita or isn't even a big jump from the 3DS or DS even, so for the extra $50 bucks you sure are getting a crap load more in the Vita.

How fair is that also when the 3DS has another version? The PS Vita is currently on its first and only version, there hasn't been a revision to say oh the old Vita is cheaper.. like everyone is with the 3DS. Of course the 3DS is cheaper, when the 3DS XL is out and of course the PS Vita will be way cheaper, when a new revision comes out also.

The new Animal Crossing bundle is $219, you can find PS Vita bundle with a game and memory card in that same price range. At that point it is all preference in games, has nothing to do with the PS Vita needing a price cut..

I am not saying a price cut won't help a little but using it as a point against the PS Vita, it has been over used.. They cut the price in Japan sure it did well at first but it really didn't do much.

I don't agree that iOS and Android games are competing with consoles or handhelds but I do think the number of choices people have on what they will spend on does effect them. There is a lot of fancy stuff these days before the most fancy things you knew of were a PC and gaming system really in terms of all that.

Sadly not everyone can afford it all, so some even though they may want a gaming system might just have to choose between that or a phone simply because of how expensive things are now. I don't think it is more of a broke problem just more the fact people have to really prioritize what is more important for them to have at the time.
#5.2.1 (Edited 1022d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(13) | Report
hduce  +   1022d ago
Not just price. How about lack of games.
FamilyGuy  +   1022d ago
Those phones come with service plans that can lower their cost to around $1, the ps vita has no such contract or plan. People would rather pay a $80 monthly phone bill than the pay $300 out the door for a vita. It's much easier to afford.
#5.2.3 (Edited 1022d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report
CBaoth  +   1022d ago
actually the brain is about 80% fat
with the rest being water and dense packets of neurons.

But if your brain is 70% water that would explain a good number of your posts!
Ducky  +   1022d ago
Who on Earth told you the brain is 80% fat?

Not only is that completely ridiculous, it's completely wrong as well.
BosSSyndrome  +   1022d ago
The brain is 80% WATER.
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   1022d ago
Ha ha ha ha ha! I don't know what kinda twinkies you've been eating, but if they've turned your brain into 80% fat then you need to lay off them for a decade or four.
Let me lay some interwebs info on your obese brain

I know it seems like alot to read, but your chubby brain obviously needs the exercise.
#5.3.3 (Edited 1022d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(5) | Report
BlaqMagiq24  +   1022d ago
No offense dude but you need to go back to grade school if you think the brain is 80% fat.
CBaoth  +   1022d ago
my bad I was wrong about the percentage
It's closer to 60%. The human brain is the fattiest organ in the human body. I give you credit for the water percentage. It's a primary component of the brain. But fatty tissue is the best conductor of synaptic functions so I'd rather have a head full of fat than a balloon full water of water!
#5.3.5 (Edited 1022d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
lilbroRx  +   1022d ago
Wow, this is actually a sound, non-trolling analysis, but people are insulting you and labeling you as a troll for stating it. Its not even really negative. Its just calling a spade a spade.

I see someone insult the 3DS for not having a second circle pad and put it down in front of Vita. Agrees and bubble ups out that rear. You simply compare the Vita to the PSP(which is actually on topic unlike the other one) and they personally attack you without a mod anywhere in sight.

The Sony fanaticism on this site is disturbing....
xYLeinen  +   1022d ago
Do people want a handheld gaming console now a days tho? We are currently overwhelmed with tablets, and smart phones. Gaming consoles are cheaper than ever..
Magnus  +   1022d ago
I'd rather play a handheld than play on a phone or a tablet. I would be pissed if my game got interupted by a phone call and I don't want to tap a screen. But thats just me I think cellphone games are nothing more but a time killer something to kill the time while sitting in a doctors lobby to see a doctor.
animegamingnerd  +   1022d ago
honestly a lot of the times i enjoy playing my 3DS, DS, gameboy advance, and PSP more then any of my consoles
xYLeinen  +   1022d ago
And that's a good point as well as @Magnus. But I would argue that those two scenarios are by far that representative of a gamer. Of course I mean no personally offense, we're all different, and I think the average gamer wouldn't bother bringing a handheld with him when he got other gadgets etc.
MikeMyers  +   1022d ago
From my own experience, and again this is only me, I prefer my gaming at home on a big screen with surround sound. To me that is heaven. That's the pinnacle of gaming to me. A handheld by comparison is secondary. A device that I can play games in short bursts or if I am away from home and have some time to play a game. This is why tablets and smartphones have eaten into this market. It's just easy to pack around a smartphone and it's always with you when you're not at home. It's far more convenient than packing around a Vita. So unless you're on a trip and want to play good games on something like Vita I just don't see when I would be spending much time on a dedicated handheld. If I am on holidays I'd rather bring a tablet that can do more. Again this is just me.

The reason why handhelds do so well in Japan likely has to do with space savings. In America I imagine most homes have more than 1 TV.

I've said it before but Vita is underperforming. Even Sony acknowledged this. So people can say it was always marketed to the hardcore or just a niche market or whatever damage control they want. That's not true. Sony would love nothing more than to have numbers Nintendo is seeing. I think the PS4 will help the device because it's likely to work much better with it than it does on the PS3. But again how much would I actually use it? Vita itself is a wonderful device but in todays market I don't see much of a need for one. Sony has never really marketed it very well either. It sort of has an identity crisis. Is it a device with unique games with unique experiences or is it like the PSP which is a watered down console experience? Or is it to complement the console and it's strengths are remote play and asymmetrical gameplay like the Wii U? Sony needed a clearer focus on what they are going after. If consumers want a jack of all trades device they will simply just use their smartphone.
#6.3 (Edited 1022d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
lilbroRx  +   1022d ago
Last I checked the 3DS was outpacing the DS(the machine monickered as printing money? Remember?), so I can safely say that people do want "a handheld gaming console" now a days.

The problem must lie somewhere else.
#6.4 (Edited 1022d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
joeorc  +   1022d ago
"Last I checked the 3DS was outpacing the DS(the machine monickered as printing money? Remember?), so I can safely say that people do want "a handheld gaming console" now a days. "

The problem must lie somewhere else.

the majority of Dedicated Mobile game handheld install base want only a Nintendo handheld!

the only other company to make a hand held to even come close to any sizable install base for a dedicated game handheld other than Nintendo is Sony. And right now Nintendo sell 20 million 3DS's a year which is quite sizable, but on the same token it pale's quite a bit to what smartphones and Tablets are selling, sony knows this first hand. Sony sell over 10 million xperia smartphones a sales quarter. and those each has playstation Mobile attached to the software on the smartphones. PSVita also plays Playstation Mobile content. but do you really think Sony is making the PSVITA The Priority over smartphone's now? that answer is No. smartphones is the much larger market. PSVita is the game console market its much smaller market share to go around. basides Nintendo , only Sony has the 2nd largest market share in dedicated portable game console's other than them two they have this part of the market split between them two. so really it's pretty much moot at this point anyway what Sony's sales number's are for the PSVita right now.
andibandit  +   1022d ago
Truth is that if you want to spend 200$ on a gaming machine you'd go for the PS3 rather than then Vita.

If you already have a PS3, You problably have enough games that you cant find time to play them all...are you really gonna fork out 200$ for a Vita and bring a whole bunch of new/ported games into the equation???...i think not.

The Vita's real problem is the timing.
Cam977  +   1022d ago
I just bought Terrotown: Hanut The House from PS Mobile and despite being short, I'm satisfied! Great buy, I'd recommend it!
Jadedz  +   1022d ago
I find the line; ''Wii U's sales are also disappointing,'' because it's totally random (it hasn't even been out a year yet).
tubers  +   1022d ago
VITA fanfetus logic:

"Who cares about our ship! There's another one sinking yonder!"
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   1022d ago
this has been a problem for sony as a company for decades now. they bring out some top of the line products, and a few REALLY STUPID business decisions later those top of the line products are hanging on by a thread. Just look at sonys TVs. they make some of the best tvs in the business, but theyre not the alpha omega by any means. picture quality is definitely higher end, but NOT the highest. i would say highest picture quality definitely goes to samsung. yet, somehow, every sony tv i see is always a few hundred dollars more expensive than even the better looking tvs. as much as i want to support sony, its really hard to spring an extra 300 dollars for that sexy bravia when theirs a samsung LED right next to it with an even better picture. sonys products all make incredible values.......if they were just cheaper.

there is NO handheld out there that can even hold a candle to what the vita is capable of. im not just talking stupid graphics here- the vita seriously is capable of being a secondary media device. but no one is ever going to see that if sony keeps being slow and stupid with its price drops and app releases.
Nicolee  +   1022d ago
i used to bought Sony tvs only but my last 2 TVs are Samsung
-Gespenst-  +   1022d ago
The PSP was more novel when it released. Loads of people I know bought one when it came out just because it was a portable playstation and how intriguing that idea was. Out of all those people, I'm the only one I know who owns a Vita. People just don't care as much. I think it's down to smart phones and the previous lack of games on the PSP.

As for the 3ds not doing so well? Well I'd put that down to smartphones too. (As well the point about the WiiU below)

The WiiU? Just not innovative or novel enough. Videogames consoles have relied too hard on technological novelty when all they need be is just that, games consoles. Now everybody expects some wacky new feature that Nintendo probably aren't going to be able to bring.
#10 (Edited 1022d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Erimgard  +   1022d ago
I feel like 31 million 3DS units sold in 2 years is pretty good. Seeing how it's the second best of all time behind the regular DS.
tubers  +   1022d ago
3DS/Nintendo 1st parties delivering what Nintendo fans want; Mario, Luigi, Zelda, Pokemon, etc.

Where's GranTurismo and God of War for the VITA?

GTA and MGS too was very important with the VITA's predecessor. Why hasn't Sony co-funded/co-developed such yet?

It's 100% up to Sony now if 3rd parties are still kind of hesitant with the platform.

While there's still probably 5-6 years for the system, this is just a horrible rate for the VITA.

So rings the VITA's "Wait for E3/TGS/Game Heaven.."... mantra.
boybato  +   1022d ago
as much as I hate to admit it I am a bit disappointed in Sony, at least for the west, as can help with localizing/co-producing JP only games.

Love how they're handling getting indies to the Vita though.(Enjoying Guaca a LOT - even purchased C:SOTN lol)
Magnus  +   1022d ago
All good things come to those who wait I have a Vita and I love the little machine. I can download my PS1 games on it wish it could do PS2 games.Give the Vita time and it will begin to shine it offers games that you cannot find on the 3DS and vice versa. Give Sony time and when the PS4 and how the intergration of the Vita is fully worked out I think the console will do well. Wouldn't mind if they did a price drop on the memory cards or they should have kept the memory stick duo I have a ton of those.
tack129  +   1022d ago
I'm not selling my Vita.
chazjamie  +   1022d ago
nobody wants to buy mine
Evil_Ryu  +   1022d ago
more 1st party titles!
#14 (Edited 1022d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
pete007  +   1022d ago
handhelds are over, with exception of nintendo that has build a strong software support over the years, now a new product has a strong competition from mobile devices, tablets, etc, it dont matter the specs, its over, I personally have my iphone to play in the open, dont need a handheld, back on the psp era, it was different, i bought a psp. it made sense back then
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   1022d ago
You keep saying it's over, what's over exactly?
Not everyone wants to game on mobile devices due to the poor quality of games and lack of controls. You can't even compare them to the 3DS and the Vita.
The 3DS and Vita are for people that want dedicated gaming devices and nothing more although the Vita offers much much more anyway. The Vita isn't selling well due to a huge problem Sony has had for an entire gen and that's marketing, there is next to no marketing for the Vita, also the price which is still considered too much for some people even though your tablets and so on cost $400+. There are huge problems facing the Vita and it's all down to Sony making mistakes with it. Mobile devices and dedicated gaming handhelds are still two completely different markets though, just because you want to play snake in HD or whatever on your lil iphone doesn't make the Vita irrelevant, have you even played a Vita game? it wipes the floor with anything on the iphone. You're just obviously not that into gaming otherwise you would see the difference in quality. You can basically play console quality games on the go and to me that is a much more enjoyable experience.
#15.1 (Edited 1022d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
pete007  +   1022d ago
casuals my friend. vita is facing casual market. speak to a snoob and to him psp, vita, ds, 3ds, etc, they are all the same and with a tablet actually they can do a lot more, but in the end yes, we can also add the lack of advertising, in fact most ppl dont know vitas potential
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   1022d ago
Yeah I agree with you about the casuals, they don't give a crap about the Vita, but that can also be a case of bad marketing from Sony.
Thing is though the casual market are very fickle to begin with, just look at the WiiU compared to the Wii. The casuals don't even know what it is but that's also due to bad marketing.
If we relied on those people in the gaming industry though we wouldn't have any good games to begin with because what's the point in creating something like Journey when all the casuals want is call of duty or an angry birds game? We need dedicated handhelds and consoles for people who are actually interested in videogames and that market is a huge percentage.
I believe the Vita can be a part of that with the right marketing and the right price point. It is all down to Sony though.

Just to add I think if Sony implement it correctly the Vita can get a boost with the PS4 compatibility as shown at the PS4 announcement.
#15.1.2 (Edited 1022d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
Drainage  +   1022d ago
3ds is the now
vita is the future

imXify  +   1022d ago
It may happen, like the Wii and the PS360 switched position.
TheKayle1  +   1022d ago
is too late for the psvita...and if u think sony can make grow up a sort of hype for the vita after more than 1 year from the launch u r just dreaming

ppl here just thing that the vita is sinking for "few" stupid move from sony but isnt just like this

1 sony dosnt have 800 first party studios..and the best of them work for ps3/ps4 ..they cannot work for another machine losing time meanwhile the home real console was/is fighting against wii/wiiu and x360/x720 and need more support
plus not all the games can be ported easly on the vita coz lack of power and different architecture

2 its hard to convince 3rd party studios to spend half of a year (for a casual game) or more to produce a game that will sell nothing seeing the user base of the vita just dosnt exist

3 ads campaign cost billions (if we r talking about a serious one) and being sony right not seeing they can go into this plus all the things the ps4 need to be pushed they arent swimming in the money just the opposite

4 psvita could be also a great piece of tech...but the price is just out from this world......isnt for the hardcore for a niche of the hardcore gamers market....and this mean a 0.something % of the market
PSvita positioning in the market was wrong from the start

5 is a endless circle.where all the prob start fromt he price..too expansive>no users ,no users>no 3rd devs interested, no devs interested>no games,no games>no users
the vita should cost 99 euro not a cent more if they would sell something...and half of the thing inside it..r pretty much useless seen that the most of the users have already mobile phones and spent too much money in things ppl already do with different devices..and there was no way where users abandon their mobiles for a psvita...
the only thing sony could do to save the vita is cut out hw and do a psvita they can just cut the real price...but this would mean losing the name of "best handhelds blablalbalb"

6 the combo ps4 psvita will not sell just coz no one would buy a controller for 189 euro (4 gb version) where u can buy a x360 for 149 euro (4 gb version)...and as we see wii u controller isnt making ppl dream about just a gimmick thing ...and ms can do that with every devices (ipads and all of your phones too) just with a software (smartglass) for free

tech talking sony tvs r years behind what samsung is givin to the market...and msot important cost half of the price..better quality lower prices? your counts

for this and other reasons i want ps4 do good...coz sony is swimming in black blaaaaaaack water
#17 (Edited 1022d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(24) | Report | Reply
dorron  +   1022d ago
Such an amazing handheld an so poor support. Sony should realize new names like Gravity Rush may be good but don't appeal to most buyers who are not into videogame news sites. Vita needs long time established franchises like GTA, Gran Turismo, Metal Gear, Final Fantasy, Monster Hunter, God Of War, etc. to catch buyers' attention.

That and a price drop both in the handheld itself and those goddamn expensive memory cards...
#18 (Edited 1022d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
JayD-1K  +   1022d ago
but then, you would have people complaining that, Vita has no unique games...oh wait, they do that already!
wishingW3L  +   1022d ago
it's the same with the 3DS and its Marios and Zeldas... Nothing can be done about double standards. The important thing is that the Vita's getting new games.
#18.1.1 (Edited 1022d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report
yewles1  +   1022d ago
The fact is that Vita's carrying over from PSP's mess. Sales for PSP actually picked up after hackers managed to break in and it became a piracy paradise. PSP became the second highest pirated platform of all time, directly underneath PC. The multitudes of illegally downloaded became astronomical to the point of 3rd parties giving up on Sony handheld's altogether, starting with PSP Go. 3rd parties didn't drop support for Vita, they just weren't there to begin with...
#19 (Edited 1022d ago ) | Agree(19) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
takohma  +   1022d ago
Exactly what I was going to say. I have friends who only got the psp because of the mod stuff they could do and they didn't even like Sony lol.

Another thing is I don't think its fair to compare the PSP being first released to the Vita because that was the first anyone heard of Sony making a handheld. After 5 handheld generations later (I think) and no ability to hack/mod the Vita people wasn't that interested. I knew a lot of people who didn't want the Vita just because you couldn't mod it.
joeorc  +   1022d ago
100% exactly, its not that 3rd party developer's are not interested in supporting the PSVita it just means there need's to be more sales before they will. Which is why Sony is getting more and more indie developer's onboard the playstation Mobile platform along with the fact they can get pub funded by Sony to make software for smartphones and the PSVita. For people expecting Sony to make a remake of the PSVita soon, do not bet on it. the PSVita is quite robust in the hardware and right now the sales of the PSVita are low enough that Sony's investment in production of the PSVita month to Month is able to keep up with demand and they can make some profit small as it may be and since Sony is selling many more playstation Mobile devices than the PSVita alone than Sony is there to sell those indie games across all it's platforms not just the PSVita.

the fact that the Hacking scene made umd dumping so easy made sure as day that the software support for 3rd party was going to dry up due to the fact in Handheld software sales, Sony's software does not sell as well as Nintendo's do thus even 3rd party developer's and publisher's could sell the software on Nintendo's handheld platform to make extra sale's over than what they could get on Sony's Playstation portable.

that stigma has continued over to the PSVita, the 3RD party big publisher's are waiting for north america sales to pick up before they can really get into production cost's of software for the PSVita due to low sales and low install base.
tubers  +   1022d ago
3rd parties didn't drop support for Vita, they just weren't there to begin with...

PSV has no:

Metal Gear (non PS2/PSP port)
Grand Theft Auto.
Monster Hunter.
A new Square Enix title (like Diss/T3B/FF0/FF;CC)

"They" "WERE" "there".
GribbleGrunger  +   1022d ago
I actually believe that the Vita's future is assured, if people could put the 'race' mentality to one side for just one moment and concentrate on the market it serves, they'd see it too. I frequent many forums and many sites and whilst there are still those that can't see beyond the numbers there is an ever growing army of those that appreciate the niche route the Vita is taking. These people scoff at those that still crave certain content; those that are still confused with the hardware and can't differentiate it from the 'norm' or need it to be 'fashionable'. Basically those that reduce the console/handheld market to a penis waving contest.

The Vita isn't the everyman's handheld, at the moment, because as of now it's the enthusiasts handheld. This ever growing pocket of gamers actually like or even appreciate the fact that they alone are involved in the Vita's evolution, and even rejoice in that exclusivity. The media will always pander to the 'average' consumer and so the picture will always be skewed towards numbers and competition, but those in the know love the Vita.

So the media can keep on churning out the doom and gloom arguments and keep on comparing numbers, but those that love and appreciate the Vita don't give a damn ... they actually LOVE the nonsense because it gives them the exclusivity they crave.

I wonder about the people who will disagree with this. Are you a fan of the other hanheld or are you a Sony fanboy who can't handle selling fewer handhelds? Forget the race, it's for children.
#20 (Edited 1022d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
Snookies12  +   1022d ago
Bubble up for a well said look at how things are. I love the Vita, even though I realize it's not doing too well in the sales department. I also love the fact that regardless of the people saying "fail, doom, dead, etc." Sony will continue to support it. That's all I need to know to keep me happy as a Vita owner.
#20.1 (Edited 1022d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
GribbleGrunger  +   1022d ago
Exactly. All gamers need to concern themselves with is that the system they bought gets continued support. The ONLY time sales have any bearing on the console/handheld you chose is that the more it sells the more it gets supported, but the Vita is unique in that it appears that Sony are constantly pushing for support and don't seem too concerned that it's not selling as expected. I draw that conclusion from the fact they haven't dropped the price in America or Europe. I think they'll wait to see how the PS4 effects sales before making any major moves, although I suspect that we MAY just see a price drop around the same time we get the full PS4 reveal.
mshope10  +   1022d ago
what about us wii u owners?

it don't count if we feel that way right?
GribbleGrunger  +   1022d ago
That's an entirely different story and one I'm not prepared to go into in a Vita thread, although I see no reason why Wiiu owners can't be optimistic. That's not the same as pragmatism but it's no less comforting.
#20.2.1 (Edited 1022d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
GezForce  +   1022d ago
Soul sacrifice is an amazing exclusive for vita... support this great handheld by buying one and the games will come.
The handheld market is a highly competitive one, devs will take no risks if the install base is not there.
KrisButtar  +   1022d ago
"Soul sacrifice is an amazing exclusive for vita"

that game will actually be the second game I own on the system, its not that I don't like the other games, they are just not my type but there is a lack of games that I like.

The only 2 reasons most of my friends have not picked a Vita up

1) no video output to connect to a TV
2) with PlayStation they have accepted backwards compatibility as a norm, so with no BC between the Vita and PSP they just don't want it(this reason is also why they don't want a PS4)
gamer42  +   1022d ago
Who expects tv video output from a handheld?
#21.1.1 (Edited 1022d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
KrisButtar  +   1021d ago

My friends and I all did because the PSP had it, I actually play my PSP more than my Vita cause I can hook it to my TV when I'm home.

The Vita not having a video output was not a deal breaker for me or I wouldn't have one.
Realplaya  +   1022d ago
my opinion on the reality of the situation is Handhelds play games but these games should be simple and fun. Funny and quick. If you take a handheld with you then you prob have about an hour to 3 at the most to play your game in that given day. With 3ds the games are short, fun, and challenging with the Vita there basically ps3 games but do you really buy a handheld to get a console experience?
I think that Sony when it comes to there handheld games needs to stop being to sophisticated and get back to simple. By the way for people posting about tablets or iphones or phones getting the money keep this in mind. How many games for 39.99 and up are selling like hot cakes in the app store?
chikane  +   1022d ago
i really hope the vita dies . just to send a wake up call to sony to stop over pricing their systems D3S $169.99 vs $240 for a vita .. and Sony wonders why the 3ds is beating the shit out of

i myself want a vita but i will not pay more for a handhald then i did when i had to replace my ps3. Which dead thankz to there crappy updates 4.00
Tyre  +   1022d ago
The Vita and PS4 are a great match and me with lot's of gamers will buy both in the next cycle. PS Plus and the PS4 give me a reason to buy the Vita and it's too bad that remote play wasn't fully activated on the Vita already with the PS3, cause i would have bought it earlier.
Belking  +   1022d ago
"PS Plus and the PS4 give me a reason to buy the Vita"

You see that's the problem. Vita should be able to stand on it's own with good software. 3ds sells great with no need for extra services. The future doesn't look great for the vita.Smart phones and tablets are eating up the portable market and 3ds is getting most of the left overs.
jek7  +   1022d ago
wow this is disgusting!. (vomits a little)
1nsomniac  +   1022d ago
Completely due to the fact the PSP was so easily hackable.

That's the only reason I ever bought one & why many other people I know bought one. You could do so many crazy things with it, like for example use it as a remote control for ur TV. There was so many weird & wonderful things people made. I also relived my youth by using it as an Amstrad CPC 464 emulator.

It was ace! Wish they would open up the Vita :-(
andrewer  +   1022d ago
PSP was the best handheld I had...I even still play it. I have PS Vita too, but I actually only bought it to play the PS3 games that I can't play because I don't have a PS3 :P, and it still isn't good enough indeed. But with the announcement of Sly Collection for PS Vita, I still have some hope :)
NYC_Gamer  +   1022d ago
PSV is in a tough spot because it doesn't have enough exclusive software
gamingisnotacrime  +   1022d ago
vita owners are pleased with the console, but mass market is not interested at all
stragomccloud  +   1022d ago
The same can be said of any system. Anyone can go out an pick one good month for a system and one bad year for a system and then say something similar.
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