10 Things That Would Have Made BioShock Infinite Perfect

The game may be possibly the game of the year but there are ten things that would make this game perfect.

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Baszs1949d ago

This article is useless,
it misses all the points it wants to make.

NukaCola1949d ago

Id change one thing. The pacing of the exploration. I think the open world of Bioshock was more more rewarding to explore than infinite. They could of done s better job with the exploration. There was two vigor opened rooms and the rest was just lick picks. Would of wanted to see more originality and puzzle solving when doing the run abouts. Akso like to see more back tracking. Just something I liked more from the first Bioshock.

rello911949d ago

I hate backtracking in games

humbleopinion1949d ago

lick picking sounds nasty. Is that referring to the potatoes in the toilet?

soniqstylz1948d ago

lick picking is how you remove Elizabeth's chastity belt.

HammadTheBeast1949d ago

No game can ever be perfect. It can go up to 95%, as Bioshock Infinite and the original did for some, but the other 5% is a matter of opinion.

Capt-FuzzyPants1949d ago

That would have made it better. But how much is enough. I mean is there ever really enough cowbell?

KillrateOmega1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

Unfortunately, no. There can never truly be 'enough' cowbell. We can only strive to acquire more of it.

This is the truth of the universe.

KentBlake1949d ago

The game would actually be worse if these 10 things were in it.

legionsoup1949d ago

Agreed. This is why Ken Levine makes games, and the person who wrote this "writes" for home made website.

ZombieNinjaPanda1949d ago

Yeah, no. A lot of points make sense. Make it less violent makes absolute sense. Why is a city full of these supposedly prestigious people so quick to rush at the main character like suicide bombers? They're not splicers, they're not crazy, yet they still do.

Upping the NPC interaction would be great. Remember one of the earlier trailers where you had to deal with a crazy man shooting a cannon at you? You probably don't.

Making the choices matter? Why advertise your choices mattering if they don't. That would definitely make the game better than what it is.

Not limiting the weapons would be great. Another game where you get a conveniently placed super weapon before fighting a boss instead of conserving ammo, not to mention the vigors that have no place in this game other than making it "bioshock related".

soniqstylz1948d ago

Where did you get the idea that it's a city full of prestigious people? This isn't Rapture, where the best and brightest fled to Andrew Ryan like his name was John Galt. Columbia was a floating battleship masquerading as a city.

And the Vigors were explained that Fink saw one of the Rapture biologists using Plasmids through a tear. Yes, the tears give a convenient way to fill plot holes, but there it is.

nutcrackr1949d ago

Most of these are actually quite good. I think they would help make the world more believable and make the action less monotonous.

r211949d ago

I disagree with points 8 and 10, the rest however is what would have made the game even better.

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