Selling Our Integrity – The Path to Profit

Trashy articles are synonymous with games journalism : Boobs, top 10s and misleading quotes are the wobbly backbone of the industry. But where can the line be drawn between popular, profitable, content and utter garbage? Daily Reaction’s Seb and Dan discuss.

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doctorstrange1673d ago

Boobs have been so milked by this industry.

ftwrthtx1673d ago

This doesn't apply just to games journalism, but to journalism as a whole. Half truths and innuendo is what the MSM thrives on.

Wedge191673d ago

You can sell a lot of things for profit. That being said, I believe a man's (and woman's integrity is something that should not be on that list of things to sell for profit.

dbjj120881673d ago

Senior Reporter John King can confirm that a suspect is in custody.... whoops, CNN gets it wrong too.

doctorstrange1673d ago

He was probably just JohnKing around