Target Misses Memo on HD DVD Price Cut; Still Charging $179

From Aeropause:

"Above image was taken not two hours ago in a Midwestern Super Target store. I don't know whether to pity the fool who pays this price or to laugh at him. It's not clear whether Target store management is inept, or simply trying to gouge the uninformed consumer. Maybe it's both. On the upside, I did find a copy of Blue Dragon in the discount bin for under fifteen dollars."

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xsteinbachx3535d ago

So is walmart atleast in canada they are.

Vulcan Raven3535d ago

So is HMV, they are still charging 199.00.

decapitator3535d ago

Talk about rip-off. Gotta feel bad for the folks still paying that amount for the HD DVD add on for 360.

ukilnme3535d ago

Just give the players away for free with 10 movies.

deathtok3535d ago

It probably rings up as the discounted price and you're just seeing an old sticker.

iAmPS33535d ago

If the price is still that high, probably a lot of BOTS are still buying this and Target is crazy happy about it.

It wouldn't surprise me, XTARDs are capable of the most amazing things.

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The story is too old to be commented.