PALGN: Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings Review - These wings could use a few more Red Bulls

PALGN writes: "Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings is not Final Fantasy Tactics. Quick glances at the game's choice of perspective and graphics may convince an astute fan of the classic Square PlayStation strategy RPG otherwise -- but Square Enix's Revenant Wings essentially contains strategy only in the pre-estimations of battles. A challenging title for 'beginners', the real-time approach Revenant Wings embraces in lieu of turn-based combat urges players not to worry about thinking actions through. In the end, Revenant Wings specialises in simple, if flawed real-time attrition for newcomers to the genre.

Yes, Revenant Wings is not Final Fantasy Tactics. Heck, it's not even a true follow on from the PlayStation 2's Final Fantasy XII. The characters and setting of the late PS2 hit have morphed into something far more light-hearted here. Sky pirates Vaan, Penelo, Balthier, Fran, et al and the kingdom of Invalice return, one year later and a little less politically convoluted. While such a turn of thematics is not entirely a negative by any means, it's nevertheless a bit of a surprising disappointment for those expecting a continuation of FFXII's tone and superficialities."

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poos33753d ago

square should try and do a new ip the only have 1 ip final fantasy and now the franchise is getting low reviews as most of the ppl that were in square inix are now working for mistwalker