Nintendo: "This is the year of 3DS"

The next 12 months will be crucial in the success of 3DS, says Nintendo.

The firm believes this is the year that it will upgrade customers from DS to its latest portable, thanks to a major year of releases, headlined by Luigi’s Mansion, Animal Crossing, Brain Training, The Legend of Zelda and Pokemon.

The company told MCV that these games will be backed by significant marketing campaigns that include TV advertising.

Y_51501110d ago

This is the year of (so far):
Next Generation
And of course, the PS3 :P

Samuel_L_Willis1110d ago TrollingShowReplies(3)
MichaelLito791110d ago

3DS is definitely going strong this year.

Slapshot821110d ago

Fire Emblem Awakening alone is worthy of the system's cost!

Donnieboi1110d ago

For me I'm getting Fire Emblem, and Shin Megaten IV. And Animal Crossing for wifey.

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