Microsoft is Creating Their Own Programming and Might Bring Back Heroes… Yay?

Microsoft is focusing more and more on the entertainment part of the new Xbox. But not really as much on the gaming. In this vein rumors are flowing about Microsoft bringing back Heroes and creating their own original programming. Is this really a good idea?

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Donnieboi1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

Good lawd -_-/ I hope they get new writers. That series started of STRONG, then became one of the biggest piles of poop I ever saw on TV.

Get some real comic writers this time. Or at least the original one's from the first season.

aviator1891832d ago

I agree. I was amazed to see the show fall so fast after such an fantastic and slick start.

Qrphe1832d ago

Even if it turned out to be the best Heroes comeback ever, it's still money spent on not-games.

lastofgen1832d ago

All of the big 3 spend money on not-games.

FamilyGuy1831d ago

It's not like they'll be able to get that huge cast back, it'd basically be an all new show, why even call it Heroes? Oh that's right, to bank off a well known name *cough* Halo Spam *cough*

Either way I'll still be checking it out if it is true, I can't help but watch super hero tv shows lol

WolfLeBlack1831d ago

The report suggests that Microsoft will have an entirely new team of writers handling the stories, so hopefully they can come up with some strong ideas.

Axonometri1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

Microsoft wants to really impress me? Then bring back SGA or SGU Terra Nova and give us Farscape 2.0

oh yea, and make video games that play on their DVR box too.

FamilyGuy1831d ago

Man, I still don't understand why Terra Nova was cancelled, maybe the second season was written poorly?

A lot of shows I liked got cancelled, maybe I just have bad taste lol

Terra Nova
No Ordinary Family
Young Justice
Alphas (I think)
The Secret Circle

Axonometri1831d ago

I would of put alphas in but that one really ticks me off!

kickerz1831d ago

Just wanna see some awesome games Microsoft, this entertainment stuff dosnt look very exciting.

maniacmayhem1831d ago

MS should seriously talk to WB and bring back Young Justice! And Green Lantern:TAS, if that happened I would definitely be a day 1 buyer.