Gears of War: Judgment Special Event Testings and Future/Current Speculations

"Gears of War: Judgment has been suffering since its release with nowhere near the same initial sales at the past games in the Trilogy had and frankly the game is losing players everyday to other games. It was last seen at number 12 on the currently most played games on Xbox Live with even Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 beating out. Judgment needs a game changing update that will bring original fans of the franchise back to it..."

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TheSuperior 1857d ago

Its a shame how this game didn't really stand up to the others in the series. It had some parts that were really neat and others that just weren't right

jimbobwahey1856d ago

The singleplayer is great but the multiplayer is an absolute mess. The Gears franchise is known for having great multiplayer and that's a big reason why it sells, so pushing out a game with only 4 multiplayer maps is just pathetic and insulting to the fanbase.

It's like if Call of Duty released with only 4 multiplayer maps, people would wonder what the hell the developers were playing at. The pitiful amount of content combined with the removal of horde mode and the focus on free-for-all were utterly moronic decisions and I sincerely hope that whoever made them has or will be fired, otherwise this franchise will die a horrible death with them calling the shots.

ma1asiah1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

Your absolutely correct.

I am a huge Gearshead, though this was the first in the series that I did not preorder YET after people kept saying how great OverRun mode was I totally had to get it.

The campaign is really good even if you are not a big fan of Baird as the main character. I however would have liked to play the entire campaign without being taken out oif the action with a summary screen after every fire fight.

I think it works out to be like 8 maps all up when you factor in OverRun and Survival modes specific map set. However just as you have said it was a complete WTF moment when you realise that FFA, Team D and Domination had only 4 maps well 5 when you count Haven the Free map that came with Execution.

I love the verticality and the speed of this game. Though completely hate that the melee feels so over powered now and that you cant choose to swap out the snub pistol for a Gnasher if you want to run Lancer - Gnasher much like in every other game in the series.

I gave this special event mode a try yesterday in a game of Team D and I have to admit if they made the change to run Rifle - Shotgun permanent, nerf the melee back to what it was in Gears 3 then I feel the games muliplayer would feel a lot better than what it currently is. PLUS give us some FREE maps to make up for the pitiful 4 each that versus and OverRun and Survival came with......another point would be to have maps that work for all modes not just a few of the modes.

Now I dont know if this is just me but has anyone else noticed any audio bugs such as hearing footsteps behind you but no one is there, grenades whose blast sound does not seem to correspond to what speaker the sound it is coming from. I have checked my home theatre set up and this is the only game etc that I experience this. It doesn't seem to be noticeable in the campaign but extremely noticeable in mulitplayer.

BlackIceJoe1857d ago

I really have been enjoying the prequel. I love some of the newer weapons. I really like how you could play the game on hard and if you want the game to be harder you play the level on the harder setting. I think that was a cool new feature added to Gears. I hope this picks up in sales because I want more people play with or against online with.

DevilishSix1856d ago

Good I hope it is a failure and I am a big Gears fan from day one. Let this be a lesson to developers and publishers to stop abusing its customers:

First, if your going to make changes, fine, just don't be making huge game altering changes to a beloved franchise, its going to alienate a majority of your fanbase.

Second, don't be selling Season Passes for maps when a game is launched with such little content. Four maps for $60 retail then purchasing $20 DLC for 6 additional maps is silly, it is beyound silly. How does that even get a management approval, it's so obviously wrong?

Lastly, you don't go the mirco transaction route either if there is not enough content to begin with, it becomes apparant as a cash grab.

Mass Effect 3 had the right formula for multiplayer. They offered 5 free DLC's over the course of a year, which included many new characters, weapons, powers, maps, and even enemy types. When you offer that kind of content then it is ok to implement an OPTIONAL microtransaction function.

There I said my peace.

Jek_Porkins1856d ago

I like the events, but I hope they don't add the two primary weapon configuration back into the game, which is in fact the latest event going on right now.

I think it makes people think and play tactically when they only have one primary weapon. Also, get rid of Stim Grenades completely online, they are worthless and make people invincible for the longest darn time.

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