New Killzone 2 Concept Art

Here are 8 new pieces of concept art for Guerilla Games upcoming title Killzone 2.

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sonarus3746d ago

nothing really wow there. I like the first one indicates some dessert area and i like the intruder vehicle for killzone "3" lol. Most of it is concept art for what we have already seen

Harry1903746d ago

'desert'.look out for killzone haters,they're
flirting with the disagree icon.

xhi43746d ago

i'm so hungry for this game!

poopsack3745d ago

you got some disagrees it seems like some know what your hungry for more than you know yourself.

No FanS Land3746d ago

when is that game just going to release? I wanna play it!

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The story is too old to be commented.