PALGN: NBA Ballers: Chosen One Preview

PALGN writes: "When you think of modern basketballers, visions of mansions straight out of MTV Cribs, bling so shiny that you need glasses so you don't go blind and a yard full of impressive automobiles are instantly conjured up in your mind - and with their multi-million dollar contracts, you probably aren't far off from the truth.

The NBA Ballers franchise debuted on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox consoles in 2004 in an effort to capitalise on the trick-heavy arcade style experience that titles like NBA Street and the classic NBA Jam series had been previously marketed with great success. Forget the franchise mode and managing the fatigue levels of your star players, this is over the top basketball that would even have the awe-inspiring members of the AND1 crew taking notes.

While NBA Street focused more on street ball skills and highlight worthy tricks, NBA Ballers added its own little spin to the genre by allowing gamers to 'live the life' as you progress from basketball prodigy to a dapper perennial All Star in a rags to riches inspired story mode, but with a two-year hiatus between titles, will the gameplay upgrades and new features be enough to entice gamers back to the NBA Ballers series to have a bash atNBA:Ballers: Chosen One?"

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