Five of the Worst Ways to Die in Video Games

"In a multitude of games, death becomes of us sometimes too easily. Sometimes it happened with stupid mistakes. Other times it is a ridiculous death after countless difficult trials, which only results in sending you all the way back to the beginning." |

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DragonKnight2069d ago

Camera deaths and the frickin' Souls series Lock On deaths are the worst in my opinion.

ZoyosJD2069d ago

Three letters: QTE

Dying in a QTE totally kills the build up, and tends to feel cheap when it happens on the introduction of a button that wasn't initially used.

adorie2069d ago

I agree. I hate to be at the mercy of QTE deaths. RE5 Professional, when that massive boss was chasing you all over the ship. WHat was it's name?Excella?

Y_51502069d ago

I became a victim of that as well.

r212069d ago

What? Does the author not get that Alice: Madness Return was part platformer :L It wasnt even that hard of a platformer!

oof462069d ago

Dying after a long battle, right before a checkpoint.

greatcrusader442069d ago

Was playing Demon Souls a few days ago and was in 5-2, got to the end and instead of going through the boss door I made a detour and found a bridge I could knock down to the beginning of the level, out of nowhere a guy knocks me off the ledge and I die without knocking the bridge down.

20min later I make it back to that spot, knock down the bridge, and proceeded to the boss which was insanely easy and didn't even need to use the shortcut.

Chaos_Raiden2069d ago

Dying in Dead Space 3 in Hardcore mode.

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