Gaming industry won't be to blame for Boston bombing

All too often the video games industry gets framed as a scapegoat whenever something tragic happens in the United States involving violence, but it appears to look like the remaining wanted individual from the Boston Marathon bombings was not an avid gamer.

According to a previous report today, Dhzhokar Tsarmaev, who is the final suspect in the bombings being pursued by the police, apparently was one who dabbled on the musical side of Jay-Z and Dr. Dre.

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Commandar_Shepard2069d ago (Edited 2069d ago )

Even if he isn't an avid gamer, people will still jump on the hate bandwagon. A few months from now, after the bomber has been dealt with, we may hear the media mention "violent video games" on a few occasions and maybe even connect it to the bombing.

But the ways they try to handle it, like the mass game burning in CT, are idiotic. Yeah, that's not being like the Nazis at all. /s The point is, we mourn the lives of those that are lost in thead tragic events but we shouldn't place the blame on the first thing that comes to mind, like the media does with games.

Majin-vegeta2069d ago

Funny I've been playing violent video games as long as I can member.and listen to Dre since I learned English.yet I've never had the urge to hurt anyone.These people are just psychopaths with mental issues.

AhmadCentral2069d ago

I heard the guy played sonic the hedgehog when he was a kid...

I think it's pretty obvious why he did the bombings.


Summons752069d ago

I think lovig sonic then seeing the abomination that's sonic 06 could drive anyone that far :p

Ducky2069d ago

...that would explain how he managed to outrun the cops for so long.

aLucidMind2068d ago

Pong is the cause of all homicides!

Starbucks_Fan2069d ago

LOL at blaming music. I listen to a crap load of inappropriate rap and have gotten no aggravation from it. Sure it probably makes people want to use drugs but I doubt it causes much violence.

blackstrr4112069d ago (Edited 2069d ago )

Stop blaming games

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The story is too old to be commented.