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Should Bethesda Have Listened To Bleszinski?

CheatCC says: "A couple of months ago, everyone's favorite game-developer-turned-movie-st ar, Cliff Bleszinski, blogged about the uphill battle that horror games have been facing. Cliffy B seems to think that the horror genre can't possibly thrive in today's market, because prices are too high and campaigns are too short. "In the 60$ disc based market horror doesn’t fly - it’s the ultimate 'Campaign Rental' that’s played for 2 days and traded in and I’m sure EA knows this," he explained. 'When we’re fully digital we’ll see more true horror games coming back. (Look at Amnesia and Slenderman on PC.)'" (Bethesda Game Studios, Bethesda Softworks, Industry)

Zechs34  +   616d ago
scofios  +   616d ago
WTF does that idiot know about horror games.
Mikami was making games when cliffy was still shiting his daipers
Mikefizzled  +   616d ago
To be fair Mikami's big hit was Resident Evil from '96 and Bleszinski's was Unreal Tournament of '98.
nukeitall  +   615d ago
Yup, it turns out that Bleszinki was making a hit game while "still shiting his diapers"!

If anything, I think that makes him the most impressive developer to grazer the earth! :D
DragonKnight  +   616d ago
Considering he said Microtransactions are good and used games are bad, no one should listen to Bleszinski.
sloth3395  +   616d ago
didnt know he was everyones favorite game developer
Roper316  +   616d ago
The only thing I like about Cliffy is he is a gamer at heart and has been his whole life. I do think he is a pompous arrogant jerk though.
e-p-ayeaH  +   616d ago
yep the guy is pretty annoying im starting to hate him.
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SlapHappyJesus  +   616d ago
I have seen a pattern for the genre as a whole.
In the retail space, you see almost nothing as far as true survival horror games.
What you do see, and this is mostly on the pc, is true survival horror in the form of free downloadable games, or those in the realm of $5 - $20, made by smaller development teams on small budgets. Those are the ones that truly breakout, mainly being that the price of admission is much lower than that of a traditional release.

This isn't an end-all-be-all fact, but there is logic behind the thought that a short, $60 release in such a genre perhaps won't garner the revenue needed to be viable. Again, there will always be the exceptions.
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XXXL  +   616d ago
He's an idiot
MestreRothN4G  +   616d ago
The guy is an a**hole. Why should anyone listen to him?

Oh, because he designed one game and nothing else. (And don't you lie saying Gears 2, 3, 4, infinite, beyond, always-on, 666 are different games more than CoD games are...)


All he does is flame bait. Basically, nothing worthy of time.
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Kietz  +   616d ago
You know nothing of his history in the industry, it seems.
Not saying I like the guy, but I have respect for his past works. You speak only what he's done this generation of consoles. The fact that you don't know of his past shows that maybe you shouldn't speak ill of him. At least until you have your facts straight.
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MestreRothN4G  +   616d ago
So important, revolutionary and inspired games! Wow!

Shoot me then, as you would do in any game he worked.

And the guy wants to talk about survival horror... lol!
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Ducky  +   616d ago
Thank you for taking the time to tell us all about how Bleszinski is not worth your time.

I'd correct you on some of the things you said, but it's understandable that you're a busy person and probably never bothered to figure out what he's accomplished.
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jc48573  +   616d ago
not too sure about that. well, it depends mainly on how much it costs to make a horror game and I guess that may vary from developer to developer. If I remember correctly, horror games were cheaper back then. I remember buying Silent Hill for 40 dollars at launch. If the game is good, I tend to keep them and replay them from time to time. I think it's perfect timing at least for Mikami to take advantage of this opportunity to focus on the genre when no one is at the moment.

This is Mikami and we all know what this guy is good. Horror is where his talents shine.
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Ducky  +   616d ago
Yea, I think he's just underestimating the demand that the particular niche has right now.

We're seeing some games with some survival horror elements (like the upcoming TLOU) but there hasn't really been many 'true' survival games on offer for consoles, so there's likely going to be a decent chunk of players who'll grab it quickly.
jc48573  +   616d ago
And I know there are risks involved, but man, I think it's time for us to make a move on the gamers. You need to win them over simple as that.
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Soldierone  +   616d ago
Here's a thought, and walk with me here because I'm going really far out on a ledge, but uhh..... how about lower the damn prices?

Not EVERY game NEEDS to be 60 dollars. 40 dollars seems to be the ideal "must have it" price. That's why games are cut to 40 within a month or two after release.....

I'm all for a hybrid price model as long as the highest price sticks at 60 dollars.
KillrateOmega  +   616d ago
Should Bethesda Have Listened To Bleszinski?

Cliff is intelligent and a real gamer, but he can also be a pompous ass at times. He's not the God of Gaming. His opinions aren't law.
Cueil  +   616d ago
Bethesda has a build in fan base that is much more likely to take a flier on their games then other companies and I'd like to see them do something like what Alan Wake was originally suppose to be
DOMination-  +   615d ago
Bethesda arent developing this game.
Cueil  +   615d ago
I am well aware of that and the desire to see an open world game with survival horror is my own wispy dream. However they have an established fan base and they are publishing this game.
DOMination-  +   614d ago
Fair enough man. I apologise as looking back my comment was a bit blunt and rude. I would like to see such a game myself.
r21  +   616d ago
Movie star? Just because he's on imdb doesnt mean he was in movie :L Maybe i misunderstood something here or i missed a movie but that statement is false.
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