UGO: Ninja Reflex Review

UGO writes: "Sanzaru Games' Ninja Reflex is the very definition of casual gaming on Nintendo's Wii console. Take a bunch of minigames, give them some intuitive motion controls and coat it all in a pop culture-referential facade. In the case of Ninja Reflex, players get to make like Japan's silent assassins, testing their reflexes and reaction time in six different themed exercises. It sounds fun and it is...except for that $40 price tag.

The core single player experience in Ninja Reflex sees players earning new belts - from white to black - as they participate in a series of increasingly difficult variations on the six included minigames, dubbed Reflex Games: Shuriken, Hashi, Koi, Katana, Hotaru and Nunchaku. There's not a whole lot to it, really. Completing an exercise earns a jewel towards the next belt. Earn five out of six (or all six) to take an advancement test, consisting of randomly chosen, graded exercises. Fail one or more and you're forced to repeat the associated Reflex Games for that level."

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