Xbox Live Gold is Free This Weekend in the US, Canada, Latin America and Japan

Xbox Live is free this weekend for Xbox 360 users in the United States, Canada, Latin America and Japan.

Starting April 19 at 7am PST and ending April 22 at 10am PST, anyone with a Silver account (basically, anyone with an internet connection) will be able to enjoy Xbox Live Gold services for free. That includes Netflix, Hulu Plus, other services of the like, plus of course, the ability to play your games online with other Gold members.

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antbolton891860d ago

That includes Netflix, Hulu Plus, other services of the like, plus of course, the ability to play your games online. Shocking Microsoft still charges for this.

Mustang300C20121860d ago

Not sure how it is shocking when they show why it is. Check out the money they make then you wouldn't ask why. I always find it funny when someone says what you say but if put in the same position you wouldn't be stupid enough to stop a service that is profitable and continues to receive customers.

antbolton891860d ago

You must work for Microsoft or maybe your just an idiot

Mustang300C20121860d ago

Nope but all of you the same idiotic crab about a service you don't want to use. But of course all you can come back with is do you work for MS whining.

CEOSteveBallmer1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

I get your point. So long as microsoft can charge people with, they can get away. Well as long as people still pay like you for example then they will not stop this practice. The only edge it has over the nintendo and PSN is that you can socialize with your Xbox live friends. Other than that, everything can be done on PSN netflix, HULU, downloading games, and especially playing games online. There are Xbox live gold members who complain about this, so I guess they have a valid point. I dont own an Xbox 360 but I play with my cousin on it. So I know

hakesterman1860d ago

It's still not free because you would still need to have a paid prescription for Netflix or whatever and you can't play the games online unless you go an create an account at each games website. So at the End of the Day it's all a big bunch of Hoopla about nothing.

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DarkBlood1860d ago

sweet i'll give it go on halo 4 since i stop subbing for gold.

actually i never sub for gold lol they were christmas presents truth be told for 3 years i think

SlyFoxC1860d ago

i have had Xbox Live since the original xbox....and i seriously wish i would have done that over the last decade lol... damn it what was i thinking!

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