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The 3 Most Exciting PlayStation 4 Shooters

There are a good deal of things that we don't know about the PlayStation 4 but from what we do know, this is going to be a beast among consoles.

The reveal event for the console promised more power, a better online experience than what PlayStation Network currently offers and the capability for some truly gorgeous games.

There are a few promising shooters coming to the PlayStation 4 that we know of already, but not all games are created equal.

Without further ado, here are 3 of the Most Exciting PlayStation 4 Shooters! (PS4)

crazypenguin08  +   497d ago
Really wish destiny would hit the PC, I'm not a fan of console specific titles. At all.
JoGam  +   497d ago
Wow, I feel sad for you.
NiteX  +   497d ago
It is for PC.
ShinMaster  +   497d ago
It's been like that since before DOS and Windows.
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Blastoise  +   497d ago
Watch Dogs doesn't look interesting to me at all.

Looking forward to Killzone and Destiny though
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Jaqen_Hghar  +   497d ago
really? A man loves it because of all the interactivity. All those options make for some fun improvisation and unique moments to share.
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   497d ago
Just Watch Dogs for me, not into MMO's so Destiny is out and Killzone hasn't latched on to me with the 2 games I've played so that's out too.
jocomat9  +   497d ago
most excited for watch dogs out of the three. Destiny being the last.
user7693958  +   497d ago
for me

Shadow fall
Second Son

are the only interesting shooters in the PS4 so far...

yes you an beat inFAMOUS by just shooting electricity, it as a shooter, if watch dog is a shooter, inFss a shooter to.

not saying WD or BF4 are bad but they don't feel like truly next gen to me, they could be done in current gen and they are been made.
DigitalRaptor  +   497d ago
What part of Killzone: shadow fall or inFamous: second son "feels" next gen? If it's because they're PS4 exclusives, I'll say don't give me that.

The Shadow fall demo is not that much more impressive than BF4 and although the Second Son trailer was in-engine and the concept looks great , there's nothing to suggest that it "feels truly next gen".
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user7693958  +   497d ago
ok my last bubble.. sadly

everything in KZSF felt way advanced, lighting, animations, sound, the gun felt like it has a life of it own..
something not possible in current gen, yes the gameplay was more of the same and GG said they wanted to show more of the same so users do not get scared by next gen.
people get scared when they see new things.. and GG will show many new stuff later they said.
The demos was to make users fell in home.

BF4 visuals are good but not KZSF good, Everything we saw in BF4 is possible on current gen and in fact it's been made for current gen.
except for it visuals and PS4 or PC will make the game look to it best, PC even more since it can push better fps and pixels.

but pixels are not everything, what will you say it looks better:

KZSF running on 1080p, wait 720p
Tetris the Atari game running on 4k, wait 8k?

right, that what i thought ;)

that's how good inFss looks, it make you think is impossible to be gameplay, "it's art! in motion"
Sucker pounch said inFss demo was running in game and gameplay, if you had play the game before you can tell what part was gameplay and what part was in game cg and it looks beautiful! a open world that looks way ahead Watch dogs (another game that is possible for current gen consoles)

not loving PS4 exclusive, for example Deep Down also look and felt next gen.. but it's not a shooter and I did not mention it (unless you can shot arrows and shot magic and beat the game by just doing that witch I don't think you can from the start, usually those games you need to up grade and the ammo is very limited making it not a shooter)
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DOMination-  +   497d ago
I will be controversial but I havent seen a next gen game yet. Yeah these games look good but other than that its just current gen gameplay. BF4 and KZ just look like prettier versions of their last games. They arent doing anything new.

And thats kinda fine. It wasnt until Bioshock and Assassins Creed came along when i felt some next gen magic this time around. And that was nearly two years after the 360 launch.
blackbirdi  +   497d ago
did you come up with something new ? i don't see anything new here why you are telling us about things we already know ...there is only 3 titles announced ...thank you for wasting my time
PS4isKing_82  +   497d ago
Stupid ass article. Everyone knows about these games already. Total waste of time to write about them.
BattleAxe  +   497d ago
Would anyone really consider watch Dogs to be a "shooter"?
MadMen  +   497d ago
If you dont like HALO you will not like destiny, read the interviews they are bringing a lot of what made halo great to this franchise.

So I do not want to hear these babies who talked trash about HALO all of sudden praising the idea of Destiny
Jaqen_Hghar  +   497d ago
A man is ready for all 3 of these but is even more excited for a new Infamous!
Drainage  +   497d ago
yup , my 3 first purchases . Perfect 3 with hopefully a racing game around there as well.
_QQ_  +   497d ago
Wow more shooters!!! what a surpriseing surprise!!!
Agent_hitman  +   497d ago
Battlefield 4,
Battlefield 3,
Call of duty for 2013,
Killzone shadow fall
Saints Row 4
Splinter Cell Black list

Ping-pong :p
ufo8mycat  +   497d ago
Destiny - MMO? *yawn* Keep that kind of crap for the nerds on PC, thats the only thing that platform is good for if you are into that crap. No thanks.

Killzone ? *yawn* KZ2/KZ3 were GENERIC shooters and on rails. BORING - go look at Farcry 3 or Bioshock for great FPS titles. Not interested

Watch Dogs - Looking forward to this console game. Looks very interesting and be interesting to see how much interaction this has.
portal_2  +   497d ago
Generic? Maybe. On-rails? A plain old lie.
Rottenspacehead  +   496d ago
We want a squal to Socom 2 ! A true Socom !
MoXxXi  +   495d ago
Top 3 Shooters on a console that only has a few games announced for it at all. Good reading, friend.

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