Shigesato Itoi thanks western Earthbound fans for their support

Now that Earthbound is coming back to the west via the Wii U Virtual Console, Shigesato Itoi has released a thank you message to western fans.

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Blues Cowboy1765d ago

You're welcome, Shigesato! Time to delete some ROMs, finally...

A 3DS version would be nice, though, but it's enough that Nintendo are finally making this happen.

animegamingnerd1765d ago

we need SNES games on the 3DS virtual console along with GBA games

RmanX10001765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

I'm so glad Nintendo finally got all that legal crap taken care of and America finally gets to experience the true game for about $10 as opposed to $120+. Enjoy it modern era! This is an amazing game!

Donnieboi1765d ago

A new Mother/Earthbound game is long overdue

animegamingnerd1765d ago

oh hell yeah especially after mother's 3 ending i really want to know what happens next

Skate-AK1765d ago

I still have my SNES cartridge.

gamer421765d ago

do you know how much money you can make?

Skate-AK1765d ago

Guessing like $80. Don't have the case or manual but the cartridge works perfect.