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Destructoid: "As soon as I saw the first footage of Soul Sacrifice, my eyes lit up. A Monster Hunter-like, with a Dark Souls vibe, created by the legendary Keiji Inafune? On paper, it sounded like one of the best ideas of all time.

Of course, not every idea actually plays out how it should, and some amazing concepts end up in the bargain bin of life, forever doomed to 'woulda coulda shoulda.' But based on the demo I played yesterday, Soul Sacrifice is not one of those throwaway games."

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sherimae24132069d ago

ofcourse it is not some kind of a throwaway game....
this game is a voidfiller to the genre that capcom has left behind.....
and lot more of this type of games will come to the vita to
satisfy the hunting action genre that capcom has supposed to be reigning about in the ps vita...

if this game become a success, expect a more better sequel from sony and inafune-san ^_^

R_aVe_N2069d ago

I really hope it goes well for this game. I have been wanting it since the first day I saw it. I think Capcom screwed up when they went with only Nintendo for Monster Hunter games. They left that door open for a new franchise to step in and take the marketshare.

sherimae24132069d ago

capcom is really doing some bad decisions as of late....
i dont want them to fail...but they have become.. greedy

just like the griffon in soul sacrifice... consumed by greed lol ^_^
i love this game ^_^

tubers2069d ago

I still tend to look away from the struggling cats before and when I sacrifice them... >.<

MasterCornholio2069d ago

I destroyed a boss by sacrificing myself. It was pretty cool and painful to watch.

r212069d ago

It was for the greater good.

rezzah2069d ago

Death in this game isn't as useless as it is in most games.

Boss almost dead you don't have much skills left? Sacrifice yourself.

Sharius2069d ago

in this game, even the totally noob player have thier use, to be sacrifice, of course

dafegamer2069d ago

the soul sacrifice demo could easily be a $5 standalone game

shammgod2069d ago

That's what I'm thinking. The demo is long and includes many, if not all of the deep play mechanics including the multiplayer (which has been flawless for me). Amazing demo!

dafegamer2069d ago

Seriously I'm not lying when I say that this is the best demo I've ever played. It gives you the right taste,of what you would expect from the Full Game ;)

rezzah2069d ago

Someone mentioned that the demo is actually the first chapter in the game.

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