Google Glass and Games

GameZebo: The first shipments of Google Glass are being delivered to a lucky thousand few fans and developers. And so far, the initial impressions are that this could simultaneously be as much a fad as the Segway and/or a new platform in the making like the iPad (the big VCS who formed the Glass Collective are surely betting on the latter).

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Septic2062d ago

Hmm...well it would be interesting for sure.

I can't wait for an equivalent that doesn't look as silly to wear so you can go on nights out and record stuff. How many moments have there been where you wish you had recorded something?

fsfsxii2062d ago

This guy looks dumb wearing that

Kran2062d ago

People look dumb with some of their silly hairstyles, yet we got used to them.

brianunfried2062d ago

Still can't bring myself to wear a bluetooth headset in public, no way you will ever see me wearing one of these. Looks like a douch.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2062d ago

Google Glass and Games

say that 10 times fast..

Kran2062d ago

OK... just did.

... Now what?

Isis062061d ago

Smoke a joint an then say it ten times.

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