BlazBlue Director making all-new PS4 fighter

Toshimichi Mori of Arc System Works reveals he is making a new fighting IP for PlayStation 4.

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DaveyB2066d ago

Holy crap! That's EPIC news! ^_^

mrmancs2065d ago

the reason why i am 100% getting ps4 is not due to ram, higher specs or design , its all about the games...

Irishguy952065d ago

Who needs games when you have 8Gb Gddr5?

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2065d ago

LMFAO, that made me spit out my water. xD

Qrphe2065d ago

"It has to be the third party software – no matter how high the specs are, you need something to make players want it."

The PS1 and PS2 proved, that even if the console has a higher pricetag than the competition, people will get it because of the software.

Sevir2065d ago

It seems the japanese market simply just isn't willing to move forward with the times as the western gaming market has totally come back around and eclipse them, the ps2 era Japan ran the industry, but it seems culturally Japan just isn't able to move as fast in the game development market and as a result the gamers show more interest in the portable console movement.

In any case im excited for the PS4 and i cant wait to play the new games and experiences it offers come launch!

Dark112065d ago

Good news , i'm sick and tired form Blazblue milking.

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