Japanese ISPs to Cut Service of File-sharers… Game Biz, Big Media Pressure Behind Move

Gamepolitics reports:

"Could it happen here?

AFP reports that Japanese Internet Service Providers will sever the Internet connection of those who illegally download files. It is said to be one of the strictest online piracy measures anywhere.

And the video game biz is right in the middle of it. From the AFP story:

Faced with mounting complaints from the music, movie and video-game industries, four associations representing Japan's Internet service providers have agreed to take drastic action, the Yomiuri Shimbun [newspaper] said…

The Yomiuri Shimbun estimated that 1.75 million people in Japan use file-sharing software, mostly to swap illegal copies…

One [ISP] considered two years ago a plan to disconnect people who swap illegal files but dropped the plan after the government said it may violate the right to privacy, the Yomiuri said.

Japanese government officials were unable to be reached for comment by AFP.

GP: While we don't condone illegal file-sharing, ham-handed moves like this one just leave GP shaking his head. Internet connections are as ubiquitous - and as necessary - as telephone connections in developed nations. Would the Japanese government permit its citizens' phone service to be yanked out over pressure from Big Media? "

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snoop_dizzle3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

There does need to be a limit(being that it would be very hard to completely stop it since people will find other ways) to filesharing, but to the extent they might punish people seems way too harsh.

Blasphemy3535d ago

Wow that kinda sucks. Good thing we have more then four options here in the USA. I would drop my ISP if they did something like this.

snoop_dizzle3535d ago

I think i heard they might be doing this in england...or at least they are planning to. It might be possible over time that all ISP's are made to do so over here. Maybe not though

Sayai jin3535d ago

They have a lot more than 4 options there. There were numerous choices when I was there from 2003 to 2006. I doubt it will happen.

Lets-Game3535d ago

We have download limitations here in most EU countries, so sharing isnt so bad. being able only downloading 35g a month and paying for each extra gig does prevent pirating a lot. There are many different views on this matter but I think they are going to far with that.

LastDance3535d ago

What ever they have to do, to keep the creative arts industry thriving.

beoulve3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

if this isn't an indication that even in highly advanced technological country such as japan does not have enough internet backbones to very hi-speed internet to large scale of consumers, what is? Digital Distribution, sorry you have to wait at least 3 years.

JeepGamer3535d ago

Where did this myth come from that Japan's tech was anymore advanced than anywhere else? They use the same crap everyone else does.

LastDance3535d ago

HAHA ...yea dude..hows your robot going?

you obviously have never been to Japan. They are the most advanced country ive ever been to mate.

GutZ313535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

Best way to judge a country is by its sewer system..

Japan wins.

Kakkoii3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

Lol yeah, He knows so little about japan, Yet he sports an expensive Japanese Car in his username. Nissan 350Z.

Japan is the leader in producing new technologies. Have you ever taken a look at where some of the top names in electronic device development are located?

Japan is far more developed then any other country. That is a FACT.

Anyways, back onto this subject.

I really feel sorry for the Japanese. Since the internet is so much of everyones lives there.

When will these greedy media companies stop trying to stop piracy. It doesn't effect them as much as they say. Only a few thousand people max, download full movies and games off the internet. And a large percent of those people also buy those things later anyways. And the people who don't, NEVER WERE going to buy it in the first place. So there was never any money to be made by the company anyways. So if theres no money to be made, theres no money to be lost.

Now that doesn't apply to everyone, but it does apply to a large percentile.

Music is the largest pirated media. But even that... Ohh no.. Britney's new album only made 88 Million dollars instead of 88.4 Million dollars. Damn those internet pirates! <_< Cmon, Seriously. The ammount they loose is a drop in the bucket.. They spend more money trying to lobby and combat this then what they loose from piracy.

beoulve3535d ago

Really??? Last time i been in Japan, I seen people paying grocery with their cellphone, while in US some dude still using checkbook. back in 1996, almost everyone used Cellphone in Japan, but people in US still using pager. Japan actually quite fast on implementing new technology to their daily live. I'm not saying US is pretty far behind, I was saying Japan is one of the technological advanced countries. Only a fool will deny that.

Sayai jin3535d ago

The Japanese use there technology resources on the consumer products. The US primarily uses theirs for the militry tech. Just diffent stances.

JeepGamer3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

You people talk about Japan as if they're using technology the rest of the world doesn't have. Robots? I assume you mean the bipedal type and not the kind that has been used for ooooh... decades... Everywhere in the world. Please tell me what real purpose the few bipedal robots that are basically unique creations of very large companies serve beyond novelty factor? What's that thing your fingers are dancing on with all the letters on it? A keyboard? Like the kind they use in Japan? How bout that PC its hooked to and the technology and software used to run it? Tell me, what is the technological powerhouse of Japan using exactly if they're not using all the same crap as you?

As for my car, yes, I own a 350Z... Please tell me all about this "Japanese" car, you know... the one designed in America, with an engine that was designed in France? Or maybe you didn't know that the "highly advanced" technology of Japanese company Nissan is teamed up with Renault to make cars now? Please, Japan is great and all, but get over your anime/game fetishes and wake up to the fact that it's just another country that produces goods and services the rest of the world wants and they use the same technology as everyone else.

Kakkoii3535d ago

Lol Anime fetish's. Ok there duuude. <_<

Were just stating facts that you seem to be ignorant to. Were not saying that they use technology we don't have. Were saying that they have implemented they implement new technologies alot sooner then other countries do.

You have to go to Japan, mainly Tokyo to see it for yourself.

Enigma_20993534d ago

... at least have the decency to spell properly when you speak to him... consideration, mate... consideration...

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